Dr. Bonnie Henry ordered to stand trial


Dr. Bonnie Henry ordered to stand trial


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Has the media covered this case?
If yes, please post links for everyone to see.

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Alberta Court Victory ENDS Covid

Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

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  1. Oh please, FN. This person (I cannot call her a journalist) made an FOI request that resulted in no records. Even an Olympic long jumper couldn’t make the leap to saying that’s proof CoVid doesn’t exist. The absence of one thing does not prove another. #desperate

  2. After a search on the BC Supreme Court website and a google search and about 60 minutes of my life wasted searching for more info that this is fake. There is no record of it except for a website that is notorious for posting fake information. But hey fake information with zero proof or fact checking is what this site is all about.

  3. Phil, Robb, and Mike,

    Can at least one of you provide proof that the Covid-19 virus has been properly isolated, and proven to exist?

  4. And when you guys figure out that Covid-19 has not been isolated and proven to exist, think about this:
    How can a vaccine be made without properly isolating the virus first?

    Next question for you guys:
    What are the ingredients in the injections (they are not vaccines) ?

  5. Mike Harrison:

    If you used Google to do your search, no wonder you came up empty – as you should know by now, Google always censors and manipulates searches for political and ideological reasons (always biased to favor the Left), which is why I don’t use it when searching for news items.

    Also, just because you don’t like what a particular website posts because that site is not liberal-biased, does not make what that site posts fake (as opposed to CBC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Slimes, Vice Media, Vox, Snopes, PolitiFact, etc. – all of which are notorious for their liberal bias and for posting fake news).

  6. Well this is an interesting thread.
    One does not actually “need” to isolate a particular virus to establish that a virus exists and is making the rounds. Symptoms and spread are enough to establish that there is an epidemiological problem and then, using existing diagnositics, for example testing for influenza and coronavirus traits can narrow down the culprit.
    An existing coronavirus test can indicate that the present scourge that we are facing is a coronavirus and that would be sufficient to establish that it is a coronavirus that we have been afflicted with for the past year and a half.
    Here lies the problem. Everyone already has some form of defence to coronavirus. On average, every five years or so the winter respiratory virus that makes the round is a coronavirus. Those of us who are fifty have had ten rounds of this sort of thing. However, this is not exciting for the communists at WHO and Davos as it would be well neigh impossible to declare a pandemic. Now, if you declare that this is a novel virus, something we do not have a defence, or weak defence for, then you can declare a pandemic emergency.
    So, what does it take to declare the circulating coronavirus to be novel? Virus isolates with complete genetic analysis. If you do not have virus isolates, you cannot have genetic analysis. If you dont have genetic analysis, you cannot declare the present circulating virus to be novel. If it cannot be declared novel, then the rationale for a pandemic and thus emergency powers evaporates.
    Who are we relying on information regarding pure coronavirus isolates? Non other than the corrupt murderous genocidal Communist government of the country where this all started. Only a cretin would trust any single thing they say. Did I say cretin? Sorry, I meant to say Stupid Fkkking Idiot.
    In summary, if a pure isolate cannot be produced, then there is no evidence to support this to be a novel coronavirus thus no reason to have lockdowns and gene-therapy mandates.
    Stenographers like Vaughn Palmer are too busy prostrating themselves before The Three Stooges running this show in BC to even notice and Simi and Jody are too busy spewing the Palmer nonsense for SJW points to even care. In my mind, these three clowns exemplify what my Uncle Irving would call “drek mit leben”.

  7. Questions to ask of the vaxxed and vaxx pushers…

    1: If you took the injections why would you care if any other person chooses not to? Are you not to be protected against the SARS-coV-2 virus?

    2: If an unvaxxed person contracts SARS-coV-2 why does it matter to you, if you are vaxxed?

    3: Some who took the injection state that these injections do not prevent you from contracting SARS-coV-2, so why then did you bother taking the jabs?

    4: If you said because the injections are said to reduce your symptoms, then why do you worry about SARS-coV-2? BTW even for the unvaxxed the CDC stats survival rate is typically 99.975% and the vaxxed it’s 99.999%

    5: Did you know that the CDC among other global health bodies now clam the SARS-coV-2 vaxxed can and are spreading the virons at equal or higher numbers than the unvaxxed and are spreading the virons to both vaxxed and unvaxxed?

    6: So if being inoculated with an experimental therapy, you now know it does not reduce your chances of contraction of SARS-coV-2, it does not prevent you from spreading SARS-coV-2 and at best it was hoped it would reduce your symptoms to which now after months of these injections, studies are now finding more and more proof that the vaxxed may be getting sicker than the unvaxxed. Israeli numbers are showing 85-90% of all current hospitalizations are from the vaxxed. Malta which has an above 85% vaxxed population are showing the vaxxed entering hospitals at over 74% of all current cases. A study in Massachusetts also finds about 90% of current cases are from the vaxxed. One can go on and on with more facts here. So why again MUST the unvaxxed suck it up and join the vaxxed when it looks as if these injections are doing JACK SHIT!?

    6: Seeing the tens of thousands of reported deaths due to these injections and the now millions of other adverse reactions, many serious, why should any persons continue on to get jabbed?

  8. Spoke to a lawyer the other day he said there is no virus and vax is an experiment nothing more. Told me there is a lot of court cases going on everywhere that we don’t even know about.

  9. Further to last comment today is just a case management conference, nothing substantial. Plaintiffs are proposing a class certification hearing in June 2022. Until that date, it’s just a potential or pending class action suit.

    I think it’s too broad to meet the certification standards. But I’ve been wrong before.

  10. They scheduled a trial date at a JMC. Calling it “being ordered to stand trial” is a stretch since setting a court date is not making an order. This wasn’t a hearing, and it wasn’t a hearing about whether or not Dr. Henry has to face trial.

    Not sure why it’s described in such dynamic terms.

  11. Watch the interviews with Kip Warner on YouTube you’ll see this isn’t just some botched attempt.
    It’s a full attack against the lies that the B.C. Government is spreading about true science.
    There will even be a discovery coming up for doctor Bonnie to attend to next year.
    She’s in some deep crap.
    They will be bringing experts from Germany to take her on, and I’m sure all around the world; just have heard that much so far.
    She will have to testify under oath.
    She can not be silent and let her lawyer team talk for her.
    She tells lies (100 percent) and it’s very hard to lie against expert cross examiners – some of the best in the world I’m sure will be there.
    And if she makes just one mistake that’s it for her she will be charged for lying under oath.

    Good LucK Dr. Bonnie. Your going to need it to get through this one.

    Amazing how no MSM channel has said anything about this. Just goes to prove that what we see on google and tv is all being censored.
    Look for yourself don’t take my word…

    As doctor Bonnie says “we’re all in this together”.
    So the only way getting through this is a class action lawsuit to bring us all together 🙂

    Don’t give in to the Governments lies and deceit!
    Stand Strong.
    Thanks Kip for giving us Hope.

  12. How many times have we heard Dr Bonnie Henry say – there is no science in this.? If there are treatments for Covid19, why do we need a vaccine? There are several. We are not anti-vaxers but this Covid19 vaccine we will not take. Everyone should be allowed to make their own choice regarding the vaccine. After all, don’t we all have a free choice in this, or has that right been taken away from us?


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