Jeff Winskell has left his PD position at Jack FM Vancouver!

Jeff Winskell

Former PD at Jack 96.9Fm

According to Jeff’s LinkedIn page,

Jeff is Looking for new opportunities

Good Luck Jeff!



  1. I doubt he had a lot of influence anyhow either in regard to the staffing or the playlist. Everything is pretty centrally-dictated these days, although there are differences in the playlist between here and the Victoria and Toronto Jack stations. 96.9 is actually more retro than the Victoria version.

    As for the live announcers, or rather the lack of them, money is the dictator of radio stations these days. But whoever the new PD is, I hope they don’t get rid of Jack up the 80’s. It may be prerecorded, but you hear stuff there and on the Saturday night mix that you don’t normally here at all. Variety is the one thing Jack has going for them.

  2. @James…

    And here’s my fave bit of weird trivia about JACK… 102.3 BOB FM in london was owned by bell, divested to Rogers who then flipped it to Jack. so London actually has a JACK again.


  3. Ratings have gone nowhere. I’d be looking and looking hard for a new gig, OUTSIDE the biz. Bell’s rebranding and syndicating, Corus as well. Individual market morning shows are on the way out. Too much money, too many egos and problems, and too little interest by the big three CEOs who’ve said a million times this year, they’re focus is on wireless. You gotta be deaf and/or stupid to think you’ll last.

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