Linda Aylesworth leaves Global BC after 40 years… (Video Added)


Thanks to Gord Lansdell of NW Broadcasters

May 27, 2021

Linda Aylesworth


Veteran Global BC reporter Linda Aylesworth is retiring. Her last day was Yesterday, May 27h. The BCIT Journalism program graduate has been with the station since 1981, working as a reporter specializing in health, science and environmental journalism since 1989. Aylesworth’s reports have earned her numerous awards, including an Edward R. Murrow, RTDNA awards and a Jack Webster award.

Global News Hour – Happy retirement Linda Aylesworth



  1. It seems like all the really credible people are going or gone from Global. Were they getting tired of having to pump the pandemic porn every day?

  2. She was a real journalist. I wish her well.
    It’s too bad though that Global, thepress gallery and media is packing up like a sardine can full of government compliant/ collaborators scared of their own shadow. The New Woke chicken shittery production plant.

  3. Linda Your retirement is about you and coming from someone who has appreciated and respected the work you have done over the years, I wish you the best of times and the best of years to come!

  4. You have to be told in this space that your work over the years is appreciated by many thousands of people in the coverage area.

  5. Linda, you must be told in this space that your work over the years is appreciated by the many thousands of viewers in the coverage area. Your stories were always well researched and informative and you sought out the right people for comments. People who knew what they were talking about. Over the years I think I learned a lot from your reporting. Thank you.


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