Max Bernier: After Arrest, Bernier tells Ezra, “Not one call from radio/media. Not ONE CALL” !!!


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Rebel News

June 15, 2021

“Like being in a communist country”: Maxime Bernier joins Ezra Levant after arrest in Manitoba

Last week, while campaigning against public health measures that are restricting Canadians’ rights and freedoms, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier was arrested. Bernier, having been issued a ticket and a warning earlier in the day after his first rally, was detained by RCMP officers after attending another one of his scheduled rallies.

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  1. CBC covered it. It’s on their website.

    Ed Note: The story is on a number of Canadian websites. The Story, or should I say issue is, Not One Media, radio/television contacted Mr. Bernier for his side of the story! You got that?

  2. Hopefully at some point Max comes to understand his own irrelevance. Nothing he does is news, and it’s amazing that he’s still so unaware…

  3. Fake News,

    Give me a through rundown of Bernier’a relevance.

    Also explain, in detail, how calling someone who leads a party with no elected representatives irrelevant makes me a “snowflake”

    Do it with words, not YouTube clips and reflex jargon. Be a grown up.


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