Goddard Report: Dr. Stephen Malthouse – Canada Health Alliance Raises Vaccine, Mask Concerns – PLUS, an Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry from BC Physician re: Moderna Vaccine Reactions


Dr. Stephen Malthouse is President of Canada Health Alliance who joins host Jim Goddard talk about Government policies and Nuremberg laws.

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Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry from BC Physician re: Moderna Vaccine Reactions


Dr. Charles D. Hoffe, BSc, MB, BCh, LMCC
Lytton Medical Clinic
Lytton BC V0K 1Z0

5 April, 2021


Dr. Bonnie Henry,
British Columbia Provincial Health Officer
Ministry of Health
1515 Blanchard Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 3C9

Dear Dr. Henry,

The first dose of the Moderna vaccine has now been administered to some of my patients in the community of Lytton, BC. This began with the First Nations members of our community in mid-January, 2021. 900 doses have now been administered.

I have been quite alarmed at the high rate of serious side-effects from this novel treatment.
From this relatively small number of people vaccinated so far, we have had:

  1. Numerous allergic reactions, with two cases of anaphylaxis.
  2. One (presumed) vaccine induced sudden death, (in a 72 year old patient with COPD. This patient complained of being more short of breath continually after receiving the vaccine, and died very suddenly and unexpectedly on day 24, after the vaccine. He had no history of cardiovascular disease).
  3. Three people with ongoing and disabling neurological deficits, with associated chronic pain, persisting for more than 10 weeks after their first vaccine. These neurological deficits include: continual and disabling dizziness, generalised or localized neuromuscular weakness, with or without sensory loss. The chronic pain in these patients is either generalised or regional, with or without headaches.

So in short, in our small community of Lytton, BC, we have one person dead, and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled, following their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The age of those affected ranges from 38 to 82 years of age.

So I have a couple of questions and comments:

  1. Are these considered normal and acceptable long term side-effects for gene modification therapy? Judging by medical reports from around the world, our Lytton experience is not unusual.
  2. Do you have any idea what disease processes may have been initiated, to be producing these ongoing neurological symptoms?
  3. Do you have any suggestions as to how I should treat the vaccine induced neurological weakness, the dizziness, the sensory loss, and the chronic pain syndromes in these people, or should they be all simply referred to a neurologist? I anticipate that many more will follow, as the vaccine is rolled out. This was only phase one, and the first dose.
  4. In stark contrast to the deleterious effects of this vaccine in our community, we have not had to give any medical care what-so-ever, to anyone with Covid-19. So in our limited experience, this vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than Covid-19.
  5. I realize that every medical therapy has a risk-benefit ratio, and that serious disease calls for serious medicine. But we now know that the recovery rate of Covid-19, is similar to the seasonal flu, in every age category. Furthermore, it is well known that the side effects following a second shot, are significantly worse than the first. So the worst is still to come.
  6. It must be emphasised, that these people were not sick people, being treated for some devastating disease. These were previously healthy people, who were offered an experimental therapy, with unknown long-term side-effects, to protect them against an illness that has the same mortality rate as the flu. Sadly, their lives have now been ruined.
  7. It is normally considered a fundamental principal of medical ethics, to discontinue a clinical trial if significant harm is demonstrated from the treatment under investigation.
  8. So my last question is this: Is it medically ethical to continue this vaccine rollout, in view of the severity of these life altering side-effects, after just the first shot? In Lytton, BC, we have an incidence of 1 in 225 of severe life altering side-effects, from this experimental gene modification therapy.

I have also noticed that these vaccine induced side effects are going almost entirely unreported, by those responsible for the vaccine rollout. I am aware that this is often a problem, with vaccines in general, and that delayed side-effects after vaccines, are sometimes labelled as being “coincidences”, as causality is often hard to prove. However, in view of the fact that this is an experimental treatment, with no long-term safety data, I think that perhaps this issue should be addressed too.

Furthermore I have noticed, that the provincial vaccine injury reporting form, which was clearly designed for conventional vaccines, does not even have any place to report vaccine injuries of the nature and severity that we are seeing from this new mRNA therapy.

It is now clearly apparent with medical evidence from around the world, that the side-effect profiles of the various gene modification therapies against Covid-19, have been vastly understated by their manufacturers, who were eager to prove their safety.

Thank you for attention to this critically urgent public health matter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Printable PDF of Open Letter

Dr. Hoffee’s letter to his Congregation

April 2021

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For those of you who do not know me, I am a Christian family physician in Lytton, BC.

