Rock Legend Roger Daltrey Of ‘The Who’ Slams Woke Culture Of The Left: ‘Will Lead To Misery’

Roger Daltrey

By Mike LaChance

The Gateway Pundit

May 10, 2021

Roger Daltrey, the lead singer for the classic rock band The Who, is not a fan of the new ‘woke’ left.


It’s refreshing to see people in the arts speaking up about this.

Roger Daltrey takes on the woke generation

Wokeness is a completely regressive phenomenon. It is censorious and divisive. But more than anything, wokeness is just boring. From comedy to literature to music, it saps the energy and the fun out of life as it desparately attempts to destroy anything that might offend or provoke.

‘It’s becoming so absurd now with… the woke generation. It’s terrifying, the miserable world they’re going to create for themselves. I mean, anyone who’s lived a life and you see what they’re doing, you just know that it’s a route to nowhere. Especially when you’ve lived through the periods of a life that we’ve had the privilege to. We’ve had the golden era. There’s no doubt about that.’

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  1. Roger Daltrey for Mayor of London !!

    It is very sad that Mayor Khan was re elected just the other day !

    I am somewhat optimistic that all over and the now free UK and the EU things are changing, there is push back harming working tax payers who believe in the rule of law are beginning to demand change .

    Take a minute and see what is now taking place in France, things in France need to change immediately .

  2. As Malcolm X said, nothing is more dangerous to America and the Negro than the white liberal.

    As to London falling to elect a terrorist loving anti-Britsh Mayor Kahn only re-enforces what Malcolm X said about liberals. Certainly the vast numbers of nonwestern IMPORTS to Britain and notably London has effect on the vote too, but it is self righteous, self loathing, smug, idiotic white liberals (mostly headed by wahmen and weak skinny jeans wearing males) who elect and keep in power traitors to the nation and western society, be it London or Britain or the USA or Canada and pretty well all other western world nations.

    The greatest threat to the survival as we know it, of a generally free, generally just and traditional western values nations is the liberal, which is a cloak word to cover them being the Marxist driven, ignorant, self loathing, ideologues and social injustice tyrants that they are.


  3. In all the world of animal species, especially those that act or live in some form of group like /collective ways would ever allow the weak, sick or stupid to lead and control the group/collective at hand. Only the human animal would we see often the weak, ignorant, stupid or psychotic lead the group or collective at hand even leading it into despair and devastation…. THINK ABOUT IT FOLKS! ESPECIALLY BEFORE YOU MAY PLACE YOUR FUTURE VOTE!

    Now is the time for any free western world nations to elect men of courage and not of wokeness, social injustice and self loathing to lead us out of our collective fog.

  4. So, I have a question for you les. It looks as if you spend a lot of time writing comments on this website. Sometimes it’s a bit redundant but whatever makes you happy. My question is this:

    Besides daily rants and searching the web for things that fit your political narrative? What else do you do? Do you join political groups? Do you get involved with the process? Do you actually take any actions to support what you write or is it merely to write words with a “yup, sure told them” on puget sounds radio? I’d love to hear what else you do besides commenting here?

  5. I’ll be turning 70 years of age later this year and I feel so blessed and privileged to be born when I was. Most of my life there was no social media, no radical liberal brain washing in the educational system and no “woke” in the mainstream of our society.

    I completely agree with Roger Daltrey’s message. If society stays on this path of social insanity the western world as we knew it will eventually evolve into a very miserable place to exist.

  6. Well said Nao. Those of us that are a bit older have lived through some tumultuous times but all in all were far better off than this generation of victims. The pc crowd has poisoned the education systems and turning that insanity around wont be easy
    As far as Daltry , hurray for the few celebrities that dont drink Ophras kool aid

  7. Pat,

    Not that it matters, the questions you ask, as I speak my mind and try to use facts and common sense to back up my points of view. I do not just sit her writing comments all the time. I will come and go in that regard. When see topics that I am interested in and feel I can contribute solid points of view, tossing in facts as well, then I may choose to add as many comments as I feel time for. I do this at times for I see how our fake news media no longer produces credible fact based info and is more so a propaganda arm of governments and the globalist elitist scum on earth today.

    I do not command the resources to own or produce the equality of numbers that our globalist led and government fed mainstream media does. But I do my part in trying to share gained knowledge and lessons learned from my experiences, good and bad lessons learned a that.

    I do not demand you or anyone to just believe what I say here, but I arm you with opinions and some facts so that you and others can use critical thinking skills to better inform yourselves.

    We are not getting any objectivity from mainstream media, big social media and certainly not from out governments and bureaucracy on not just the craziness of the Kungflu but all too an other social, political and economic things we see today. It is for that reason I may choose to enter discussions and at times considerable time spent doing so , for it is a way for me to engage debate and hopefully inform others of things I look for them to know.

    As to activities, I use to be more politically involved in civic things, giving more time to such when I was especially younger and yes a bit of a libtard, which at the time I did not see me as one and as such just another virtue signaller, pat myself on my own back type liberal tool.

    My red pilling over the last 7-8 years has seen me wake up and realize how the liberal left used me and how I unwittingly enjoyed my own virtue signalling. So move forward to today and my engagement in social, political and economic topics is now less driven by political involvement and more so by now giving my own opinion pieces and doing so to in my way help counter the seemingly endless barrage of lies and deceptions from our woke, virtue signalling fake news media, the non governmental and as such disgusting political action groups, government bureaucrats and generally the large contingent of ignorant and stupid politicians that seem to plague most of the western world nations today.

