BC Media “Spins” Covid Checkpoint Story … Wiping Egg from Horgan’s Face, by Harvey Oberfeld

BC Premier John Horgan


by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real

April 25, 2021

Premier John Horgan was quite clear last Monday: his NDP government would use the Public Emergency Act to temporarily restrict people’s travel outside their own Public Health Region, except for essential reasons.

“This will be conducted through random audits, not unlike roadside checks or CounterAttack during the Christmas season,” Horgan explained, as reported on the Global News website.

“Everybody will be asked where they’re going and where they came from. It’s not heavy-handed in my mind. It’s random and it will be done at a particular place at a particular time.”

Yes, the Premier had explained his plan very well.

But if implemented as Horgan said … disallowing any “non-essential” travel between health regions … it would indeed have prevented anyone from Vancouver to travel into Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey etc … and vice versa…. because they’re in two different Health Regions.

The story hit the fan: the “people” were very unhappy; Civil Liberties experts raised serious concerns; municipal and police officials expressed doubts how/whether they could/should enforce it; and, social media (including this Blog) lit up with questions, concerns, condemnations.

You can review my rant about Horgan’s announcement here: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/bc-imposes-collective-punishment-while-covid-scofflaws-go-free-uncharged/.

Tuesday, the government began backing down from Horgan’s announcement. Yes, BACKING DOWN! With little snippets here and there …. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth leading the retreat.

Vancouver Sun columnist was on to it: https://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-this-time-its-farnworth-who-explains-what-the-premier-meant-to-say

Of course, governments don’t like to be seen backing down (especially within hours) from any plan they’ve announced … particularly when it came direct from the mouth of the Premier!

So the “spin” began.

CTV Vancouver Island journalist Brendan Strain pushed for the true story of what was happening, and then reported:  “We kept getting passed around to different ministries and were told more clarification will be coming later in the week.”

“Clarification” ????

Ahh! Yes … “clarification”. LOL!

“Clarification” is a SPIN word … used by politicians and bureaucrats who say, announce, do something really stupid, impractical and unenforceable and then, after it gets a terrible reaction … realize they have to get their foot (or sometimes both feet) out of their mouths.

But instead of admitting they made a gaffe … they “clarify”.

Spin! Spin! Spin!

And it worked. (CAPS below in each case are mine.)

“The latest CLARIFICATIONS on the upcoming Covid 19 travel restrictions in BC are good news for Lower Mainlanders. The government says Metro Vancouver drivers will not have to worry about travel checkpoints,” Global TV’s Newshour told their viewers Wednesday.

A double bonus! Not only “clarify”, but turn it into “good news”! LOL!!

It went on and on …

“The National Police Federation, representing thousands of officers, is slamming the plan for checkstops to ban people from traveling outside their region and it comes as the province is CLARIFYING where you can and cannot go,” explained CTV News at Six.

” Farnworth provided a piece of further CLARITY on Wednesday for two neighbouring health authorities: The minister said Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health will be considered a single region under the new orders.,” the CBC reported.

“Province CLARIFIES rules on travel restrictions, checkpoints” headlined Kamloops This Week.

“B.C. CLARIFIES COVID-19 travel restrictions, Lower Mainland a single zone,” headlined the Abbotsford News.

“Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth CLARIFIED Tuesday, saying the province is examining the use of periodic roadblocks only set up at places like BC Ferries or on Highway 1 leaving the Lower Mainland, to discourage recreational travel, and not conducting random individual stops,” Global News’ website reported.

Sad to see so many BC media gave the story, in my view, the kinder, gentler “CLARIFICATION” spin instead of telling their readers, listeners and viewers the TRUTH: the government had backed away, abandoned Horgan’s dumb, ill-thought-out, impractical announced plan. Period!

That’s the way the story should have been reported: TRUTHFULLY.

Words matter.

Was it a coincidence that so many media used versions of “clarify” to explain the government’s backdown? Or did the NDP’s spin doctors just do their job wonderfully?

I suspect the latter.

Former BC Premiers must look on in wonder at how Horgan could be responsible for such a public blunder, witness the resulting confusion, hear the negative reactions and then have his government do a massive retraction … and, yet, face no questioning about how, why the Premier himself messed up so badly… and made no apology.

Where ARE BC’s “political” reporters? Where ARE their News Directors/Managers?

How can there be NO questions from the media DIRECT to the Premier about what happened, why and how HE held a press conference to announce there would be ” random audits, not unlike roadside checks or CounterAttack during the Christmas season” … causing days of province-wide confusion, concerns, anger, defiance … and then it is all dropped, canceled within days … as if it was an April Fool’s joke … three weeks late!

No one was laughing.

BC’s media have to do a better job telling stories as they really are … and asking TOUGH questions when the Premier makes a mess, adding to an already difficult situation, and then his government has to back down!

Friday, Farnworth announced a ban on non-essential travel BETWEEN Health Region zones until May 25 … BUT Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health Regions, along with Northern and Interior Health Regions will be regarded as single regions for the purposes of travel.

And NO roadside checks within/between municipalities. Period!!!

There could be ferry/highway checks to prevent non-essential provincial travel between the large health zones, with $575 tickets handed out to violators. But the government hasn’t even agreed yet with the RCMP if/how/where that will be tried.

All in all, an intriguing/confusing/controversial week in BC: and readers of this Blog had a great opportunity to see/experience how “spin” actually works.

Hopefully we can all spot it better from now on … even if BC’s media cannot, or will not.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. John Horgan is Christy Clark with a goatee.

    They’re both twits who react way too late after the damage is done. What happened to real leadership?

  2. These Govt Workers are ALL criminals. This is modern day NAZI’ism. There will not be enough rope and trees when this is over.

    MANY people including myself have contacted every single Govt Agency that is dealing with this FAKE virus asking for scientific proof of it’s existence. NONE of us have ever been given this data.

    And NOW they are poisoning and murdering the population of the planet with the NON-vaccine vaccine Gene Editing Drug.

    If ANY of you are Govt Workers that are reading this then you have two choices. 1. QUIT while you can and hold your head up high with honor. 2. Be prepared for the consequences of being a Govt Worker and going along with this genocide.

  3. The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms BE DAMNED! Our politicians, bureaucrats, selected for the job Health Officials, all too many cops think our Charter Of Rights and Freedoms is just to be used as toilet tissue. To Hell with all of these disgusting people.

    No arbitrary declared health emergency is to be able to circumvent our Charter Rights. But our idiot and even evil governments and bureaucrats have been shredding our rights especially over the last year with the Kunkflu and too many of us are just wilful sheep. 🙁

    One of the USA’s great founding fathers Thomas Jefferson quoted this: “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

    Dammit our society sees too many of us not wanting such. We are giving it all up for a virus that is no more lethal than the typical seasonal flu and none of our hospitals are overrun including ICU’s. This is more lies and fear porn. Hospitals are managed, bed availability including ICU’s at any given time in Canada ranges around 80-90% capacity. They withdraw beds/wards and add beds/wards as needed. They manage doctors, nurses and staff as required by shifting responsibilities on an as needed basis (it’s all a part of triage). I defy any health professionals telling me with facts that I am incorrect!

    WAKE THE HELL IUP FOLKS! Tell any idiot cops who dare run these unconstitutional check points to MIND THEIR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS! Just say you are on a necessary or business trip, NUFF SAID!

    Dammit, both my parents lived under first Nazi invasion and dictatorship as kids and then after the war under those damned Soviet Communists imposed dictatorship, they did not come to Canada to see the same shite happen here.

    I’m seething right now! Screw all these jerk politicians, idiot stooge bureaucrats, health officials like Bonny Henry, sick in the head water carrying media types and any idiot stooge cops who carry this water! May you all fall down a flight of stairs and break your effing necks all you tools of this vile evil! Arrrgh!

  4. On top if this, I just finished watching the Indy Car Race from St. Petersburg Florida. It was nice to see crowds all more or less being normal. Yes, many still wore the useless face diapers but it looked much like a normal western society gathering.

    Looking up Florida’s Covid 19 numbers all are dropping rather low. The lifting of mandatory face diapers and ending other restrictions by Gov. DeSantis has not seen infections rise or deaths rise but all actually fall and keep falling. The KungFlu is going to spread as it does and it’s silly to try to stop it. Just as society cannot end all mortality, it must not destroy life, liberty and living the time and life we all have to stop a virus that will run its corse regardless.

    Give info to help protect the vulnerable, triage appropriately the sick., use any and all therapeutics that look to work, Ivermectin and even Hydroxychloriquine with Zinc to name two. Educate society to learn to take better care of themselves including appropriate levels of Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin K2, Vitamin E and B12 if they want to work to help reduce poor health and then we all just let life go on.

  5. Thanks for this Harv, however, your Boomerism is still on display. You are expecting a media that has been genuflecting and supplicating to the Henry and Horgan to sudden reflect upon themselves and correct the wrongs they have been doing? Harv, the Media thinks it is doing it right. They work for Davos-Crowd, the WEF-grifters and NGO-cabal. They fawn over a young lady who hasn’t even finished her high school math but yet, they declare her to be sage and scientific enough to make climate prognostications. Perhaps not surprising, as Greta’s modelling cadre are essentially using the same failed modelling agorithms and approaches as Bonnie Henry’s “you know where your paycheques come from don’t you” modelling cadre.

    All this could have been avoided if, last March, one of your “we are special because we are a necessary component of democracy” reporters simpley asked: “Dr. Henry, why are all of BC’s PCR cycles at a Ct count of 35 or more when a) they are not a diagnostic tool to begin with, b) any Ct count over 28 renders the result to be comepletely meaningless”

    One question Harv. Just one effing question is all it takes. Democracy needs a functioning and questioning media to survive. Totalitarianism needs a compliant and fawning media to survive. Based on what we are seeing in Canada and here in BC, it would take a moron to think we have the former rather than the latter.