I have been rather concerned about the experimental Covid vaccines that are being rolled out at a rapid rate. The leader of the World Economic Forum, Claus Schwab, (author of the book, “ The Great Reset”), has declared that; “No one is safe, until everyone is vaccinated.” This intention has been echoed by many world leaders.

All previous coronavirus vaccine research following the SARS epidemic in 2002/3, in creating RNA or DNA vaccines against coronaviruses ended, because great harm was seen in the animal trials.

But with the appearance of COVID-19, the same technology was rapidly revamped, with different delivery systems. However this time, animal trials were not done, and the experiment was taken directly to the population at large, after limited short-term trials. The vaccines have been rolled out, with absolutely no long-term safety data. This is a global experiment, on the entire world’s population.

In my own medical practice, I now have 6 patients who are enduring long-term side-effects from these experimental therapies. They all indicate neurological damage, which is evolving. I suspect that it may be multiple sclerosis, or something along those lines. I have written to the Medical Health Officer, in charge of the vaccine rollout in the BC interior, to express my concerns and questions, with absolutely no response.

I therefore drafted an open letter to Dr Bonnie Henry, who is the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia, to ask the same questions, and expressed the same concerns. I had been warned by my medical colleagues, not to expect a reply from her either. But to my complete astonishment, I received a prompt reply the next day inviting me to attend a virtual meeting, with a designated vaccine safety specialist. The meeting is scheduled for 4 pm (Pacific time) on Tuesday April 13, 2021.

Meanwhile I am sending urgent referrals, to a neurologist, to investigate my three most serious vaccine injured patients. My hope is that once we can identify what disease process has been initiated by this experimental gene therapy, we can raise public awareness more effectively.

So I have attached my open letter, to Dr Bonnie Henry, which documents my personal experience of the vaccine injuries in my own medical practice. Please feel free to share it with anyone who might feel tempted, to except this experimental vaccine, for a veneer of “safety”.

I invite you to join with me in prayer, in preparation for my meeting on Tuesday afternoon, that the Lord would guide my thoughts and words. I pray too, that the Lord would prepare the heart of the vaccine specialist that I will be speaking to, so that they take this matter very seriously. A global experiment on this scale, on uninformed participants who are driven by fear, is a crime against humanity.

All of the Covid vaccines are effectively genetic modification. They vary only in the mode of delivery. They all work, by introducing a gene to our bodies to manufacture an antibody against the Covid spike protein. The problem is, that there are 20 human tissue types that also have a spike protein. So there is a possibility that the Covid antibody may target one of our own human tissues too. In other words, that this new therapy will trigger an autoimmune reaction in some people.

There have been hundreds of reported miscarriages in pregnant women who have received the Covid vaccines. The placenta is one of the 20 tissue types that also has a spike protein. So it is most likely, that the cause of these miscarriages, is that these women, now have an antibody that targets placental tissue. They have effectively been vaccinated against any future pregnancy.

So if you know any woman of childbearing age, who is planning to receive a Covid vaccine, please warn her about this possibility, of permanent sterility, through recurrent miscarriage.

I request your prayers, and I very much hope that this information may be helpful to you and those dear to you. Please feel free to share it with anyone who might heed these warnings. I have attached my open letter to Dr Bonnie Henry. Please feel free to share it too.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

Dr Charles Hoffe


  1. Dr. Hoffe appears to be x3 the doctor that ol’ Bonnie thinks she is.
    Dr. Hoffe’s questions will completely stump Henry and she will swerve and sidestep her way out of providing answers.

  2. Dr. Hoffe has balls….

    He is putting his career on the line, which is more than I can say for most of us, me included. I guess maybe him practising in a small B.C. community may protect him as they would have a hard time to replace him in said community if they arrogantly remove his practise.

    Dr. Hoffe is living in the real world about those experimental mRNA jabs and what he is seeing as side effects and worries, just as I’m sure he looks at a year long incredibly stupid policies on lockdowns, face mask paranoia and anti social distancing nonsense as being pig headed too.

  3. Under the Nuremberg Law could any positions in the MSM be charged:
    -on air

    Any thoughts?

  4. Meanwhile in Texas…

    38 days since dropping Covid restrictions and mask mandates
    Full capacity sports
    Business open
    Vaccine passports have been banned
    Covid cases down 34%
    Covid deaths down 68%

  5. Under Nuremberg Codes, I believe most anyone who has coerced, threatened or otherwise mandated persons to taking the mRNA jabs could fall under crimes agains humanity, Why? Because nobody is coming from an approach of fully understanding health issues and notably long(er) term health issues from these experimental mRNA injections.

