Six things the media got wrong about the graves found near Residential Schools, by Candace Malcolm

July 10, 2021

When it comes to the coverage of graves identified near residential schools in three First Nations communities, the legacy media in Canada has done a tremendous disservice to all Canadians – especially First Nations.

They have created a moral panic, and continue to fan the flames of racial division.

This panic came to a breaking point over the weekend, when prominent statues were knocked over and at least 25 churches in Western Canada were either vandalized or completely burnt down.

To make matters worse, several prominent commentators, including politicians, journalists, professors, lawyers and activists, excused the behaviour of the mob, explained away and justified these riots, and in some cases, even cheered them on.

“Burn it all down,” said the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, once the country’s strongest voice for protecting the rule of law and civil liberties.

Likewise, the Chair of the Newfoundland Canadian Bar Association Branch said “Burn it all down”

Or how about this, from a radio host in St. John New Brunswick:

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  1. The head of the BC Civil Liberties Association is a low life for saying burn it all down, meaning churches. And the other people in government positions of high places and professional arenas that say the same thing are just bloody scumbags. What does this sick thinking have too do with the crimes against those poor kids in the residential schools. It’s sad to see such immaturity and outrageous stupidity those people in professional positions and government have. Can these idiots not have enough brain power to not focus on the crimes at hand. Any politician that advocates this needless destruction is a scumbag .

  2. There was NO GENOCIDE of North American Indians. There can be blame put on mistreatment or even persecution of some tribes, not all, but some, but no North American Indians were ever genocided by any governments be they US or Canadian. Unlike many other parts of the world where true genocide happened.

    Indigenous peoples of North America killed, beat, persecuted and stole more from each other’s tribes than anything that the oooh bogy man, ‘white man’ did to them.. THIS IS FACT!!!


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