    So, Harvey. You want to make a difference? Call up your old pals in the news. Ask them to ask Bonnie Henry the very question I have penned.

    I will wait with bated breath.

  6. Would love to see Harvey write a column questioning the existence of the corona.
    There should be enough breadcrumbs in this thread to make him question the entire corona narrative.
    Harvey, your MSM pals won’t touch this. We need you to do the heavy lifting.
    While you’re at it, look into WHY people are taking an experimental mRNA injection.
    And WHY would people take an injection (it’s not a vaccine) pushed by a eugenicist?
    The jab and face diapers = sickness and death.
    Prove me wrong Harvey.

  7. Why aren’t they reporting, you ask?

    Media has changed. It is no longer “reporting news”, it is repeating an agenda. One only has to witness the fawning treatment that the medical health officers receive.

    The only “reporters” that might ask questions of these overpaid “experts” are banned from the press conferences.

    As a personal illustration: There was a serious fire in an apartment building in my neighbourhood. I was on site, live streaming the event to local social media. There were at least two other people doing the same.

    While there, I encountered many of the 90 residents and, if I wished, could have recorded many interviews.

    When I watched the “news” later in the day, NOT ONE of the affected residents was interviewed, even though CTV, Global and CBC were on site. The camera men made no effort to interact with the spectators or residents. They just picked a spot across the street and pointed their cameras at the building. They just stood there. They didn’t even move to the part of the building where the best flames were, as I was doing.

    This fire made those 90 residents homeless, and judging from the aftermath, it will be at least 6 months before any residents are allowed to live there. The on-air “reporter” for CTV arrived much later, stood in front of the stationary camera which was still on site, recited a press release from the Fire department and then left, thus giving the illusion of “being on the scene”. He couldn’t interview anybody because the spectators had gone home by that time and the residents had been evacuated to shelters.

    Global’s contribution was to fly over the site with a helicopter. Once.

    Thank heavens for social media and a local page where everybody can share stories about serious incidents such as this, as well as the many break ins in the neighbourhood – and judging from the criminals captured on security footage – the SAME people are committing the crimes.

    Neighbours can express concerns about re-zoning and even the best places to eat. Legacy media used to be our source for this news.

    Legacy media has lost its way. It no longer serves the viewers. Global and CTV no longer brag about how many viewers each one has – I suspect that numbers have remained constant over the last few years even though the population of the region has almost doubled.

    Any station that wants to beat this legacy media at its own game should schedule re-runs of I Love Lucy at 5 and 6 pm (instead of 3am) and those remaining people force fed this junk in the nursing homes and hospitals will change the channel.

    The rest of us resort to PVRs to replay I Love Lucy at 6pm so we don’t have to watch this pathetic excuse for “news”.

    By the way, if anybody is interested, the Ricardos have returned from Hollywood and are back in New York.

  8. A Premier who makes an announcement that created/added confusion, consternation and anxiety to an already terrible situation SHOULD be questioned about it. Horgan blundered terribly …and should be held to account for that. Believe it or not, that’s what happens in other provinces, at the national level, in every other true democracy …statewide and internationally … with a REAL media: if the Leader ANNOUNCES .. not just suggests … a ridiculous plan that would disrupt millions of lives even more …and then, it is scrapped within hours … his or her feet WOULD indeed be held to the fire. Perhaps some would the system in Cuba, Russia, China or North Korea where the Dear Leaders can announce anything they want ..and no one DARES to question it or the Leader … no matter how stupid unworkable the “plan” is.

  9. I cannot help but ask the following .

    I wonder what most of the media who are compliant and complicit in deflecting and ignoring the fumble/blunder of Premier Horgan and his Minions would do if that same ridiculous about face and reversal was carried out by say a Conservative O’Toole or Harper Government or say a B.C. Liberal Government ?

    Is there any doubt that the media in question would do everything they could to investigate and charge “Incompetence” and “Dishonesty” if the government in question was a Federal Conservative or B.C. Liberal government ?

    I think not !

    It is more than obvious that media as a whole play politics when investigating, not investigating and reporting or not reporting, whatever happened to the days when good investigative journalism ruled the day .

    Do you remember when ALL political parties and politicians were treated equally, tax payers and citizens were informed of all transgressions and mistakes no matter who made them and there was honour amongst those in journalism, there was a code of honour, fairness, and transparency .

    It appears to me that much of the media today is literally an offensive weapon working for the government in B.C. and Ottawa, it is time for the people of Canada to stand up and push back !

    For media to deflect, conspire, and allow so called “Clarification” such as they have and do is unacceptable !

    It appears that for the most part the two words media and ethics can no longer appear or be used in the same sentence .

    What a tragedy !!

    Unfortunately it is even worse in the EU and the U.S., the media in both those jurisdictions do everything they can to misinform the “Great Unwashed”, media in most of the 27 EU Nations is basically “Treasonous” !!

    It is beginning to look to me like there is more honour amongst thieves than there is in much of Canadian media .

  10. Somewhat tangential. How do you know that normies are noticing and narrative control is being lost? When the media goes into uni-voice OUTRAGE mode.
    Exhibit A: recent seawall graffiti referencing St. Bonnie.

  11. Just watched a video tonight, the presenter found info on Britain’s SAGE which is Scientific Advisory Group For Emergencies and it was quite informative but shocking.

    The info is that SAGE is modelling for what will be the UK’s 3rd KungFlu wave sometime this fall. The kicker is that they predict between 60-70% of 3rd wave cases including hospitalizations and deaths forecasted will be from those who have got BOTH mRNA jabs.

    DID YOU ALL READ WHAT I WROTE? The UK’s SAGE group is saying that they estimate 60 to 70% of the 3rd wave Covid 19 cases in the UK this fall will be from those vaxxed with both jabs!

    Now how can any government body continue to push vaxxing its own people with these experimental mRNA jabs when they predict that the jabs will not prevent those getting ill and possibly dying based on forecasting of who they feel will get sick in the next wave of the Kung Flu?

    The only logical conclusions are two:

    1: The UK government (and likely many others globally ) are STUPID and incompetent to not stop this mRNA vaxxing shite.

    2: The UK government (and likely most others globally ) want to see their people get very sick and many die. Since most of the people in the UK who have taken the jabs to date are over 50, the models predict most of the sick and dying this upcoming 3rd. wave will be mature and elderly.

    This video presenter showed SAGE charts and docs predicting all of this, yet the UK is still pushing the mRNA jabs knowing they will not likely help these people come the 3rd. wave. The models predict that the un-mRNA vaxxed will suffer lower illness and deaths though.


    On another point a presenter in another video took India’s current cases graph and the vaxxing numbers graph. From Jan. 23 onward the cases began to creep upwards in India. He overlaid the vaxxing numbers in India from Jan. 23 onwards. The two graphs virtually mirrored each other. Is that a conclusion? NO! but it would be interesting to survey those who are a part of the rising cases in India since Jan. 23 and how many were vaxxed before getting sick?

    It may be looking to be more correct that many thousands of doctors as health scientists who claim the mRNA jabs will cause those who get them to possibly get very sick once exposed to any variants of the KungFLu, Covid 19.

    If this all continues as it looks it may be to go sideways before it is all done, I predict many governments to fall, some by elections, others by arrests and yet others by violent conflicts and street justice by billions of blood thirsty and angry people globally.

    My advice freely given to any government officials, bureaucrats, health officials, Big pharma NGO’s and lamestream media who may see my post, is to STOP all this vaxxing shite now and end all the draconian measures for your necks may just wind up with a tightly strung rope around them one day soon… Don’t say I did not warn you all!

  12. “Fake”

    To answer your questions as best I can .

    Forced vaccinations depends on many things . If one believes that Covid exists which I do and I can verify that I was a victim of a Corona Virus several years ago while in Asia .

    Having said that we all have differing standards of whether we believe Covid is real or if we believe Covid is like China a Clear and Present danger .

    I might offer you this to complate, would YOU be in favour of say 50 K people entering Candada from Hot Spots like India, Brazil, Iran, and Italy and then mingle with any number of them at a mall, hockey game, or perhaps a competitive game of “Twister” ?

    Would YOU check yourself into a Long Term Care Facility for say 3 weeks that is bursting at the seems with so called Covid Victims without any protection for them or yourself ? What about YOUR parents, siblings, grandparents, would YOU recommend that they check into that LTC Home for 3 weeks ?

    Would you hop on a two week Cruise mingling with 1500 other people ALL of who are reported to have that “Fake” Covid while having no protection yourself except for a wallet full of condoms ?

    If vaccines are/were available and I was going to a Dentist I would prefer that ALL Staff had had the Jabs . Does that seem outlandish ?

    Yes, I did get my first Jab, had an IQ of 142 going in and I still have that 142 IQ, so far so good .

    I travel a lot, I am scheduled to travel to 9 countries and over 20 cities beginning about Sept. 2o this year, I will need a vaccine passport and I hope the people kind sitting beside me has been fully Jabbed, what about you, do you travel ?

    Seeing that WE are all still here I might have another question or two for you .

    Are YOU aware that the “Bad Orange” Man was basically single handedly responsible for “Warp Speed” ? Without Trump the World may still be waiting for vaccines until Kamala Harris becomes President about 14 months from now when she brewed something up in the basement of the White House . How do you think the world might look by then ? Don’t YOU think China might be happy with that situation ?

    Yes it is DJ Trump who is responsible for the Vaccines and it is DJT and his wife Melania that have each received the vaccines, what do you say about that ?

