BC Media Waking Up to NDP Manipulation, Lack of Transparency, by Harvey Oberfeld


by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

May 9, 2021

I’ve been sounding the alarm for months: warning how the BC NDP government has been “playing” and “spinning” the BC media … turning too many of them into government messengers, spokespersons and even cheerleaders.

I prefer a media that is challenging, critical, cynical and, yes, even a bit antagonistic towards politicians who control billions of dollars of public monies and can sign Orders and pass laws that impose restrictions on our lives and our civil rights.

Nothing personal: it’s just the media’s JOB … whichever party is in power!

Now, the BC media … or at least SOME of them … are waking up.

What a terrific story, by Nathan Griffiths, in The Vancouver Sun Thursday!

The headline :” Leaked reports show B.C. health authorities withholding data from the public” said it all.

Despite promises of “transparency”, the NDP’s appointed health officials have been holding back massive amounts of details they had about EXACTLY WHERE the highest spikes in Covid spread were occurring.

Political correctness trumping the public’s right to know? Afraid of embarrassing NDP-supporting neighbourhoods? Covering up ethnic-related Covid spread data? Worried about revealing certain areas are consistently ignoring Public Health Orders?

” A pair of internal reports leaked from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control highlights that health authorities in B.C. are only releasing a fraction of their available COVID-19 information to the public,” Griffiths reported.

” The reports include neighbourhood-level information on case and vaccination counts, for example, a level of detail the Centre has so far refused to make public despite repeated calls from academics and researchers. The city of Toronto regularly publishes neighbourhood-level case and vaccination data, as well as breakdowns by age, income and ethnicity,” the Sun article revealed.

You can read the entire Vancouver Sun expose here: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/covid-19-leaked-reports-show-health-authorities-withholding-data-from-the-public.

But why did it take a leak to get this information?

For months, the Health Minister and Dr. Bonnie Henry have been mesmerizing the media with all kinds of stats, including not just Covid cases, but also numbers of rubber gloves ordered, face masks acquired, hospital bed capacity … yada, yada, yada.

I’d bet most British Columbians would rather know EXACTLY WHERE the big outbreaks are occurring … and EXACTLY WHO is making it so difficult for the rest of us to put this &*%# pandemic behind us.

And that wasn’t the ONLY lack of transparency by the BC NDP government revealed last week!

On Tuesday, CTV News at Six had a superb piece of investigative journalism about a BC government Public Health official “fired amidst a spending scandal”.

Benoit Morin was paid $352,000 a year by the NDP government as President and CEO of the BC Provincial Health Services Authority for just one year, before being removed, reported CTV’s Penny Daflos.

“On top of his salary … taxpayers paid for an entire year’s rent of $4,500 per month, as well as six months furniture rental ($36,914), utilities and miscellaneous expenses, totaling more than $115,000,” Daflos revealed.

Revealed? Yes, because CTV had to undertake the time, effort and cost to file a Freedom of Information demand to get the 172 pages in documents detailing what happened in Morin’s case.

“Morin came under investigation following allegations he initiated hundreds of thousands in unnecessary renovations to the PHSA offices and thousands on catered lunches for executives, while signing a deal for $7 million worth of face masks that were poor quality and unusable,” Daflos reported.

“He’s being fired specifically, or dismissed I should say, without cause, which means he will receive severance consistent with his contract, which I believe is nine months,” Health Minister Adrian Dix told CTV.

That works out to $264,000.

Take that … BC taxpayers!

No wonder the NDP government didn’t release all that information until CTV won its Freedom of Information case.

Some transparency, eh!

Friday, Vancouver Sun Columnist Vaughn Palmer took note: “Vaughn Palmer: NDP fails three tests in a week of its promise of openness”.

” The past week has featured three tests of Premier John Horgan’s promise of openness and transparency — and his NDP government failed all three,” Palmer wrote.

He cited the withheld Public Health reports, as well as government officials’ refusal to make public the business plan behind a “decision to set up a Crown corporation to oversee $500 million worth of investments in venture capital and other B.C. based businesses.”

Why? No public “right-to-know” there!

Palmer also pointed to “the Horgan government’s deliberate withholding of information was also on display in the fight against the Site C project by the West Moberly First Nations”.

Read all of Palmer’s revelations here: https://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-ndp-fails-three-tests-in-a-week-of-its-promise-of-openness.

So glad to see the BC media … some of them at least … are waking up to realize the public wants, deserves the TRUTH, answers to HARD questions, the FULL story …not just the NDP message-du-jour spun out by government Ministers … and their hired help.

Harv Oberfeld




  1. How about some investigative reporting to prove the Covid 19 virus has been isolated anywhere in the world?
    How about some investigative reporting on the fraudulent PCR test that this plandemic is based on?
    How about some investigative reporting on the numerous vaccine side effects and deaths?
    How about some reporting on the vaccines not actually protecting people from Covid-19?
    How about some investigative reporting on how the vaccinated are somehow shedding, transmitting to the unvaccinated?
    How about some investigative reporting on what is actually happening in hospitals?

