Our Donovan Tildesley asks Jack’s Morning Gal Lena Shulman for a BLIND Date… she said yes…


Our friend Donovan Tildesley is a blind Canadian swimmer. He was the flag bearer of Canada at the 2008 Paralympic Games.[1]

Donovan Tildsley

Donovan is a great lover of radio and radio personalities – He was a guest on the Drex morning show on Jack FM Vancouver and asked the co-host Lena Shulman for a date…a BLIND Date at that…



Lena Shulman

As Donovan says, “Perhaps not the greatest bit ever, but it was real and in the moment, and she and I are actually going on a date this Friday, after sharing
a lengthy phone conversation last night. It shows that radio can still be spontaneous and in the moment. 🙂

Donovan promises to keep us posted…

Listen HERE


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