CNN terminates 3 employees for coming to work unvaccinated



August 11, 2021

(Natural NewsCNN has terminated three of its employees for coming to the office unvaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a memo sent to staff internally by the news media company on Thursday, Aug. 5, CNN President Jeff Zucker told employees that the company has a zero-tolerance policy on such instances and required its employees to be vaccinated to come to the office or to work on the field with other employees.

The memo was obtained by the Associated Press after its contents were first tweeted by CNN reporter Oliver Darcy. The company offered no details on the firings or where the employees were based.

“In the past week, we have been made aware of three employees who were coming to the office unvaccinated. All three have been terminated. Let me be clear – we have a zero-tolerance policy on this,” Zucker said in the memo.

He added that showing proof of vaccination may become a formal part of the process for gaining access to the network’s workplaces in the weeks ahead. (Related: Fauci tells CNN he thinks there “should be more” local COVID-19 vaccine mandates.)

The network is one of several news organizations, including the Washington Post, the New York TimesPolitico and Insider, that require staffers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment or if they want to come back to work in person.

In the same memo, Zucker announced that CNN would delay its mandatory return to office from Sept. 7 likely to mid-October due to the surge of COVID-19 cases driven by the highly contagious delta variant. “I think it is fair to say that we are all feeling a mix of anticipation, anxiety, frustration, confusion and exasperation. I get it,” Zucker wrote in the memo.

The rise in delta variant infections has driven many companies in the private sector to reinstate mask mandates and take a harder line on requiring vaccination against COVID-19.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 70.8 percent of Americans 18 and older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Thursday – with 60.8 percent considered fully vaccinated.

Big Tech wants employees to be vaccinated before returning to office

Many large companies have said they will require employees to be vaccinated against the virus in order to return to the office

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  1. This makes no medical sense. The CDC itself supported by other health institutions has made it clear. Vaccinated persons can carry and transmit the Kungflu virus as much or maybe higher concentrations that the unvaccinated. Vaccinated persons are not immune from contracting the Kungflu virus, and it’s looking as if more and more of them are becoming the ones who end up in hospital care. If anything it may be looking as if unvaccinated persons are the lesser threat in spreading the Kungflu virus. Many experts feel the vaccinated are creating more strains that the unvaccinated.

    This discrimination against those who for whatever personal or health reasons chosen not to participate in the global experimentation injections is, likely unconstitutional in most nations, certainly violates the Nuremberg code and the UN Declaration On Human Rights, surely violates most if not all established religious faiths beliefs and is above all immoral and driven by political arrogance and nonsense.

    The Delta variant of the Kungflu virus if one looks at all global trackers is a mild strain and is not causing contagion havoc in numbers nor more serious numbers in hospitalizations and deaths. Many experts feel the Delta variant is likely a strain created by those vaxxed with the experimental jabs.

  2. Time to call a lawyer. This is a dangerous slippery slope. For those vaxxed on the sidelines agreeing with the firing, they will come for you next with demands. They will be in your bedrooms in no time flat. Say goodbye to freedom if this isn’t challenged.

  3. Stand up to your experimental injection pushing employer, school, etc.
    Download “Notice of Liability” forms from:

  4. Sean,

    I guess you do not let facts get in the way of your emotional opinions. FFS! your god Dr. Fauci himself is on record saying that the vaxxed transmit SARS-coV-2 at a rate as high or higher than the unvaxxed. The CDC and other global health agencies have said that the vaxxed are catching SARS-coV-2 and at a rate as high or higher than the unvaxxed. The only belief the Pharmaceuticals and big government said on the experimental injections was that maybe the symptoms from SARS-coV-2 would be lesser as compared to the unvaxxed BUT! as time passes we see that this appears to not be so, as more and more hospitals globally are reporting more and more of their cases are from the double vaxxed. Add to that the tens of thousands reported deaths from these experimental injections, the millions of adverse side effects many severe and chronic tells us that it looks the best way to keep healthy is to NOT PLAY THE GAME OF JABBO!

    Now Sean you can believe what you will, you can stick your head in the sand and deny even facts given by your flip flopping, idiot god Dr. Fauci, the CDC and other health agencies as such thinking this makes you safer and healthier with your jabs. But MYOB and stop being douche and possibly thinking mandated medical procedures which these injections are is a good thing. For one day in your future they may come for you and want you to take a medical procedure you may be against. WAKE THE HELL UP SEAN AND ANY OTHER BLOWHARDS PUSHING ANY MANDATORY PROCEDURES ON OTHER HUMANS! WHO THE HELL MADE YOU GODS!?!

  5. At will employment at work, a cornerstone of conservative values in the USA.

    I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

  6. After the CDC early on in the pandemic reported that actually only 6% of deaths were truly from covid and the rest had underlying medical conditions (some were from car accident injuries but had covid at time of death) I can never trust their statistics.

    If you want the truth, follow the money.

  7. Hey Eric, lighten up. It’s people like you that have turned our society into the farce it is today. What’s next, you can’t call an American a “Yankee”? I wish the status quo would grow a backbone and tell the snowflakes where to shove their PC crap.

  8. If and when any persons, employers or government officials ask for your Covid 19 vaccination status I suggest you reply, “Where are your papers please, Jews?” That will surely shock their senses and maybe, just maybe cause them to think “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING ASKING FOR A PERSON’S VACCINATION STATUS!?!”

