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Taco Ockerse (born July 21, 1955), known mononymously as Taco, is an Indonesian-born Dutch singer[5][6] and entertainer who started his career in Germany.[1][2][3]

Taco Ockerse, born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on July 21, 1955,[7] had spent many of his childhood years moving around the world, residing in the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany.[8] He attended the International School of Brussels, Belgium, and graduated in 1973. Afterward, he studied interior decoration and finished acting school in Hamburg. He held lead roles in numerous school productions, including You’re a Good Man, Charlie BrownCarouselThe Fantasticks; and Fiddler on the Roof.

In 1975, he began his first professional theatrical engagements in Hamburg.[8] This included roles in Children’s Theater, and roles as an ensemble member of the Thalia Theater in a number of plays, including Sweet CharityChicago, and Three Musketeers. He also directed and choreographed for the musical Nightchild. In 1979, he played “Chino” in John Neumeier’s West Side Story at Hamburg Opera House. He founded his first band, Taco’s Bizz, in 1979.

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