    I have said here many times newscasters, news writers/journalists, talkshow hosts could fall complicit by their words spoken or written about these unapproved except for emergency use experimental injections. After all the Nazi guards who were just following orders at the camps did not escape consequences at the Nuremberg trials.

    I also believe Nuremberg code fall into the attacks on civil liberties attacks through overhanded government economic and social lockdowns, forced face masking and a host of other illegal and civil rights violations. These can be backed up by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and many nations own Constitutions.

    When the masses of humanity wake up from their collective psychosis, the global outraged for justice will be heard as loud as Trumpets of Jericho.

  6. Les,

    You may have caused some people reading this board to soil themselves.
    Looks like there may be a price to pay for pumping out fake news after all.
    #Nuremberg 2.0

  7. Fake News,

    The thing is all those who push, coerce or threaten, demand mandated jabs of the mRNA injections, even if they were doing it from a point of view of wanting to do right may not escape the justice if/when these mRNA jabs become a horrible problem?

    “I was just following orders.” Did not spare the Concentration camp guards from consequences at Nuremberg.

    Not even the mRNA injections manufactures have any evidence to longterm complications/ issues or even true effecasy of these injections. Last summer when they were running initial small groups trials they did not use anyone under age18 nor over age 55. The initial trials went on for what ??? 60 days before they were looking for Emergency Use Authorization by ( mindless) bureaucrats. Their results are controversial and heavily protected.

    Now since these big Pharma experts cannot and will not legally stand by with confidence in mitigating adverse effects and notably longer term health/issues, then nobody else is in the global public is as qualified to push, coerce, threaten or mandate the public to take the jabs. No employers, no doctors, no nurses, no celebrities, no radio talkshow hosts, no t.v. news media types, no social media talking heads and certainly no politicians. This rhetoric by them all will be forever on record and could be their undoing if/when global public pressure results in a global Nuremberg 2.0 trial.

    Unqualified people have zero position to push, coerce, threaten or demand mandated injections of unapproved experimental mRNA injections. Telling the public why you may take the jab is all the point of view any of those who choose to has over all this and what IMO will possibly be the greatest scandal of the 21st. Century, if at least the first 25 years.

  8. Fake News,

    Thanks for posting the Bill Maher clip. I happened to catch that closing comment on Friday night and it’s honestly the most level 7 minutes of commentary I’ve encountered in the past year.

    While it’s not completely “fake news”, the MSM in North America has gone out of its way to cast a very dark and ominous shadow over this COVID crisis.

  9. I find it very sad and disconcerting, that the only place to find critical thinking alternative viewpoints to this “pandemic” is here (with the greatest respect to PSR).

    That Bill Maher piece speaks to everything we’ve all questioned…including politics mixing with our personal health decisions.

    But the biggest bomb was “78% of COVID mortality was attributed to people considered obese” and isn’t it interesting, that vitamin D absorption and synthesis (whether via natural sunlight or supplement) is not as efficient and effective in those considered obese. Also, darker skinned individuals need more time in the sun or more vitamin D supplementation (which is essential to immune function) because darker skin absorbs and synthesizes Vitamin D more slowly.

    We’ve been peddled this narrative that somehow COVID targets a social demographic. No it doesn’t, it prays on those with Vitamin D deficiency.

    Vitamin D and Ivervictin are cheap, readily available, and proven safe. But big Pharma, and their Health Authority agents (CDC/WHO/Health Canada/FDA) that basically push vaccines and pills, could never allow disruption to that windfall.

  10. Has everyone here listened to the Dr. Stephen Malthouse interview above?
    If not, take the time to listen to it….time well spent!

  11. Hey MSM people reading this,
    Dare you to run the story on the $1.2 M reward that Bonnie could collect if Covid is real!!!

  12. Jody BROWN SHIRT Vance continues to push the NON-vaccine vaccine poison with her FAKE phd friend Kindrachuck……..as far as I am concerned these two people are accessories to murder when this is over. They BOTH KNOW what we are posting and writing about the fake vaccine poison which is a Gene Editing Drug. Of course they know…..they get much email from people exposing the truth.


    Oh and Jody FAR LEFT WOKE Vance is also pushing the Oscars……which reached an all time low in ratings. How is the “World of Woke” working out for you Jody?


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