  8. The big problem with the social and political left is…

    Those who wilfully or even unwittingly fall into a leftist ideology think they are thinking for themselves, that their thoughts are contrived from within. But they do no see that their thoughts are all generally planted by the interests of leftist ideology. It can be quite amazing a times how the liberal left can infiltrate the minds of even intelligent people to think as just a group. To think the ideology rules above all, the ends justify the means. This is why after decades of quiet Marxist ideology, hiding behind the apron of liberalism has caused many to not think, to not question but to believe the leftist ideology is home grown inside their own minds’.

    “But but but certainly those on the political and social right can be the same too?” asks the liberal defender. Yes, certainly a conservative mind can be manipulated too, but one important difference is, the conservative is always open to question what they are told or taught and to hold a more independent mind. If they do not let go of that ideal, it is harder to build in intractable and destructive radical thoughts and ideals into their mind.

    Cognitive dissonance is much more a problem of the liberal left mindset, not so the mind of a critical thinking, independent mind of a person who espouses more conservative and traditional western values.

    Ie: To borrow a statement I found elsewhere, A Democrat or liberal is happy when they are able to get a person onto welfare. A Republican or conservative is happy when they are able to get a person off welfare.

    Do you all see the structured thinking difference here? To a liberal happiness is seeing another person losing independence, to a conservative happiness is seeing another person gain independence.

    This radicalization drive of Marxist driven politics and social ideals in the western world goes back to at least the 1960’s. It has crystallized in many minds the leftist values of big government and human dependence on government with the end game being at all times dependent on government. This is the critical difference between the liberal-left and the small “c” conservative and traditional western values right.

    A normal thinking western world conservative wants not just smaller government (as the woke left tries to paint ), but in as such a more targeted to real problem solving government. Independent minds, independent choices with freedom and accountability very much drives this. The liberal-left wants less choice, less thinking, more emotions driving radical ideals and more government. This is why a well indoctrinated liberal, social activist, woke socialist and Marxist etc. has limited critical thinking skills, but enjoys the hive mind and to wail of incessant virtue signalling, all the while not really doing anything to better theirs or others’ lives, but just wanting government and others to fix things they see as broken even if these things are not so.

  9. Pat (regarding Les),
    I saw a sticker yesterday in downtown Vancouver. It was a proclamation of Covid lockdowns actually killing more people than Covid itself. Very nefarious and, with respect to Doktor Henry, could be interpreted as very seditious. Very anti-narrative. Probably frightened a lot Vancouverites, caused much gnashing of teeth, pearl-clutching and immediate searching of landscape for nearby fainting couches. I think I saw at least 4 people, 2 of which had man-buns and the other two were probable persons-capable-of-birthing-humans who wore “trouble glasses” and wore macrame sweaters and all were in a fetal position blabbering and making nonsensical statements.

    I thought for a moment “I wonder if Les had something to do with it?” It had a very “Mom’s Basement” feel to it. I had a fleeting moment of envy, however, no matter who or how the “information censored by the media” is brought to people’s attention, it’s all good.

  10. Too add….

    Take a current western world liberal, woke social injustice warrior, standard fare socialist type person. Put them in a time machine sent back to say 1851. Then leave them there to see what would happen to them.

    They will be shocked to see a world completely foreign to their indoctrination, they would quickly have to change and abandon virtually every woke liberal-socialist ideal they had and become more independent and strong or they would face the following.

    1: Death within 3-4 days due to lack of doing things necessary on their own in at least finding and attaining ways to drink fresh water. If they survive this they will still sooner be dead within weeks for lack of any ability to find suitable food and make suitable shelter. They if in any urban areas will likely seek to quick begging of a people who would not likely be too responsive to their begging. Ironically the Christian Church that they living in todays’ times spit on, may take mercy on them to feed and shelter them (at least temporarily) to which this liberal-socialist would then take up without much an argument against God.

    2: If they wind up in a troubling area they will soon been seen as weak and useless and to likely be robbed of any valuables they may have, beaten and killed by potential threats to them. They lacking much if any critical thinking skills will not likely be able to handle this. A liberal-left female may be better for now by selling her body quickly to survive though. There is no feminism in 1851.

    That would be the likely plight of taking a current era liberal-socialist, social activist and putting them into 1851.

    Now take a more traditional, conservative, independent minded western world person from this era and see what would likely happen to them if they woke up in the year 1851.

    First, many a modern conservative or traditional western world person lacks many survival skills too. Some traditional conservatives today including men can’t change a flat tire either. But a very important difference exists between say a trad con and a liberal-lefty of current era. The trad con. is of a more independent mind and ideal, that person will quickly surmise basic survival skills and know to look for the needs to begin life back in 1851 for them. They will likely find water and find a way into society and begin the quest to trade their skills and labour and/or sell or trade any valuables they have to survive.

    This will likely gain them more respect and not derision by the folks of the 1851 era. The trad con. will know better that he/she is on their own and will likely also know to better protect themselves from potential threats. They will know enough through their independent mind to pull themselves forward in the year 1851. They may find the Church and gain aid from the Church, but they will know enough to have the Church help them move forward in their new independent world of 1851.

    Now what I wrote here is a generalization but it’s based on some critical differences in thoughts and expectations from a modern liberal-left mind and a modern traditional conservative mind. The liberal-lefty has less independence thinking and more social expectations of others. The trad con. knows to think for their own survival firstly and knows enough to have lesser trust in expectations from others. They know they will have to earn trust and respect from others especially given it’s 1851 and not 2021 and not demand it like all too many woke liberal-lefties do.

    Given betting between a modern liberal-lefty or a traditional western world conservative being sent back to 1851. It would be a struggle especially at first for either but my money would be on the trad con. He /she knows instantly what they are in for, the woke lefty not so much.


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