    As I have mentioned to thousands of people all over the world, I am now beginning to wonder if China has WON WW III without firing a single shot ! How do YOU feel about that ?

    I believe that the Virus that many here say does NOT exist is a Designer Virus developed by the CPC and now that “Sock Puppet” Joe Biden is in the White House for a little over a year and Kamala will then take over China is planning to control the world, that would not have happened with Donald J. Trump in the White House .

    I believe people kind like you would be much better off fighting against china and demanding the Canadian PM and his Minions be HELD to ACCOUNT by media in this country and then demand that Canadian PM Justin and his Minions get vaccines in arms, demand that the PM confront China at the UN, and support any Federal Party in Canada that can defeat the PM Justin Liberals .

    Under DJ Trump the U.S., Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand, the now free UK, the Taiwan Tiger, Viet Nam, other neighbours of China, and many more were willing and able to “Boycott China” and stand militarily against China, now with Biden in the White House it will be much more difficult so you can also concentrate on criticizing and speaking out against China whenever you can .

    The Free World can defeat China if we stand together .

    The first thing that close to 200 nations can do to stand against China is to call China out at the UN and ALL countries that are debtors to China can immediately stand against China by forgiving themselves the Debt they owe china, that will get the ball rolling ,

    If the U.S. can work with Russia China can be beaten, if China is beaten and their economy suffers great damage because of boycotts from Free World Nations the population of China who have been enjoying a better life with revolt and Xi will be defeated, yes millions will die but
    better the fight is in china as opposed to YVR, SEA, SFO, MIA, ORD, YYZ, LHR, NRT, SYD, or any other Free World Nation .

    We need to Stand against China and stop sweating the “Small Stuff” !!

    What you are worried about really amounts to a “Nothing Burger” !!


    I is long past time for people world wide o recognize that fact .

    China is responsible for the spread of Covid 19 and they will do it again if the world does not stand united against China !!

    I await your answers to my questions, I hope I addressed all of yours to me .

    My apologies, no proof read with this, it is early and I have a schedule to maintain .

  13. BMCQ,

    If you accept the non vaccine MRNA injections will offer protection for those who take them, then why the Hell do you care if others choose not to take these experimental still in mass clinical trials mRNA injections until Feb. 2023? You are said to be protected if you got the jabs right? You are supposedly protected if a ‘Typhoid Mary’ (which all too many paranoid people think is happening ) has the Kung Flu, Covid 19, are you not?

    If you have been jabbed with the mRNA injections are you not said to be unable to spread the Kung Flu, Covid 19 to others who may have chosen not to be injected? Are they safe from you now?

    This is all a port of herd immunity, a long standing science where most come from those who got sick, recovered and now built up immunity added with those who got vaxxed getting supposed immunity. But for some reason now circa 2020/21 is being tossed out by Hmm agenda seekers, profiteers and many fools. WITH ONLY THE VAXX WILL SAVE HUMANITY!!!!

    If these not approved but experimental mRNA injections are to protect the people who have been jabbed, then there s nothing to worry about if say a dental office is vaxxed or not. Where does anyone think try have the right to force stuff into other peoples bodies without consent? Did Nuremberg mean anything after WWII or is it like say our Charter to many just toilet tissue?

    One of the Articles of Nuremberg Codes is no medical experiments or tests on any persons without informed consent and even after such if the persons change their minds the experiment or test must stop!

    As to POTUS Trump I can support him and his desires to have fought Kung Flu but I can disagree with his support for the vaxx. I believed he allowed himself to be manipulated by assholes like Dr. Fraudci who BTW has a financial investment in the Moderna mRNA injections, CONFLICT OF INTEREST ANYONE??? And yes the media never ending attacks on POTUS Trump did not help either.

    As to China, yes they are growing issue and strategic problem but I and I feel any other sane persons would surely prefer POTUS Trump in office dealing with the CCP Chinese than Ole Sell Out Joe Biden with his failing mental health and his incompetent ‘heels up’ Harris on the job.

  14. BMCQ

    To answer your questions as best I can .

    Forced vaccinations depends on many things . If one believes that Covid exists which I do and I can verify that I was a victim of a Corona Virus several years ago while in Asia .


    Can you please provide us PROOF that “Covid exists”? I would love to collect the 1.2 million dollar bounty. Please send email to st*****************@gm***.com

  15. Richard

    Why don’t YOU prove Covid does not exist by checking yourself into a Long Term Care Home that is claiming to have the “Fake” Virus killing old and compromised people by the dozens, spend three weeks there with absolutely NO PPE, and make sure that everyone and everyone there sneezes and coughs on you .

    Then come back and tell us how you make out .

    I will better your silly $ 1,000.00 offer, if you take up my offer and do as I suggest I will provide you or your survivors with a $ 10,000 .00 first prize, wat a deal ! The $ wo K prize will be awarded to you if you come out unscathed and if you succumb to the “Fake” Virus the $ 10 K can be claimed by your survivors and they can then take a Cruise on a trip through the Caribbean on a ship staffed by a fully vaccinated crew and 1200 other passengers that have ALL been “Double Dozed” themselves!!

    Are you interested ?

  16. Les

    Yes, we certainly agree that DJ Trump was the best person to have as POTUS to fight China and Xi, it was Trump taking on China that emboldened countries like India, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Viet Nam the UK, and so many more to stand up to China and having Sock Puppet Joe Biden and soon Kamala in the white House will prove ineffective and in fact disastrous, China fears nothing about the U.S. now that the “Bad Orange Man” is no longer in the White House .

    A tragedy if there ever was one !

    I feel that with the Biden/Kamala policies very quickly causing the U.S. and the rest of the world to “Circle the Drain” the Republicans have a very good chance to take both the House and the Senate in the Mid Terms which would set the table for a Republican Candidate to re claim the White House .

    Even though it is almost 4 years away my money is on Tucker Carlson with Ted Cruz as VP .

    I look forward to your support of my opinions .

  17. BMCQ,

    I agree with you 100% on POTUS Trump and his standing tall towards the Communists in China. Yes,the alliance of nations he was building to deter and keeping check a more belligerent CCP and its PLA in China was very good.

    His knowledge and quick learning of politics notably geo-politics was much higher than the vile fake news press gave him. His ability to command a high level force and power through the RED WITH AND BLUE without starting any new wars was amazing. It’s also amazing how the Democrats and the political left fail to see that he did not begin any new wars, but actually defused some while standing tall to CCP China, and Iran to name but two.

    Lets not forget the strides he and his admin did to improve relations with DPRK and Kim Jung Un…. I mean to step into NK at the demilitarized zone was one of the greatest feats of diplomacy since the end of the Cold War. And what did Potus Trump get from the vile fake news media and the disgusting Democrat led political left? The same lies and bullshite they gave since his inauguration.

    As much a threat as CCP China is to the USA and western world the liberal-left indoctrinated US Democrat party and all western mainstream media, social(ist) media platforms and putrefying celebrity culture are a greatest threat to the USA and all of us.

    As to the Commander in Thief, Sell out Joe and likely the most incompetent and vile VP in US history Harris, they are likely moving all of us closer to major life concerns and problems, The fact that the woke left in the USA/western world are just lapping it up, proves that the leftists are just idiot stooges.

  18. Les

    I fully agree with every word and thought you have just put in your post directed at me .

    That just shows I am not losing my mind .

  19. BMCQ

    Why don’t YOU prove Covid does not exist by checking yourself into a Long Term Care Home


    Do you people that belong to the Cult of Covid even read the garbage you write? It seems that ever since the FAKE virus was brought onto the scene by the Khazarian Mafia in March of 2020……that seems to be “The Date That All Life Began On Earth”.

    My wife IS a healthcare worker who specializes in old people. It’s what she does for a living. Hey guess what BMCQ……old people in old folks homes have been dying en masse from bacterial breakouts and other infections for decades. The EARTH did not start in March of 2020. Try doing some research IF you are even able to pull up stories from the FAKE NEWS before 2020 now that Khazarian Big Tech controls it all…..

    And trying to PROVE a negative because you can’t show us “one link” on the interwebs that proves the FAKE virus is real does not mean that we thinking people are supposed to PROVE a negative. You can’t prove that something does not exist…..if it does not exist.

  20. Richard

    It is more than obvious to me that your wife must be a Saint !

    God Bless her !

    Be kind to her, you might need her care yourself, perhaps she can help you out and arrange for you to be exposed to the “Fake” Virus .

  21. BMCQ,

    Nice deflection!
    My question was:
    Do you still think forced experimental vaccinations for certain people are a good idea?
    Think Nuremberg 2.0.
    Do you listen to Jody Vance?

  22. Fake News

    Nice deflection!
    My question was:
    Do you still think forced experimental vaccinations for certain people are a good idea?


    Just like this is a FAKE virus that NO ONE seems to be able to provide evidence exists.

    Just like the FRAUD PCR test that everyone knows produces most false positives of the fake virus.

    The vaccine….is NOT a vaccine. A vaccine is dead pathogen that is injected into you to produce a natural immune response. This mRNA poison is a “SYNTHETIC” protein that edits your DNA. And anyone that tries to give you some medical gobbely gook that it doesn’t is flat out lying and works for the Khazarian Mafia. I will prove it…..

    DNA can be edited and changed without any drugs. Your kids can inherit your DNA traits. You can “pass on” DNA traits. You edit your DNA from your normal routines. This does not involve drugs.

    Your DNA is basically organic software that can be taught. So this POISON is EDITING your DNA. It is NOT a vaccine. Stop calling it that. No one should be calling this poison something it’s not. Women by the tens of thousands are already having reproductive organ side effects. The POISON has already killed more people than ALL OTHER vaccines combined for that last 13 years. Prion’s (Mad Cow) disease is next along with cytokine storm reactions. None of this is covered by the FAKE NEWS of course but you can find it. Don’t be lazy……LOOK.

