The Olympics Opened With Ratings at a 33 Year Low — a Look Behind the Apathy

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

by Brad Slager

Red State

July 27, 2021

There are a number of factors contributing to the drop in audience for the Olympics.

After so much tumult, and a one-year delay, the Summer Olympiad in Tokyo held its opening ceremony Friday evening. Based on the ratings that have come in, this could be considered a Breaking Story as few people watched the event. The unofficial numbers so far show an audience well below the 25 million target that had been eyed ahead of the games.

The Pandemic

The stalled premiere of the games could have gone one of two ways, but rather than building anticipation the one-year delay seems to have sapped interest. Also, the media hype on the emergence of the new variant could be building anxiety in the audience into a ‘’why bother’’ position on the games.

The Time Impact

The 13-hour differential means that some of the marquee events of greatest interest will be tape-delayed, and that included the opening ceremonies. That debut was staged live before 7 am ET in the states, so the broadcast in primetime was actually a recording. Surely advanced images and videos circulated throughout the day, satisfying the interest in a segment of the potential audience.

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  1. Sadly for Japan (because it’s a wonderful nation) these Olympics may be a crushing blow to their credibility and financial bottom line. All Olympics are a boat anchor in financial ways to any host nations’ taxpayers. But Japan is likely going to take it on the teeth.

    Back before the USSR died and with it Soviet Communism, the Olympics were a great way ( without going to war) to champion in what was still then the free and prosperous as well as more just WEST vs. the dark, vile, backwards Soviet led East Bloc. But once the USSR went away the lustre of the Olympics began to wain. The MONEY, CORRUPTION, FLEECING OF TAX PAYERS AND MEDIA MANIPULATION took it’s toll on the value of the Olympics.

    For me once we got through the still over hyped (taxpayer beating) Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics I really began to sour and turn away from the growing IOC corruption, social justice crap, media manipulation etc. as it all only went into overdrive. Those games were the last I really bothered to care for. London 2012 was gawd awful and clearly showed where the social politics of the Olympic was going. I only watched a few of the still interesting events and maybe over the two weeks, oh maybe 8-10 hours total time. Sochi 2014 was still a curiosity for me to see how a growingly politically attacked Russia was going to handle the games. I again watched only the major events though.

    Each games after that (Brazil 2016 and South Korea 2018) only have became more corrupted, more media manipulated, more rabid corporatocracy, less about the purity of the sports and more about leftism and the toxicity of social justice. Between 2016 and 2018 if I watched 3 hours on t.v. it was a lot.

    Japan 2020 has virtually no interest from me, between wokeism, anti white, especially white male crap, self loathing by libtards, idiocy and lying in the media and of course covid 19 overhype along with a bottomless pit of financial corruption, these games will be the worst in modern history. Which is a shame for Japan is such a magnificent nation and culture.


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