    The MSM is acting like Nero.

  2. The exact same thing happened under the BC Liberals.

    Anyone who voted for the BC NDP with the hope that this disgusting nepotism and greed would stop was kidding themselves.

    John Horgan is nothing more than Christy Clark with a goatee.

  3. How about these questions I ask and suggest to our so-called investigative news journalists.

    1: These mRNA injections have not received FDA approval in the USA, nor similar approval n most if not all other nations. The former FDA Director told Congress that the FDA will not give full approval to these injections because the pharma companies have not been following general and accepted FDA based testing procedures. Thats right folks you are taking the jabs to an unapproved non vaccine mRNA injection. Only an FDA rubber stamp calling for Emergency Use Authorization has allowed these experimental jabs to be used globally. An immoral way to skirt federal testing regiments and procedures. This is why governments keep extending the EMERGENCY measures. If they stop then the injections must stop too.

    If we had a truly objective news media they would be on this like a dog on a bone. But since we have ZIP, ZERO NADA true news journalism anymore in the western world at best, well we get propagandist shills .

    2: Why does our media not run with grilling the FDA, CDC and other nations’ health bureaus over the adverse reactions issues and the fact that these have been spiking in the last 4 months since the jabs have begun? More Americans for one have been reported as dead after the mRNA jabs in just the first 4 months than the totals of all adverse reactions made to VAERS over the last 11 years.

    3: Why does our media not grill our health officials and politicians with wanting facts to support their claims that these jabs are safe and effective. SAGE out of the UK predicts a Fall third wave of the Kungflu and that they expect 60-70% of people who will get sick and die during the Fall 2021 expected third wave to have been fully vaxxed… LIKE WTF!?!

    4: Israel has pushed the majority of their populations to get these jabs out of a belligerent creation of a two class citizenship. Their heath minister is talking about a FULL LOCKDOWN in Israel even though most of their citizens have got the jabs… WHY? Why the Hell does our media not grill our governments over these issues?

    Quit simply this, it may be looking that the doctors and health scientists who are worried about these experimental mRNA injections may be right about major adverse reactions including massive numbers of deaths of those who bent knee to jabbo the mRNA injection monster…. YET NOTHING ABOUT THIS FROM OUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA! WHY!?!

  4. Another major one that has not been reported by ANY mainstream news media, is the “Crimes Against Humanity” class action lawsuit filed by Reiner Fuellmich. The Supreme Court of Canada accepted the case, which names everyone from the WHO to Theresa Tam and Prime Minister Trudeau, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  5. From the Gary Mason column I referenced above:

    B.C. announced 694 new cases of the virus on Thursday, which was consistent with a downward trend of COVID-19 that has been recently playing out. The seven-day average continues to drop, as does the number of people in hospital and intensive care. In mid-April, the province was setting records with more than 1,200 new cases a day. But the restrictions that the government strengthened around that time appear to be working.

    This is decidedly not the case next door in Alberta, where the pandemic continues to rage and where Premier Jason Kenney is facing the greatest crisis of his administration. This has prompted some to ask why there is such a discrepancy between two provinces given they are dealing with the same main virus, the same variants, the same access to vaccines and the same virus-fighting tools at their disposal.

    The popular answer is Jason Kenney. That he is the difference. And there is little question that his handling of the pandemic has resided somewhere between inadequate and abysmal…”

  6. @BobbyBee
    Climate-wise, the populated part of Alberta is about 2 weeks behind the BC lower mainland with respect to forces that are unfavourable to the virus (temp and humidity) and reasons/rationale for being outdoors (Vitamin D).
    Their 7 day running average is about two weeks behind ours. Peak should be in 7 to 10 days with a drop off starting then.

  7. The Kungflu, Covid 19 pandemic is not raging anywhere in Canada, nor in most nations on Earth. Though odds are Jabbo the mRNA injection monster will likely cause this to change for worse soon enough, maybe a few months from now ???

    Alberta’s numbers are similar to B.C.’s given they have 4.6 million population and B.C has 5.1 million population.

    The manipulation of Kungflu hysteria is driven by fake news mainstream media and government talking heads like Dr. Fraudci, and the likes.

    Even in India it’s overblown. 300,000-400,000 mostly fake PCR daily cases is a drop in the bucket given India has 1.3+ billion population. India’s issue is mostly related to its asymmetrical healthcare, where wealthier areas have world class hospitals and doctors but the poor areas have minimal healthcare. But even at that India has over 1 million deaths per year from tuberculosis, a generally treatable illness, and yet it manages that respiratory illness without having to lock down the nation.