  23. BMCQ

    Just stop responding to these morons! Fake news, Les, and Richard literally must sit in front of there computers day in and day out having nothing better to do! All you have to do is look at all the posts on these website and see who is only commenting. It’s ALWAYS only them. So sad. The 3 of them must feel so powerful with hurling the insults at anyone that doesn’t agree with them. What is even more funny though is just tell the 3 of them they are right and you agree with them, even if you don’t. They look at you like deer in headlights after. Just start looking at who posts the comment, you eventually just start to laugh at how they talk. Trust me! LOL!

  24. @youknowwhoyouare
    1. Telling people you have 142 IQ is not impressive. Acting like you have 142 IQ. Big Win
    2. Telling people to go anywhere that you can find a high pathogen load without taking precautions does not prove anything.
    3. The genetic makeup of the virus originating out of Wuhan is has not been sequenced in the way you think it has been. Much of it is based on in silico modelling to fill in the blanks.
    4. What we are getting in Canada is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy.
    5. Herd Immunity is based on a combination of resistance to infection based on similar viral infections in the past (avg. coronavirus every five years) plus immunity gotten by actually getting infected and recovering, plus getting some form of resistance to infection via vaccines and gene therapy. Only a moron would believe herd immunity comes from experimental gene therapy.
    6. The development of a novel virus is based on a chance mutation (or gain of function thanks to Fauci’s funding of Wuhan labs). These mutations or gains of function are energetically not favourable as the genetic code will invariably call for a configuration that has less stability than the original virus. Viral replication will favour mutations back to the original, more genetically stable configuration. This is what we are seeing with the so-called variants of concern.
    7. If one want’s to go to a dentist and inquire about their vaccine status, with the implication that they thus do not have a Wuhan virus infection, then they should have every right to ask you about your herpes and HIV status as you would be presenting a possible source of infection to them. If you demand to see vaccine records, then they should demand to see your medical records.
    8. Vaccine passports are stupid and arbitrary. Who decides what virus is part of the passport profile? Theres is no vaccination for HIV for example, yet a traveller going to another country can pass on HIV to others in that country. Since there is no vaccine, should we ban travel for HIV infected people?

    Regarding the folks who are believed to be sitting in front of the computer all day ready to hit SEND on PSR. David, thanks for hitting SEND. Actually, tell me one other site where west coasters can get some information that goes beyond the mainstream filter. Tell me David, why are you here and why are you reading this stuff? It’s because you want more. Even if it is not in the fashion you like or with points that you are in disagreement with, In fact, David, you are a testatment to the fact that PSR is not just an echo chamber.

    PSR has some great mainstream radio and tv discussion. Topics surrounding the corruption of the media are quite germane to the site and we do get somewhat tangential on going full bore into the 4am drops and the propagandization of the media. However, being allowed to being “slightly off topic” has permitted the transference of information that would not otherwise have been available to “regular media folks”. Would you know about the 100s of thousands that marched to stop lockdowns in many cities in North America and Europe. Would you know that the so called vaccines are actually gene therapy and are issued under emergency orders and thus not fully tested (you are the guinea pig). Would you know that Ivermectin is being clinical trialed in many countries showing good success. Would you know that there was a Hydroxychloroquinine clincial trial involving Ontario physians and nurses. And, actually hats off to Harvey for encapsulating and dissecting the stupid actions of our Premier and Chief Medical Officer and others in this provincial government. Harvey is not on TV, he is here and you are here. That’s PSR folks. It aint pretty, but show me something better.

  25. BMCQ and others who care to read on….

    As to the CCP Chinese, the USA could really hit them between their eyes by doing the following.

    First, as to sovereign debt, most of the USA’s debt is held by Americans and not the Chinese, that said the USA could cripple China tomorrow if they just told the CCP Chinese that the USA will buy back its debt from China at say $0.50 on the $1.00. The Chinese could refuse to sell it but the worth of the debt will fall accordingly as other potential buyers of it will not have the confidence of picking it up thus lowering its value. If China then sells it back to the USA at say $0.50 on the $1.00, China sees half of its value evaporate just like that. The USA will see its debt level fall on the books by 50%. Yes, it will have to print money to buy back the held debt by China at $0.50 on the $1.00 but the inflation will likely be lower than the savings of 50% of the worth of the debt.

    POTUS Trump tried to explain buying back debt at a fraction of the cost early in his mandate, but idiot class and media could not understand his point of logic.

    But but but if the USA did that then it would lose confidence by future creditors! Not likely as again most US sovereign debt is held by Americans and they have an interest in continuing propping up that debt. Other nations would not be directly held to this buy back.

    So actually China is not holding any Aces here, the USA is. But with an incompetent Administration in Washington the CCP of China can currently bluff right now. POTUS Trump knew and knows money and debt and he knew he had a bigger weapon than any of the US military on the CCP Chinese. Threatening to only offer say $0.50 on the $1.00 payment of US debt held by the CCP in China would cripple China more than bombs could. It’s not like China will invade the USA over such an action.

    The CCP Chinese should understand that US faithfully paying the interest on its outstanding sovereign debt held by CCP China is an act of being fair and just. But a threat of only paying back say $0.50 on the $1.00 of outstanding debt would shake the CCP in China to its core.

    Tell the CCP if they invade Taiwan the USA would renege by $0.50 on the $1..00 its debt held by CCP China… THAT WILL STOP CHINA IN ITS TRACKS!

    But alas Commander in Thief and admitted to being corrupt ( BTW he is on record saying he is corrupt) Joe Biden lacks the intelligence and courage to threaten to do so and his heels up and knob polisher Harris is no better.

  26. David

    I confess, i probably should not encourage this but it appears to me that some here work themselves into a frenzy no matter what is stated .

    As to the 142 IQ comment ? Obviously sarcasm, to take that comment seriously one needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and in fact their own IQ .


    Time to change your Shtick, more substance, fewer repeated questions . Do not worry, Richard can provide you with lots of advice after he checks himself out of the Long Term Care Facility riddled with Covid after his three weeks residency there, he should have lots of snappy quips for you by then .


    Again,mi agree with almost all of what you say on China, Xi, and the Communist Party, congratulations, you have got a great understanding on this . The UN the U.S. and the rest of the Free World need to wake up before it is too late . Biden and Kamala are “Not ready for Prime Time Players”, they do not look capable of standing up to China the way the “Bad Orange Man “ can . A real tragedy !

    I refer Richard and “Fake” to you, it is more than obvious that I cannot help them .

  27. BMCQ,

    I agree so much about the CCP in China. They are a growing problem/threat to what is the western world ideals. That said they have begun to do a few things that will give them an edge domestically and externally for the short while at least. They have begun the outlawing of Feminism. They realize it’s a tool that they do not need nor want in CCP China. They love it being used as a tool of Marxist identity politics and subversion in the west, for Feminism is among the most toxic, subversive and destructive forces to our once championed, free western world values. It has been a big part of the poison of identity politics and including the leftist idiocy of critical race theory.

    CCP China has enough social and economic problems itself to deal with and as such it has no appetite for the toxicity of Feminism.

    If we in the once great western world do fall it will be with Feminism as a major core subversive to it all. There will be no feminists to be seen (same with the Race baiters and hustlers ) in a dystopian, failed nation state. If/when this happens the population will look only towards finding REAL and STRONG MEN TO REBUILD IT ALL!

  28. BMCQ,

    Why are you avoiding my question about your comment on Easton Spectator:
    Do you still think forced experimental vaccinations for certain people are a good idea?

    The people that can see problems with these injections have IQ’s of 143 +

  29. Fake

    Let me put it this way .

    If I was going in for eye, dental, or any other more invasive surgery I would very much like my care givers/Dr’s and Assistants to be vaccinated .

    Again, you seek out any similar health care or send any loved one you might happen to care about for similar procedures where the dr. and Care Givers have not had their jabs and seem to
    be hacking and coughing you may be exposing yourself and your loved ones to something you might not want to come in contact with .

    I strongly believe that people kind providing certain services should be “Double Dozed”, if you do not agree with me that is your choice .

    The choice is basically yours but regardless of how one might feel about the vaccine oneself if people kind plan NOT to take the “Two Doses” those people will restrict their lives to the point that they will be forced to spend the rest of your life luxuriating in the darkness of their Mommies basement .

    Whether YOU and others agree with policies of companies, public places, government offices, cruise ships, air lines, public transit, restaurants, and about 90% of any place people frequent that will demand “Double Jab” Vaccine Passports it matters not .

    those people who DO NOT carry a “Vaccine Passport” are basically restricting their lives to the point they will be what one might called marginalized, regardless of whether one agrees or not.

    FACTS are FACTS and no matter how you and others one might feel FACTS matter .

    Now that may not be a change for some here but for many who take your stance life could prove to be very lonely in the “Darkness of Mommies Basement” .

    Games and others who might not have much of a life probably do not care if they are restricted to that life in “Mommies Basement” but people kind that want to live a productive and social life had better think very carefully about that choice .

    I suppose there is a choice to make, what choice will YOU make ?

    I arrived at my desk just after 4:30 AM this morning and already I feel my IQ has climbed to 143, what a feeling !!

    And before I go .

    I very strongly believe that a very high percentage (perhaps 70%) of older and health compromised souls that pass away in any kind of a Long Term Care Facility die of OTHER causes than Covid – 19 ,

    I believe that high percentage of deaths I speak of is/has been misdiagnosed and categorized as Covid – 19 by mistake when in fact those deaths may very well be caused by the results of pneumonia and the flu as we see and experience any other given year .

