Jeffrey Toobin Returns to CNN — Job Not Whacked for Zoom Whack Job!


by Joshua Caplan

June 9, 2021

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin returned to the cable news network Thursday, several months after being caught masturbating during a Zoom call with his former New Yorker staff members.

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  1. When the incident first went public Some suggested that Toobin could face charges for exposing himself in public, but then Toobin was quick to remind all those paying attention that he was in fact a Lawyer so he could get himself off .

    And the moral to that story is…………….

  2. Sportscaster based out of l.a. jim rome today like last year when toobin first did what he did received various emails and tweets regarding this story, and he expressed disgust with all of them, and tried to explain to the shows audience that he has responsibilities. Even employee of the show james kelley in his simulated sports talk segment about gambling referenced this indirectly, much to the chagrin of the host who chided him and threatened to revoke his loyalty to the show for good, although hemay have stopped short of doing that; james even giggled on air at jims crack like saying, “its my life, i can do what i want” right in his face. Simone from 104.3 here in vancouver very likely sent emails and tweets regarding the subject too, which of course never seen the light of day today, she being a friend of show producer adam hawk (hes originally from seattle) who also was in favour of said feedback. But anyway, i heard this circus on there.


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