In latest hysteria, Canadian radio host calls for burning of churches built on “Indigenous” land




July 7, 2021

Nesta Matthews, a radio host at “The Wave” in Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada), is calling for the burning of all churches, both Catholic and Anglican, that are built on “First Nations” reserves.

Because the structures might be atop the unmarked graves of “Indigenous” people groups, they must be burned to the ground, Matthews says, in order to promote “anti-racism.”

“215 broke my heart, 751 has me shattered & furious,” Matthews wrote on Twitter in response to the news that the remains of 215 children were discovered in Kamloops, British Columbia, along with another 751 unmarked graves identified in the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan.

“Burn the churches down,” Matthews added. “Arrest any former staff that were actually there & any current staff that won’t provide documentation. Sell everything they own in Canada and give it to survivors. Dismantle it completely.”

Matthews, a white-looking woman, is a self-proclaimed wino with “Unicorn hair” and “no inside voice.” That sounds about right.

The graves of which Matthews speaks were found near residential schools, which were created in the 19th century to help assimilate First Nations children into the local culture. Both the Canadian government and the churches were involved in the process.

Several Canadian churches were recently burned down, making Matthews complicit

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  1. This is called INCITEMENT and it’s illegal. Imagine if the word “Churches” were substituted with any other religious or cultural buildings, THERE WOULD BE 24/7 OUTRAGE!

    This radio host MUST be first FIRED and second ARRESTED and CHARGED for incitement of a crime. It matters not who they are but what they say and advocate.

    As per the ‘unmarked graves”, we do not know the cause of deaths (likely an infectious disease) nor why or when the graves were or became unmarked.

    This is all hysteria and insanity. Stop thinking that in all the world history only North American Indigenous people suffered travesties and tragedies. I wrote in another post of how short of Antarctica every continent has been marred with terrible travesties, conflicts and tragedies, be they natural or man made. Stop thinking only North America has seen such. The indigenous people of Europe for one have suffered way conflicts, genocide, travesties from inside Europe and from outside invaders way more than North American Indigenous people have over history.

    TRUST ME! most of the rest of the world has seen such and many times worse. These have affected all cultures, races, creeds, faiths, politics and whatever? In fact in most any NON WESTERN WORLD nations we see such terrible acts and worse being carried out TO THIS VERY DAY but not a word mentioned of such from leftist politicians, lame stream media including social media and all you ignorant self-righteous, self- loathing bleeding hearts.

  2. I agree, Nesta Matthews needs to be fired from her hosting gig as well as criminally charged for incitement to commit criminal acts (including arson). What she’s doing is both illegal and irresponsible.

  3. Does anyone have audio of her saying that. Because I have heard her on air. And she was saying people need to be arrested and charged for burning down churches. And for the atrocious acts. But of course you guys want to make someone out to be the enemy. And funny. It’s a white woman you are burning at the stake and it’s one of these websites posting it that never does any fact checking at all

  4. Nesta has, on her twitter account, apologized for and removed her horrific post. She did not say it on the air, she posted in on social media. Many a media member has been “burned at the stake” for doing the same kind of thing.

    Being in Saint John may have saved her, in that it’s a small enough market that other media did not pounce on it. You know how Jim Norton has often said “You know how I know I’m not that big a deal ? Because I’ve never had to apologize for something I’ve said” And if you don’t know who Jim Norton is…well……point made, right ?

  5. Eric,

    If you have not noticed yet, the biggest virtue signallers and self-loathers in any western world nation are white women.

    I saw a video yesterday from Austria where a newspaper reported the names of Afghany “fake” refugees accused of rape and the newspaper offices were stormed by a bunch of white women upset that the newspaper released the names of these Afghany “fake” refugees accused of rape. THAT’S YOUR/OUR PROBLEM ERIC!

    Women notably white women of a liberal or socialist mind bent.

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