    Media needs to ask the tough questions of governments and health authorities, the “Great Unwashed” of Canada need answers and Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast need full transparency .

    Having said that I also strongly believe that there are high percentage of people world wide dying because of Covid – 19 and China needs to be held accountable .

    It is basically up to you, do you blame China, Xi, and the Chinese Communist Party for the Catastrophic Devastation set upon us or are you going to muck around trying to blame a “Fake Virus” ?

    The choice is YOURS .

  30. BMCQ

    You are correct, most that still read the crap Fake News spews off here, know that he has become just entertainment, but STOP feeding the animals. 😉

  31. @BMCQ

    If it is a point of personal safety, if you were the only chinavirus-vaccinated person in the country, then why should you care if anyone else is vaccinated. You are safe. You can be in a 747 loaded with chinavirus passengers headed across the Pacific. You will disembark the plane and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Vaccine passports are quite useless and irrelevant.

  32. George

    An obvious point .

    It matters NOT what you think or anyone else for that matter, if ANY of wants to cruise, fly, cross borders to anywhere, attend certain events, enter certain retailers or other locations a “Vaccine Passport” will be required .

    People. Governments, Business, or any other venue one might wish to enter, use, or travel through or to DO NOT care about anything you might have to say, people will be require3d to comply with protocols or they will be excluded, simple as that .

    “Useless and Irrelevant does not matter one little bit, YOU will simply have a choice and if you choose NOT to go along with those protocols we will ALL soon face you will need to find happiness in your Mom’s Basement .

    For most people I know that would not work out so well .

  33. STILL WAITING …..for Bmcq or David or Les or anyone that can provide us nut bars just ONE LINK on the Interwebs to a clinical study of diseased patients where they have isolated the fake virus. Come on boys….you all believe the fake virus is real…..surely there is science to prove it. Let’s see it.

    But alas you will probably just make fools of yourselves calling me names without providing any proof whatsoever.

  34. @BCMQ

    I will take a page from your book: It does not matter what YOU think is inevitable, what matters is what WE allow to happen or not.

    The fact that the vaccine is not a vaccine and does not do what vaccines are supposed to do is well established in the scientific literature and is also discussed in the product monographs associate with each “vaccine”. That means that the Vaccine Passport concept is a fraud. What the Vaccine Passport really means is that did you comply with the dictates of (mostly) unelected persons/agencies to get your mRNA/DNA gene therapy, therapies which do not offer you immunity or others protection. The Vaccine Passport is a compliance test of totalitarian governments and international agencies. One does not have to be a Mensa Club member to see that.
    You are correct, me, as an individual, cannot, Sisyphus-like, make inroads into reversing this fraud. However, it is not just ME, it is US. And with my average IQ, I am quite sure there are many of US, as witnessed on media sources that are not part of the mainstream 4am drop compromised cabal. I have friends and family in many of these places both national and international who confirm what I have seen on my alternative sites so I know that there are numbers sufficient to push back against this affront on human dignity.

    So, what does sufficient numbers mean? Political and economic clout. It means looking for, or starting, business that welcome those that don’t carry the yellow badge of being vaccinated. It means airlines and countries (which already exist and indicate they will require no passport of the like) will be welcoming Canadians who want to go to hot spots for the winter. It also means that the non-vaccinated will see each other and see that they are in greater numbers that they think. It means they will commune and plan and exchange ideas. You see, stratifying the country into vaccinated vs non-vaccinated has consequences. The consequence of fraternity.
    It has been well-established and documented that people who call themselves “Progressive” suffer from the inability to consider long-term consequence or make myriad connection in high-complex problems that are of a temporal nature. The upside for the VaxxPort Crowd is that the Progressive “Pro Vax” group get their temporary “Government Keep Me SAFE” Utopia, they downside is that the Dystopia occupied by the Rational “Vax If You Want But I Make My Own Choice” group have the opportunity to plan out how they will organize and improve their newly inherited Dystopia.

    We will start in Mom’s Basement and work our way up. We won’t ask for a passport though.

  35. BMCQ,

    Are you forcing your employees to get the jab?

    Facts are Facts:
    Fact – Covid 19 has not been isolated anywhere in the world.
    Fact – vaccine/injection is experimental
    Fact – using humans for medical experiments = Nuremberg 2.0

    Covid 19 campaign is turning humans into lab rats.

    Give this some thought:
    “If you accept a vaccine from a known eugenicist who wants to depopulate the world, your brainwashing is complete”.

    Typo in my earlier post. It should read:
    The people that can see problems with these injections have IQ’s of 144 +

  36. BMCQ and others who may agree with his expressed POV on vaccine passports.

    I was not going to bother a response, but sitting and thinking over a coffee I have thoughts I now want to lay out here.

    With the discussion of vaccine passports being now so matter of factly laid out by some including you BMCQ, where does this all the end? What future medical and experimental mandates will we see? Do you think it just stops so ho hum at vaccine passports? BTW again these are not vaccines, they are mRNA therapeutic injections and unapproved at that except for the rubber stamp of Emergency Use Authorizations.

    These health or possible medical mandates by governments are ALWAYS done in either the name of safety, security or the greater good. They are never done with honesty, no matter who they get to sell it, no matter if you or others do not want to know it as such.

    So again where does this go to in the end?

    Picture this eventual and IMO dystopian possibility, PLEASE READ ON CLEARLY! One day in our future, it could be sooner than we think, health experts and politicians agree that in order for the greater global good, population growth must be controlled by government ‘health’ mandates and not just by fate of life. The governments through their health bureaucracies set up a system where every female reaching the age of 10 must be given a number (random at that to be fair). Then a global drawings will be held. This drawing of numbers will be one that allows females of reproductive ages to be able to choose a have children in their future. If the 10 y.o. girls’ numbers come up in said draw they will be allowed to carry on a reproductive future. If these girls’ numbers did not come up they will be scheduled for forced sterilizations.

    Of course this will all be sold or spun in the name of human health and the greater good. The powers to be will harness all media and use as many celebrities as they can to sell it, all once again in the name of the greater good and human health. So if you are ok with mandated forced injections of experimental mRNA jabs into an unwilling population, why would you not be ok with the future proposed reproductive scheme here? After all it will also sold in the name of safety and the greater good.

    This written possible future can be used for many other population controls, experiments and ultimately horror… JOESEF MEGELE anyone????

    Why would anyone who thinks forced injections and passports from such will JUST END THERE!?!

    This ideal MUST be fought and stopped for it is a slippery slope idea. A year and a half ago nobody in the public would give two seconds time to the idea of future vaccine passports. Today many talk of it like it’s OK, no problem. THIS SHOULD SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ANYONE WHO CAN CRITICALLY THINK!

    Look, the vileness of government has and can conflict with general freedoms, we have tools to fight this. But the last year has seen governments trample on human rights, many basically stunt or take away your rights to practice your Faith and in the company of fellow worshippers and your Pastors/Clergy etc. Now many of you seem to want the governments to take over your rights to you own GOD GIVEN BODY AND DARE I SAY MIND! This blows my mind how willfully complicit many people are to tyranny and YES! it’s tyranny.

    To just matter of fact roll over to any idea of mandated mRNA jabs and subsequent vaccine passports is akin to soon allowing future Josef Mengele’s to rear their heads and run amok in our world and to attack our liberties, rights and human populations. Once again it will all be done in the name of SAFEY! SECURITY! AND THE GREATER GOOD!

    I’m not here to tell anyone not to get the jab or to get the jab. It’s your free choice good or bad, but will say get as much trusted info as you can before doing so one way or another.

    There is no reason if you believe in the mRNA jabs to demand others to get them. You are said to be protected and as such have nothing to fear right?

  37. WOW, Ive been reading this thread and I feel like a passerby looking at an accident scene.
    The debate on covid rages on dragging so much energy and so much concern from both sides of this debate. Those that buy into the loss of freedoms , etc have some points and those that know people that have died have good points

    The one point that I see as crystal clear as the entire planet is suffering gigantic losses. Human suffering and economic chaos reign supreme.
    UNLESS countries focus on CHINA and start to extract retribution form CHINA we can declare covid real or otherwise was a weapon used by CHINA to take over the planet.

    So instead of spending so much time and effort arguing about fake vs real over reach vs non action we need to FOCUS on taking the planet back from CHINA. Funny thing is China hasnt even tried to hide what they have done. They can sit back and prepare to declare victory.
    Biden will not be an obstacle. Trudeau isnt even a small speed bump and yet North America has elected to leaders so blinded by PC SJW values that they want to punish their own citizens and embrace the Chinese enemy

    Good Luck to us all

  38. Les

    You and other like minded individuals may choose to do as you wish but as I have previously pointed out YOU and your friends are restricting yourselves to a life of very limited activites, if you are satisfied with that fill your boots .

    I travel a lot in business, I visit about 17 different countries over a 24 month period, I have postponed a few travel schedules since the so called “Fake Covid” and have now scheduled to travel to 9 different countries and at least 20 different cities beginning about the third week of Sept for almost three weeks .

    That travel WILL NOT be possible without a vaccine passport of sorts, no ifs and no never minds, IT IS WHAT IT IS, simple as that .

    I must admit that I DO NOT want to be sitting beside someone on any of those flights and sitting anywhere near someone else that is infected with the so called “Fake Covid Virus” .

    We all must make choices in life and I have made mine, people that work in my company in YVR, Australia, the UK, Florida, Washington, and Arizona have all made the same decision and they seem fine and they have had NO third Thumb growing out of their skull .

    AS I have stated and as 13 is stating up the page, let’s concentrate on China, let’s hold China acccountable and let’s ensure that china is brought to it’s knees .

