CNN faces calls to fire ‘silent’ anchor for IGNORNING his brother’s sex-pest scandal

Chris Cuomo

By Adam Schrader  and Jennifer Smith and Harriet  Alexander 

Daily Mail..Com

August 5, 2021

CNN host Chris Cuomo was reportedly offered a ‘leave of absence’ to formally advise his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo through his sex-pest scandal.

Executives with the network informally proposed the idea that the younger Cuomo could take an optional leave of absence to advise his brother and return to the network later, sources told The New York Times.

Chris Cuomo, 50, has faced a slurry of criticism for participating in strategy sessions during his brother’s political crisis while serving as CNN’s star journalist – all the while refusing to cover the scandal.

The possible leave of absence was suggested in May when the Washington Post revealed Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s scandal.

In response to the proposal, Chris Cuomo told network executives he wanted to continue on his primetime program while obeying rules preventing him from commenting on the scandal, sources told The New York Times.

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  1. Chris Cuomo has a well documented (on video) history of dishonesty and problems with his character. His propensity for violent behavior (also on video) should have led to his dismissal long ago. CNN having him as a Primetime “Star Journalist” says much about their network.


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