Trudeau government claims the CBC is under immense financial pressure


by Harrison Faulkner

True North News

July 27, 2021

Despite receiving $1.2 billion annually from Canadian taxpayers, the Department of Canadian Heritage claims the CBC is under immense financial pressure.

“The Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges of covering it put immense pressure on CBC’s workforce, operations, finances and systems,” said the April 20 briefing note Funding Support For The CBC, which was first reported on by Blacklocks Reporter.

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Is Justin Trudeau hinting at another CBC bailout?


  1. There is no longer any need for the CBC as a public broadcaster. Maybe 50-60-70 years ago it had its roll.

    The CBC has been bought and paid for by tax dollars to be a 100% shill for the government. This is why I refer to it as ‘Izvestia Canada’. For those who may not know, the now long dead USSR had as its public radio and tv media, a broadcaster they called Izvestia. A PROPAGANDA NETWORK! The CBC is a 100% government propaganda network and in a generally free society built on market economy principles has no place in said society anymore.

    If we only had politicians strong and logical enough to announce they would privatize or break up an sell of CBC radio and tv would be a great thing circa 2021.

    OBTW haterz, before my red pilling I was a CBC (unwittingly brainwashed) fan. I would steadfastly defend the Mother Corp. But it has become more propagandist and more irrational as a media business and as such obsoleted its purpose.

    Sell it off in whole or break it up into a thousand pieces for all I care.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the CBC needs to be privatized. Let it sink or swim on its own instead of letting its leftist SJW propaganda get subsidized by the taxpayers’ dime.

  3. You know even if King Justin of brownface does lose, its not like anyone else will pull the trigger on the People’s Network, hell, Scheer could have done that on day 2, would have been a fairer election against the reporter groping, nice haired pretty boy

  4. habib,

    Most Conservatives still think they can get the CBC to work their propaganda for them, this is why they have not broken it up or sold it off in whole. Harper should have done it after he got his majority government.

    But President Trump showed how it’s not possible today or in the foreseeable future for any Republican, conservative, pro nation, pro free market politicians to get the mainstream media to work for them. This was why President Trump was the master of Twitter to combat the leftism in the media.

    So what needs to happen is for Conservatives in Canada to grasp that the CBC today WILL NEVER SIDE WITH THEM! It will be a waste of time to try to get this to be. A Conservative PM must either sell off the CBC in whole or in parts for the CBC will in the foreseeable future lie and subvert conservative ideals and traditional Canadian values. This is also why Christians in Canada and even passive Christian supporters MUST BEGIN TO VOTE AS A BLOCK IF YOU BELIEVE IN CANADA AND IT’S WESTERN, LIBERTY BASED, TRADITIONAL VALUES!

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