    I DO NOT want to stand around doing nothing wondering all that time if China HAS WON WW III without firing a single shot while we fight over whether a virus that is killings millions is Fake or fact .

    Make your choice but I would rather take my chances with the Jabs than nd up living in a basement wondering “What If” .

    I am sorry but……………………………..

  39. BMCQ

    You and other like minded individuals may choose to do as you wish but as I have previously pointed out YOU and your friends are restricting yourselves to a life of very limited activites, if you are satisfied with that fill your boots .


    STILL WAITING for a one link pointing to a clinical study of patients where the FAKE virus has been isolated BS_CQ……I guess Mr “International Businessman” does not have the wherewithal to be able to provide such a link 13 months after the FAKE virus was revealed to us by the Khazarian Mafia that controls BS_MQ’s destiny.

    STILL……..WAITING……Mr International Businessman.

  40. BMCQ,

    Your reply to me though does not answer my question, where do you draw the line to what is essentially medical tyranny? You may think you are looking out for your best interest by just going along with a vaccine passport if that is to be what will be demanded by governments, none of this by the way is based on actual science. You are by your insistence to just go along to get along are essentially a part of the problem. The arrogance and ignorance of governments counts on attitudes like yours here.

    You say you will risk the jab to get some form of essential freedom back. But freedom is not what the government is giving you. You and all of us had the freedom already, the arrogance and stupidity of government has or is taking such away from you and all of us and it’s all arbitrary, none of it is based on credible science.

    Those jabs they promise you that will free you may actually have a higher case fatality rate than the KungFlu may have, did you ever think about that? What if the mRNA injections turn to be more unhealthy and deadly than the KungFlu? Once you are jabbed with the mRNA injections and they may go sideways health wise (many experts say that is a strong likelihood) there will be little if anything medicine can do for you then. If it doesn’t kill you, it could give chronic health issues for life. At least with Covid 19 if you get it odds are 99.7% or better if you are under age 70 of you not dying from it and not likely getting terribly sick from it. You will get over it, your body will build a natural God given immunity to it and your life will go on as normal, can you BMCQ or anyone here say that with the experimental mRNA injections?

    It is not people of ill repute who have GRAVE, VERY GRAVE concerns over these experimental injections. They are not quacks, the quacks may be those like Drt. Fraudci, CCP Tam, Look I wrote a book Dr. Henry and others who push the and in lock step with governments saying things like, “These injections shall make you free.” Dammit why are you and others so wiling to acquiesce to the arrogance and lies of governments. Are we not to be born free? You tell us of your immense IQ, which I have no reason to doubt, but are you actually using your intelligence here? Or are you basing it on emotions and the lies governments are telling you? Do you actually trust fools like PM Trudeau, Premiere Horgan, Sell Out Joe Biden and many others on the B.S. of all this Kung Flu stuff?

    I’m no doctor but I dig into things and please remember what will say here. These mRNA injections are NOT going to work as you may hope. They will likely contribute to the spread of more variants faster than if we never did any jabs nor any of the B.S. lockdowns! They will by design actually likely impair peoples’ natural ability to fight not only current KungFlu but other variants and maybe other coronaviruses. The experts we are force fed through a failed professional media all the stuff that we are being informed if one digs a bit deeper by contrarian scientists. But the so-called experts we are force fed are not listening to these warnings. THE PUBLIC IS NOT GETTING PROPER AND FULL INFO!!!

    When this sadly and likely all goes sideways, these same officials, media mouth pieces and government politicians who pushed our society into this rabbit hole will be crying that they could not have seen it going as so in hoping it will save their necks. This is what is frustrating to many of us here that we are not using credible means to question, test and examine these mRNA injections and the validity of the last year of covid B.S. including lockdowns and are not listening to others who have long histories of credibility, who claim of dangerous effects from these injection. We who are concerned by it all are also being held prisoner by it all . You by being so willing to tap dance like a marionette doll to take your jab in order to get what you think will be freedom back are sadly not helping. I’m not trying to be an ahole here BMCQ and others who read my words, but I am just trying to have you all think beyond the propaganda and lies you are being told and sadly look to be falling for. 🙁

    Freedom comes back not at the end of a mRNA injection be it willfully by those like you or by illegal inhuman mandates, but only when a CRITICAL mass of the populations in each nation STAND UP AND SAY NO! NO MORE! BRING ON THE COURTS AND THE ROPES!

  41. @BMCQ
    You know, sir. I have this feeling that instead of YOU wanting to avoid US, we are headed to US wanting to avoid YOU and those allowed to travel will be the Unvaccinated.

    Page 67. Exposure During Pregnancy “environmental exposure”


    In other words, if you get the “vaccine”, YOU become the source of the virus. It’s called vaccine shedding. And it happens. Rotavirus is a documented example

    Page E455


  42. So, the China virus presents two scenarios.
    1. get the virus, be communicable for a week or so, and 99% of the time get over it and your T-cells will give you 6+ years of protections (peer review documented)
    2, get the gene therapy and, instead of having your body engaged in a natural process, you have allowed a synthetically produced genetic agent to be introduced into your body that is churning away at making spike proteins for some indeterminate period of time that is producing spike proteins in you and you are spreading these spike proteins around. The worst part is, nobody will tell you when those little b*ggers will shut off. When EXACTLY can you give your new grandchild a hug. Are you ever REALLY rid of the mRNAs? Have those studies been done?
    I don’t know the answers, but I do know these questions have NOT been asked by any fawning media to health officials such as Bonnie Henry. I suppose it is because they already know what happens when you ask Bonnie a question. Somebody pulls a large white ring on a string between her shoulder blades and pulls “Be Safe” “Be Calm” “Be Courteous”

  43. BC media have to do a better job and ask tougher questions Harvey O says. Well he is right about that, but the trouble is many of them have become compliant little hero worshippers, cheerleaders, and propaganda sleaze for the government. Global CKNW for a great example, has their share of them. It makes you wanna weep and puke at the same time. Sorry to share the gross details.

  44. Info to think about.

    Gleaned from Del Bigtree video channel.

    In 2010 the Obummer Admin. contracted Harvard Medical School to investigate the VAERS system. Harvard found that VAERS was only reporting about 1% of all vaccine adverse reactions. It also built an automated VAERS tracking system that it proposed to be rolled out nationally. The CDC never replied back to Harvard Medial School on the adoption of this automated system. BTW folks this was at the height of the H1N1 scare, so you’d have thought CDC would embrace this proposed automated vaccine adverse reactions system. ???

    Ok, now VAERS is noted to only catch 1% of all adverse reactions to vaccines. As of end of March 2021 the VAERS system is showing approximately 3,200 Americans who have been reported to have died post the mRNA injections. This does not sound like much but I will get back to this later.

    Now Del found two smaller studies of vaccine adverse reactions to see if their tracking is inline with the CDC VAERS system. One was a major University having about 60,000 of its total population get jabbed and keep self reporting adverse reaction cards. 81% filled out the cards denoting all reported reactions. Cross referencing these to the CDC numbers saw that these 60,000 people reported about 100% more reactions as a ratio to the VAERS numbers nationally.

    Next a study of Long Term Care Homes excess deaths after elderly being jabbed with these mRNA injections. Taking out the average death rate due to age in these care homes the study found added death rate after the jabs were approximately 100% more than the VAERS death rate reported due to the mRNA jabs nationally the first 3 months of 2021.

    These two studies reflect that VAERS is still only catching 1% of all adverse reactions. So as of end of March 2021 about 3200 Americans have been reported to VAERS to have died shortly after the injections. Now it’s not inconceivable to assume that maybe 320,000 Americans may have already died three months into these mRNA jabs. I’m not and neither was DEL saying for fact that 320,000 Americans have already died from the jabs, but given VAERS is still failing in catching all adverse reaction by up to 99%, to not conceive that maybe 320,000 Americans have died shortly after the jabs is irresponsible. Certainly it should mean a HALT to injecting anymore Americans and I say people globally until we can get total and accurate death numbers post the mRNA injections.

    Now back to using the actual VAERS death count of about 3200 from Jan. to Mar. 2021. It does not sound like a big deal (unless it is you or one of your loved ones who died right after these jabs). But let me ask anyone here, if any other consumer product of any type was seen to have been responsible for the deaths 3200 Americans in just 3 months and not by improper use of said consumer product, but by the proper use of it, WOULD THIS PRODUCT BE ALLOWED TO BE PEDDLED TO THE POPULATION!?! We all know what the answer is. HELL NO!!!! The product would be halted and removed from distribution, the manufacturer would probably have to pay millions or billions in compensation and fines… But 3200 dead Americans in just 3 month using VAERS own numbers by mRNA injections is ALL HO HUM WHO CARES!!!

    Find me one consumer product that was allowed to be sold after say 3000+ people were dead by its proper use? Just one?

    OBTW save coming back with tobacco. Tobacco has not killed anyone in direct short term use. Deaths attributed to tobacco use are all from many years of prolonged smoking and its adverse long term effects and not just from Joe or Mary SixPack just lighting up and puffing on one or a few smokes.

    My question remains, find me one consumer product that has been attributed to the responsibility of 3000+ US deaths over just 3 months that was allowed to continue to be sold by the US Government…. (The Jeopardy tune sounds) Please give your answer in the form of a question. 🙂

  45. FAKE

    That little I could stomach of that podcast is hilarious! BAHAHA!! I much rather have received my 2nd jab, (or suicide) then not, just as 97% of adults have decided. Hence the massive line up for it! I had my 2nd jab back in February and doing very well thank you for asking. No matter what you continue to spew out of your mouth, you are not going to change someone who wants to get the jab. Especially through some moron yelling from Costa Rica! No further need to comment, this post though is getting more entertaining as the days go by. You really don’t have anything else to do, do you?