    Also the spike in illness and deaths to Covid 19 in India mirrors quite oddly the rate of mRNA injections. As soon a Jabbo the mRNA injection monster began sticking Indians by large numbers the rate of Kungflu illness and deaths also rose. It is similar in many reporting nations, the more arms Jabbo the mRNA injection monster gets to, the more these nations seem to see a rise in Kungflu cases and deaths.

  8. Poly Tics….There seems to be quite a few articles that say the virus has been isolated.
    to list a few.

    John Dough
    By filing the ‘class action lawsuit’, I suspect Reiner Fuellmich is hoping to profit from it.

    So….what’s killing all those people? What’s making all those people sick? I’d be interested in what you think is causing all this. Your TB theory doesn’t work in Canada or the U.S.

  9. T Tree,

    Full Fact is funded by Facebook.
    CDC is funded by big pharma.
    Reuters says that it is “The most trusted source for government professionals”.

    Maybe you could list a few more sources.

    Why are doctors saying the virus has not been isolated?

  10. T Tree,

    Look at the Sunny Brook donors:
    (I’m doing research that you should be doing)

    $500,000 to $999,999

    Alan B.H. Abrams
    AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
    Jose A. Bacardi*
    Bad Boy Furniture
    The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
    The Ralph M. Barford Foundation
    Karen & Bill Barnett
    Baxter Corporation
    J.P. Bickell Foundation
    Charles Clarence Black* & Audrey Jean Black*
    Eugene* & Alice Boccia
    Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Limited
    J. Armand Bombardier Foundation
    Fortunato & Antoinette Bordin and Family
    Estate of Audrey May Boyce
    Charles Luther Burton Trust
    W. Elizabeth Burton*
    Estate of Chess T. Chessman
    William Wai Lap Cheng and Family
    Robert & Andrea Chisholm
    David* & Valerie Christie
    George Cope, C.M. & Tami Cope
    Estate of Joan Elizabeth Crocker
    George & Daphne* Currie
    Estate of Elizabeth Curtiss
    The Arthur & Audrey Cutten Foundation
    Downsview Kitchen & D’Uva Family
    Edwards Charitable Foundation
    Electrical Safety Authority
    Elkie Adler MS Clinic
    Ernst & Young LLP
    Estate of Astrid H. Flaska
    Frederick Freeland*
    Albert Gasparro, Stefano Guizzetti & Jack Scivoletto
    GE Healthcare
    Rana & Hesham Ghadaki
    GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
    Mrs. C. Warren Goldring*
    Gilbert Goodman Family Foundation
    Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life
    Helen Guy*
    Mary & Graham Hallward
    The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
    Mary Ellen & Michael Horgan
    IBM Canada Ltd.
    Imasco Limited
    Irpinia Club
    The Donald K. Jackson Family Foundation
    Estate of Dr. Gesina Elisabeth Helene Janssen
    The Kavelman Fonn Foundation
    W. Clarence & Marjorie Larmon*
    Albert and Temmy Latner Family Foundation
    David & Susan Leslie*
    Liu Fu Yu Charity Foundation
    LIUNA Local 183
    Estate of Beth MacIver
    Paul & Elizabeth Martin
    Leo* & Helen McArthur
    Archibald & Elizabeth* McCallum
    Estate of Luella McCleary
    Steven & Shelley McGirr
    McLeish Orlando LLP
    Med El
    Mental Wellness Network
    Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.
    Estate of Lawrence Bert Morgan
    Estate of Maxine Morris
    Peter H. Naylor*
    Neinstein & Associates LLP
    Oatley Vigmond LLP
    Janice & Earle O’Born
    Eric Bresler & Judy Klarman
    Robert L. Tundermann
    Pfizer Canada Inc.
    Edwin & Dorothy Pooler*
    Power Corporation of Canada
    Prostate Health Classic
    John & Leslie Pearson and Family
    Rose Reid*
    Rethink Breast Cancer Canada
    Willa Ribchester*
    In memory of Ronald Roberts & Alyce Mary Roberts
    Mario Romano
    Iain* & Cristina Ronald
    Estate of John Seme
    Lydia & Peter Sharpe
    Alex Shnaider
    Shoppers Drug Mart
    Estate of Berenice Smirle
    Estate of Brenda Lee-Ann Smith
    Maureen & Wayne Squibb
    Barbara L. Steele*
    Jane Stodgell* & Arnold Massey
    Budd Sugarman Foundation
    Inarose* & Inayetali Sumar
    Ann & Will Sutherland
    Tesari Charitable Foundation
    Estate of Constance Tiffin
    Underwear Affair
    May G. Vasey Trust
    The Hedwig Walch Charitable Foundation
    R. Howard Webster Foundation
    Five Anonymous Donors

  11. How about these guys…they’re Doctors:
    Mengele, Che Guevara, Herta Oberheuser, Hans Eisle, Albert Widmann, Harold Shipman, Jayant Patel, Shiro Ishii, etc etc etc

    T Tree is doing the work but throwing pearls before swine.

