Longtime Vancouver Sun columnist Shelley Fralic died unexpectedly May 31

Shelley Fralic
Shelley Fralic, longtime columnist for the Vancouver Sun, made a point of answering every email, phone call and letter from her readers, according to her friend and colleague, Pete McMartin. (Twitter)

CBC News

June 3, 2021

As news of Shelley Fralic’s death spread over social media Tuesday, words like “extraordinary,” “legend” and “gem” were used to describe the longtime Vancouver Sun columnist.

Fralic died unexpectedly at her home in New Westminster on May 31. She was 68.

Fellow columnist and friend, Pete McMartin, wrote a touching, obituary in Fralic’s honour, published Wednesday in the Vancouver Sun.

In it, he described Fralic as his closest friend and colleague at the Sun.

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In an article Shelley wrote back in April

Shelley Fralic: Sending out an SOS, we need answers about B.C.’s COVID response

Story HERE




  1. RIP Shelley.

    From her April article:
    “COVID scares me, but more and more, I am hearing people say that enough is enough, we’ll wear a mask and get vaccinated and wash our hands and be careful for as long as necessary, but we need to get on with our lives.”

    Does anyone know if she received 1 or 2 vaccines?


    How about you show some respect for once?? Someone lost their life and a family lost a loved one! You need help!

  3. What an awesome and inspiring journalist and columnist. A huge loss of greatness. Condolences from the bottom of my heart. That raw journalist’s courage that showed in her article Sending out an SOS among everything else she did is truly spirit lifting.


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