  46. @David
    Seems like you have nothing else to do and you are being entertained. You are getting good value out of PSR

    Exactly what the internet is supposed to be and PSR and eastonspectator, GAB and Telegram are illustrative of sites that still believe in discourse.

    You are quite right about people not wanting to change their mind if their mind is made up, not a reason to knock over the poker table though.

    There are folks on this site who do make a big effort to change minds and I wish I had their stamina and level of caring. Speaking for myself and others that I have come in contact with, over the past year or so I seem to have gotten completely K-shifted. What is clear, is that for all of us, we are seeing the Balkan Effect in action. Avoidable, but thanks to the Lugenpresse, inevitable.

    P.S. For those folks choosing not to vaccinate and are blood donors. The irony will be that eventually the non-vaccinated will be about the only folks who can donate blood, however, if you go in and tell them that you are not vaccinated the Blood Services will mark it down and you will get a “visit”. Remember, these folks are the ones who knew blood products were tained with HIV and gave it to Canadians anyway.

  47. Les

    You and I agree a lot about many different things, we see China as an Enemy, we support the Trump Policies overall although I feel he hurt himself with some of his statements, and we see Canadian PM Just as a failed PM . We also agree in an awful lot more but we do not agree about much to do with Covid and vaccines . Not to worry though, you have Top Mensa Member on your side, all will be well ! Why would ‘Richard be upset with BMCQ just because I travel in business and happen to be successful ? Funny, personally I have always been thrilled when people happen to be successful no matter what they might do for a living, is that not the way it is supposed to be ? I should more than likely be addressing those comments directly to Richard but here is hoping he reads this .

    I am confident and hopeful that you and I will agree on much more as time marches on, we will probably know much more about Covid and the vaccines over the next few months and the facts should speak for themselves .

    “China is NOT Our Friend, China IS a Clear and Present Danger, ChiNa IS our Enemy” !

    By the way, was it not Donald J Trump that was responsible for “Warp Speed” and the eventual development of the vaccines ?

    Was Trump coerced into confirming that he had contracted the Covid – 19 Virus or did he state that because he believed he had Covid ?

    Did not Trump and his wife, of their own free will, take the Vaccine Jabs in January ?

    I am quite sure you can and will easily explain all of this without ANY Spin whatsoever but as Fred Williamson once said to me, “I gotsta know” !

    It is not fair if you get help from Richard on the answers to ANY of these questions .

  48. May 2, 2021 – 7:14 am
    It is not fair if you get help from Richard on the answers to ANY of these questions .


    So do you finally have PROOF the fake virus is real? Please share the link with us.

  49. Richard

    I will make a point of sending you the link the last week of Sept from where I will be staying in Limni Greece . I know you are very patient .

    Thank god I will have my Vaccine Passport long before that, otherwise I might be stuck with you in the basement .

  50. BMCQ,

    Just to recap:
    – you cannot prove the virus is real
    – you received an experimental jab
    – you’re looking forward to your vaccine passport, that confirms you took an experimental vaccine for a virus that has not been proven to exist

    When you posted your IQ, did you leave out a decimal point?

  51. Fake News


    Just to recap:
    – you cannot prove the virus is real
    – you received an experimental jab
    – you’re looking forward to your vaccine passport, that confirms you took an experimental vaccine for a virus that has not been proven to exist


    It’s worse than that. Mr International Businessman admits he is a collaborator just like, the rest of the fake news and everyone in Govt.

    Remember folks…….when this murderous treason is over…..these people were collaborators.

  52. Fake

    First of all, I can only dream of having an IQ as high as yours !

    I am very envious of your ability to reason so well, present facts and figures to back up your arguments and I am also very sure that you are vey comfortable in the confines of your Mommies basement . Please remember, do not forget to take in your Vitamin “D” each day I am sure it is rather dark down there !


    I will send you the same link that Richard requests from either Limni or Aidipsos/Edipsos Greece, the Thermal Healing Springs at Aidipsos/Edipsos will surely clear up any symptoms I still might have from the ill effects of the “Jab” !!

    The Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel is a wonderful place to be at the end of September .

    Who knows, it is only a guess but I am beginning to think that the Healing Spring Water may even help raise the level of my IQ up close to the lofty levels you yourself have . Your Room Temperature IQ must be something to behold ! Is that Celsius ?

  53. BMCQ,

    Why didn’t you take your own advice and boost your vitamin D level, instead of being part of a medical research project?
    And just think on the flight to Greece, you’ll have to wear a face diaper!

    Focus now is on the vaccinated shedding/transmitting something that causes health issues in the unvaccinated like cycle changes and miscarriages, and possibly a lot more. This is a developing story.

    So, on your jet set travels, you could end up being a super-spreader/bio-weapon.

    That decimal point in your IQ may need to be moved to the left again!

  54. BMCQ

    Just agree with this Fake fool even though 97% of the people don’t and you shouldn’t! This individual is toxic and what’s even more entertaining is watching his “condition” deteriorate more and more daily. Just grab the popcorn and sit back and watch the show. He posts crap on every new post that come up here, so there is always something to laugh about and shake your head over. BMCQ just disengage from the venom that he spews.

  55. David

    Just agree with this Fake fool even though 97%


    97% don’t agree with you and BS_CQ huh? Where do you get those numbers from? The fake news? The same fake news who are now saying that there is “surplus” NON-vaccine vaccine poison because 50% of the population is not “brainwashed” like you and the rest of the WOKE out there and won’t take the death jab.

    As far as “Mr Bragging International Businessman” is concerned…..I have travelled all over the world myself. I worked in Brazil for 6 months and learned to speak Portuguese. I’ve been to 1/2 of the Spanish speaking countries. Eaten duck in Hong Kong. Seen the mountains of New Zealand before it was taken over by horse face Jhihadi Jacinda when I bought and shipped a show jumping horse here to CanaDUHHHHHH. Scuba Dived with sharks in Fiji, Mexico and Northern Vancouver Island…….so stop bragging like you are some kind of traveling saint Mr BS_CQ. Soon you will be dead either from Bacterial “Face Diaper” Pneumonia or from the mRNA Gene Editing Drug. Meanwhile…..the rest of us “Rebels” will be free to travel the world again “ALIVE” when this murderous treason by the Khazarian Mafia is over. I’m fighting these psychopaths for my kids……and they will learn about all the gruesome details in High School. They will also learn about collaborators……like you.

  56. BMCQ,

    As To Trump and Warp Speed, nobody can get into his head but I feel he put too much trust in the Pharma Industry and notably Dr. Fraudci. POTUS Trump may be very expert on many things especially business and economics. His ability to get up to speed on international politics was amazing as well. But he is no vaccine expert and I feel he fell into the trap that evil men such as Dr .Fraudci, Bill Hates and many in big Pharma led him into.

    I was a big Trump Supporter him getting into the Presidential race going back to November 2015 when I predicted that he would win the 2016 election, but I feel he will be wrong on the mRNA injections. But at least he is on record saying nobody should be forced to take the jab.

    As to him and Melania getting the jab, Hell it could have been saline or B12, but even if they got the jab it still may not be the right course. He got the KungFlu last Summer so why he would take the mRNA jab is beyond me. Anyone who got the KungFlu have ZERO reasons to take experimental unknown mRNA injections. They have natural immunity to the Covid 19. Immunology verifies this.

    That said again I do not dispense personal medical advice to anyone, but only impart general opinion where I feel comes from learning and asking questions on these experimental mRNA injections. I will not tell you or any person to take the jabs or not to take the jabs. It’s your free choice, just as it should be mine to not take the jabs and to not be punished through life by my decision.

    Any persons who took the jabs believing in their protection have NO FEAR of anyone who has not taken the jabs. Just as anyone not taking the jabs have NO FEAR from catching KungFlu from those who have taken the jabs based on what men like Dr. Fraudci and Big Pharma are spinning to us.

    As to CCP China , yep I agree they are the worlds biggest threat today. The US having Sell Out Joe as POTUS and heels up Harris as VP along with a vile cabal of corruption in the Cabinet is a weak point to counter the Pinko CCP Chinese. The good thing is China is also a paper tiger in
    many ways and is puffing its plumage which is dangerous but will be shown in time more of a false bravado plumage. But certainly POTUS Trump would be a better counter force.

  57. My Mom’s basement is in Aidipsos. Well, not quite. Skiathos.
    “First we drink, then we dance!!!” Made famous by the Chihuahua-born Mexican playing a Greek.

  58. BMCQ,

    Did you get the Pfizer?

    EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon


    DIRTY VACCINES 101: Dangerous mRNA Covid inoculations explained in laymen’s terms for concerned people to understand


  59. Wow ! Really cool !

    I will add Prokopi to that list, I have a chat with St John the Russian every time I visit Prokopi .

    You and I more than likely have mutual friends on W. Broadway .

  60. “Vaccine Passports”

    1: Totally unnecessary for the general welfare of society. If people take the injections, they believe will protect them, then they have no worries of those who chose not take the injections. So why do we need the vaccine passports? If a person has chosen to live life without the injections, are they to be ok around those who did? If you are jabbed you apparently should not be able to spread the KungFlu, so the non jabbed have no fear from you.

    2: The idea of vaccine passports are not about safety but are about arbitrary controls over the population. The duping of the people to fall for the idea of vaccine passports will slippery slope from not jus covid 19 bull shite, but will allow governments to use the passports to regulate and deny what should be the free movements of people ion life and travels for what will be arbitrary and social/political reasons.

    On a side note Dr. I wrote a book Henry is on record saying that all her mandates are not based on science, so they must be social and or political mandates only… Let all that sink in your heads here folks.