  12. T Tree.

    What’s killing which people?

    My point aboutTB is that India averages1+million TB deaths per year but it did not lockdown the nation nor saw its hospitals overrun from TB patients on any year.

    Ironically India saw its Kungflu deaths fall markedly after they instituted wide spread treatments such as Hydroxycloroquinte and Ivermectin going back to Aug. 2020. Once it began jabbing citizens from Feb. 2021 though, the supposed Covid 19 deaths spiked up in almost perfect conjunction with their roll out of the experimental mRNA jabs. Hmmm ???

    Another interesting note Mongolia saw essentially ZERO deaths with Covid 19 all through 2020. Hardly a death statistically! Once it began jabbing its people beginning in February 2021 the supposed Covid 19 deaths shot up like a Saturn V rocket going to the Moon. Hmmm ???

  13. Horgan is baseless. What if you want to fight the fine in court and your court date has not come up before you have to renew your B.C. D.L? He has no right forcing you to pay a fine in order to renew your D.L. if you have intention of going to court to fight the fines… PUSHBACK FOLKS!

  14. @Les

    I am beginning to think that zarf has a point regarding social credit system. What has your driver’s licence have anything to do with fine attributed to a breach of a public health order? What else does the Gov of BC Control: medical care, hydro, ferries, liquor stores, and on and on. With that kind of control, imagine what Horgan could do to you if he wanted to eff you up because you did not do what HE wanted?

    Well, if you are a Commie, he is off to a good start.

    also @Les


  15. George,

    I agree that Horgan has no legitimate right to deny D.L. renewal to the lack of paying arbitrarily handed out Kungflu fines. It was bad enough to link outstanding traffic tickets fines to the D.L. renewal in B.C now going back what 20+ years. To use D.L. renewal to force people to pay up on covid 19 tickets is IMO unethical and probably illegal, for again it forces the persons ticketed to pay the fine even before they may have their day in court.

    With all the lawyers out in the society today, why are not civil rights advocacy lawyers not suing our governments over this kind of overreach of governmental powers? Surely they could even crowd fund such lawsuits.

  16. The Covid 19 cult and vaxx pushers are by the many so hypocritically obvious.

    Many of them are so rabid that they demand forced injections of all people with unapproved experimental mRNA injections. They are so ignorant to immunology and virology that they only think what they have been told about the jabs. They so want to be good lil boys and good lil girls that they will not only offer to possibly sacrifice themselves, but their children, their aged relatives and now force others whom they do not know to Jabbo the mRNa injection monster.

    If you refuse to be a part of this unnecessary experiment upon humanity for whatever your personal reasons, they want to force you to take the jab or bar you from living your own life freely.

    But their hypocrisy is often revealed when you ask them if they are pro choice on abortion? Most will likely say yes, a woman’s body is her right. But if you invoke the same logic, my body, my right on vax injections, they may spit at you and hiss at you calling you selfish…. FFS!!!!! The most selfish thing any human can do is to willfully and knowingly abort and thus killing one’s own unborn baby.

    Refusing to take the jab of a non vaccine vaccine is not selfish for nobody walks through life intending to harm other with a transmittable virus, Covid 19 or any other. Any and all respiratory viruses are transmitted by fate, unintended and without malice. BUT! to wilfully choose to kill your own unborn baby guarantees 100% for sure the death of at least 1 human life.

    There is nothing more vile than a woman who chooses to get pregnant out of choice, ignorance, laziness or stupidity and as a result aborts (and in Canada paid for by the taxpayer ) her unborn child without consequences. But many of those covid 19 cultists and experimental vax pushers will not be able to square that circle of hypocrisy over comparing their support for abortion to their support for the forced and ILLEGAL by many international and national codes and statutes (Nuremberg Codes for one ) mRNA injections… In 2021 it kind of blows my mind at this blindness of these crazy brainwashed Covid 19 cultists!

  17. It’s disgusting for people to be ticketed also instead of just being turned around at checkpoints. That’s not frigging right. If the governing scum of BC keep British Columbians try keeping under the gun for to much longer down when everything has gotten much better then that will be a good indicator that they have gotten a power high. I would hope people won’t stand for that. Slimy Horgan already proved it once by taking advantage of a crisis by having an election.

    Harvey O is dead right about the NDPs political correctness trumping peoples right to know because of NDP supporting areas and the political sensitivities that surround the issue. Politics over lives. Pigs!! And you know Dirty Dix and fake angel Bonnie Henry are are right in there with both feet in the sewer. Just look what these monsters caused in Long Term Care. Mass unessecary death of our beloved seniors because they refused to use rapid testing out of stubbornness and incompetence.

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