    Next, to reply to any busy body asking for your vaccination status, is to not lie but I suggest you reply, “Out of respect for my lawful privacy of medical records, I will neither confirm nor deny my vaccination status.” “For you have no business nor need to infringe on my lawful protections of medical records to even ask such a question.” ” Do not assume my vaccination status based on my refusal to confirm or deny such info.” ” The laws of the land are quite clear, nobody other than one’s own doctor has any right to medical history of any citizen.”

    After all the Kungflu, is not the killer virus the powers to be told us. IT WAS A LIE! The case fatality rate of SARS-coV-2 is within typical seasonal flu case fatality rates. In fact based on British Health Ministry the Delta variant has a case fatality rate of only 0.2. They claimed the original WuHan strain was 1.9. Season flues range typically between 1.0 and 1.6 Case fatality rates.


  9. Clearly the loudest voices are the ones that people are going to follow. Sean when we are forced through loss of jobs, privileges to attend events because we are not vaxxed you need to see the forest through the trees. Does it stop at the vax? What next will they demand you to do? Why in the world would you inject a healthy person? What happened to the science that 99.95% of people would survive if they caught covid and to protect those with underlying and elderly? That hasn’t changed. There are doctors, scientists et al out there whose voice is being suppressed so we just acquiesce. The first two jabs didn’t do the trick and now a third jab is in the works. Where does that stop? And now the efficacy lasts 6 months in these jabs? I can guarantee you that if you asked 10 random people why they took the jab you would get 13 answers. Sean give it a go and share your answers. Even Pfizer now is talking about an oral pill with prophylactics like ivermectin and hyrdochlorquine. If this was about vaccinating everyone why are those countries now that are over 90% vaccination now having tremendous infections? Don’t let the infection numbers scare you. It was never those numbers, it was hospitals getting plugged up. And this variant does infect but has no where near deaths that they are scaring you on. You want to know where North America is headed? Simply look to what is happening in Australia folks. But no one talks about Sweden anymore. Check their numbers. Sean this should be about choice and when the government allows you to smoke, drink and do weed no one tells you to stop for the sake of your children. What happened to the science. Clearly masks don’t work but yet like sheep we continue to wear and enforce them on our children. Your two shots doesn’t stop you from catching covid nor I. So why would I inject something that I don’t even know the ingredients in my body when there are proven prophylactics that work? Back to my original comment, this is a very dangerous slippery slope and the govt has no business making this mandatory.

  10. Oh how even the doctors twist and lie on Covid 19 and vaccines.

    I watched a doctor on Youtube describe the Provincetown MA. situation where Covid 19 Delta variant breakthrough of vaccinated happened between July 15-30 2021. She noted that no deaths happened, TRUE! And her story noted 7 people out of 900 cases ended up in hospital. She championed the vaccines as the reason why. BUT! this is untrue

    Below is a clipping from Ars Technica on the CDC facts:

    >>> The CDC-published study included 469 cases from the cluster, 346 of which were in fully vaccinated people. Of those breakthrough infections, 79 percent had symptoms, with cough, headache, sore throat, myalgia, and fever being the most common symptoms. There were five hospitalizations in the subset: one in an unvaccinated person with underlying medical conditions and four in fully vaccinated people, two of whom had underlying medical conditions. No deaths from cases linked to the cluster have been reported to date.

    So as you can read, the vaccinated were more likely the ones in hospital, the CDC claims 5 total, 4 were double vaxxed 1 was not, the 1 not had underlying issues and 2 of the 4 vaxxed had underlying issues.

    The doctor on the Youtube video I watched did not explain this but only attributed 7 hospitalizations as due to the vaccines and that is UNTRUE!

    She also twisted this fact, she claimed 95% of Covid 19 deaths are from the unvaccinated. NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Because for near a year there was no vaccines and vaccine control groups to use as a control groups. But we also know according to CDC 96% of all US Covid 19 deaths are those with multiple co-morbitities, OBESITY being 85% of all US Covid 19 deaths.

    In her video she pushed the non vaccines as reducing transmission of Covid 19 where as the CDC now admits these do not and as you vax pushers love, god Dr. Fauci says the vaxxed carry as much viral load if not more than the unvaxxed. She claims the unvaccinated cause the all mutations which is also UNTRUE. An unvaxxed person has no specific Covid 19 antibodies but only has general, ‘free’ antibodies (these are like sort of cops walking a general beat looking for general trouble and not a SWAT team per se). The virus invades an unvaxxed person and the ‘free’ anti bodies take some time to build a defence , but the virus will not just mutate. Depending on how good one’s immune system is these ‘free’ antibodies may take sometime to notice and attack the virus and yes symptoms may be worse. But mutations will not be so quick to happen.

    But in a Covid 19 vaxxed person (BTW these are not true vaccines) your body makes spike proteins that replicates the virus. Your immune system must learn and attack these spike proteins which builds up immunity to that exact virus. These antibodies are argued by some doctors/heath professionals to attack your general ‘free’ antibodies in doing so. But now you catch the virus, It is supposedly attacked by these specific antibodies. Now a virus will want to survive so it in the vaxxed will likely mutate more quickly vs. the unvaxxed. FACT CHECK TRUE!

    Quite simply this, most doctors who blindly (and only as they generally do not promote treatments) promote these non vaccines are either willfully lying or ignorant. They are likely being bought off by big pharma.. DO NOT OUTRIGHT TRUST WHAT THEY SAY! THEY ARE LIKEY COMPROMISED!


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