    3: How long will it take before OTHER medical procedures and mandates be put onto these vaccine passports? Come on folks, you think government and bureaucracy will just stop at Covid 19 on the passports? WHY WOULD YOU ALL BE SO TRUSTING!?! They will use the brainwashing of society to likely accept and adopt these illegal and immoral vaccine passports then add other things like first medical then next social and political to the lists on these passports. YOU ALL THINKS I’M CRAZY!?! If we do not pressure our governments to stop this nonsense now you will see that I may not be so crazy in our future.

    Oh they will have levels of government controls using these immoral passports. They may choose to if you do not do any and all medical procedures and mandates as demanded to limit your freedoms to travel, do business maybe to even communicate with others because you are not doing as you are told medically. But next they may limit your freedoms through flagging you passports because you take social, moral, religious and/or political views that the governments and bureaucracies do not like. Essentially by arbitrary rules putting you into a virtual prison…. YOU ARE NOT A GOOD BOY OR GIRL! Therefore we have flagged your passport to restrict you in these ways to punish you.

    Look at the no fly lists already, they are being used more and more as political black lists!

    Can any of you see what I am saying? Do you still think I’m crazy? Do you actually trust your governments and bureaucracies especially over this last year of WuHan Flu, Covid 19? Are all of you that weak to not demand the stop of all of this Covid 19 bullshite including the pushing of UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL mRNA JABS!?! The talking of unnecessary vaccine passports? What will it take for you to see where this may all go? Or is it the dytopian world some of you so want?

    If our pinko Commie loving PM does call an election this year regardless of your other values and ideals only one party and leader talks out against this dystopian nonsense and that is the PPC and Maxime Bernier. Anyone who votes against him and his party in Canada thus supports your freedoms being trampled on and destroyed. Think folks! without freedoms you and me can’t push for or support other ideas and ideals you and I may want in society. AGAIN THINK ABOUT THAT!

  61. Fact is poor Max could not get elected in HIS OWN Riding . Personally my own political beliefs align more with Max than say Scheer or O’Toole but to vote for Max will simply “Split” the vote and re elect PM Justin and his Minions .

    How much sense does that make ?

    I hate to suggest the obvious but as far as I am concerned Canada needs to rid itself of the current inept impotent incapable PM Justin then worry about what happens next .

    Splitting the vote only ensures the re election of PM Justin and there is NO way to argue against that .

    Wishful thinking only accomplishes one thing, wishful thinking only results in woulda coulda, shoulda and that changes nothing .

    Just because one wishes for change does not make it so .

    Facts DO Matter and contrary to what some here think Max could not get elected in his own back yard .

    Sorry, but, Wishing and hoping results in “More of the Same” .

  62. BMCQ,

    Your Conservative party is now centre left.
    Max is the leader of the ONLY centre right party in Canada.
    Do you know your left from your right?

  63. You should easily be able to answer the following three questions, simply because all three questions are very very simple .

    Do YOU believe Poor Max can WIN in his own Riding ?

    Do YOU believe anyone in the Max Party can win a Seat anywhere in Canada ?

    Do YOU NOT understand that a ‘”Vote for Max” S-lots the vote and in effect re elects PM Justin and his Minions ?

    It is long past time for you to open the curtains in your Mothers basement, it is more than obvious YOU are not getting enough sunlight .

    I also strongly suggest Massive Doses of Vitamin “D”, the Vitamin D will also help your body fight off Covid – 19, you are obviously suffering from a very serious case .

    My apologies David I cannot help myself .

  64. Lets ee if this one flies.

    A vote for Max is a vote for Trudeau
    A vote for Max is a vote for the status quo
    A vote for Max is a wasted ballot
    A vote for Max ………

  65. oh, the negativity! First off, O’Toole is a FOOL! A Liar, and a phony. As a long time conservative, the conservative party of Canada isn’t the same conservative party of yesterday. I believe Maxime Bernier’s bid for the leadership was stolen from him. Did you not realize there were 4,000 more votes than there were members at that time. And how convenient this crooked elitist party destroyed the ballots shortly after the count that night. I believe the Peoples Party of Canada under Maxime Bernier will surprise many. I can see Sloan crossing the floor to the PPC. Also Paul Hellier the MPP from Ontario… other excellent candidates include ‘Grizz’ Mark Friesen. I believe Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, the rock star, will also run for the PPC as a federal party next election. I believe things are about to change here in Canada. God has his hand on Canada, and He is in Control! Believe it!

  66. BMCQ,

    CINO = conservative in name only.

    Your guy wearing women’s red shoes will not bring freedom to Canada, but Max will.
    If you don’t want or value freedom, vote for The Tool.

    Like your thoughts on Vit D.
    Sounds like you would boost your immune system instead of getting the experimental injection.
    Oh wait……nevermind!

  67. Wally

    My Golden-Doodle has a better chance of getting elected than any of those you mention !


    I have tried but I have now concluded I cannot help you .

    Both you and Wally can get back to me when Max puts the two of you in his first Cabinet .

  68. BMCQ,

    Pushing left wing CPC and experimental vaxxes. No Thanks.
    Be sure to let Wally and me know how that experimental vax works out for you long term.

    By chance is your Golden-Doodle named David?

  69. Last night found a video interview (on Bitchute as Youtube is now just a censorship platform) with a Dr. Sukrit Bachdi (sp??) and expert virologist out of Germany. The 30 odd minute interview was a bit terrifying. His explanation of his fears over these non vaccine mRNA injections and the potential global threat of them in his EXPERT opinion to humanity was eye opening. Sorry I don’t have the link but it was a Bitchute video.

    He did his best to answer the interviewer’s questions and to try to be as layperson clear as he can, but he fears a global humanity crisis over what these mRNA injections may bring. His point was to have the world health bodies please stop these experimental injections.

    On another doctor ( I forget his name sorry) video interview I found some very interesting government facts from the FDA.

    When the FDA allows new medicines or treatments to be put out to the public. In watching the results, if a new medicine or treatment is found to have related 5 US deaths (FDA does not care for causality but only the link to the drug or treatment measure) it will force the company to put in any advertising or literature DEATH as a potential side effect. If the medicine or treatment is linked to 50 US deaths the FDA will force the drug or treatment off the market. BET NONE OF YOU KNEW THAT!

    Open VAERS tracks the side effects of the Covid 19 mRNA injections and to date over 3,200 reported deaths post the injections have be reported to VAERS. How the Hell these mRNA injections have not been stopped as result is shocking! The FDA is absent in its jurisdiction and safety enforcement, WHY!?!

    Since it is well known that VAERS only skims about 1% of all adverse reactions, it’s not silly to assume that maybe up to 320,000 Americans have died from the jabs. But at that, 3,200 deaths reported is well above the 50 target threshold the FDA generally uses to end any drug or treatment measures in the USA. So again, why has the FDA not stopped these jabs and why has other nations health bureaucracies not done the same?

    OBTW this doctor noted that immunity to prosecution in the USA (and likely many other nations) does not protect any businesses, employers or other physical properties from criminal or civil suit prosecutions if they force people to take the mRNA injections for whatever reasons demanded. So if you are an employer or you run a public business or institution, you if/once all these mRNA jabs cause deaths, illness and havoc could find yourself being charged as criminals and/or being sued…. So maybe pull back on trying to force anyone to take the jabs.

  70. Nurse Henry prevents you from your God-given right to travel to other parts of your province, still has not shut down wine tasting. Conspiracy theorists vindicated.

    “Chubby Cheeks” Henry physically showing effects. Knows history not kind. Helijet on speed dial. Nuremberg 2 coming.

  71. No checkpoints between Island Health and others and no checkpoints between Northern and Interior Health. BC Ferries still running.
    Soros-Bill Gates Funded Nurse Henry controlling YOU not virus.

  72. It’s sad that many of you have resorted to child playground name calling for someone you don’t agree with. You are adults act like it. So sad.

  73. BMCQ,

    Did you read the comment from Les above:

    “OBTW this doctor noted that immunity to prosecution in the USA (and likely many other nations) does not protect any businesses, employers or other physical properties from criminal or civil suit prosecutions if they force people to take the mRNA injections for whatever reasons demanded. So if you are an employer or you run a public business or institution, you if/once all these mRNA jabs cause deaths, illness and havoc could find yourself being charged as criminals and/or being sued…. So maybe pull back on trying to force anyone to take the jabs.”

  74. Fake

    Why would anyone take legal advice from someone like you who has his Law Office under his mommies basement stairs ? Hey, at least being by yourself in the basement you can get away without wearing a “Face Diaper” while you are studying the Perry Mason case files .

    Beside that I get all of my Legal Counsel from Richards good friend Vance .

    Is living in that basement not much like being “Locked Down” ?

  75. Marcus, you are tone police here. Question 4 U
    What is more infantile:
    1) name calling
    2. infatuation with Mom’s basement

  76. Sounds like someone might have forced or coerced their employees to get the jab.
    Wouldn’t want to be in that person’s shoes.
    #Nuremberg #Lawsuits

  77. Fake

    Unfortunately I can no longer provide answers to any of your intelligent questions as I passed away Friday evening of Covid .

    Or was my cause of death because of the vaccine I received or could it be because I suffocated as my face mask was too tight ? I am not really sure .

  78. BMCQ, what an ignorant comment. I only hope those who’ve lost family or friends to covid do not read this site. You are truly disgusting.

  79. Broadcast Babe

    My apologies, no excuses, the comment was written out of frustration .

    I agree with you, it was meant to be sarcastic, it was indeed a poorly chosen and inappropriate comment .

    I promise to do better .

    Cancel Me !


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