Ed Henry, Former Fox Anchor, Strikes Back at Fox News



Ed Henry

By Larry Johnson

The Gateway Pundit

July 1, 2021

Do you recall the aphorism, “revenge is a dish best-served cold?” Former Fox News show host, Ed Henry, delivered a frosty plate filled with offal today–courtesy of his attorney, Ty Clevenger–to the senior executives running Fox News.

Henry is suing for defamation and the text of the complaint contains some stunning allegations:

  • Ed Henry was falsely accused of sexual harassment of Jennifer Eckhart and subsequently fired in order to divert attention from Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott’s long history of covering up actual misconduct, e.g., the sexual misconduct of Mr. Jay Wallace and other senior executives.
  • In order to burnish her image as “the woman who cleaned up Fox News,” Ms. Scott preemptively fired Plaintiff and ultimately defamed him as a sex criminal, hoping to divert attention away from her long and ongoing history of covering up actual instances of sexual misconduct.
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