The Rifleman’s Johnny Crawford dies…


Johnny Crawford

SAD NEWS to report…..Actor and Singer JOHNNY CRAWFORD passed away Thursday Evening…..He Was 75 Years Old….The Rifleman star had been battling Alzheimer’s Disease….Heartbreaking….Rest In Peace Johnny Crawford

Johnny played Mark McCain in the TV series The Rifleman

Chuck Connors played Johnny’s (Mark) dad (Lucas McCain)

Connors died in 1992 at 71.


One of Johnny’s hits from the 60’s, Patti Ann



  1. Have many fond memories of watching Rifleman as a youngster. A Father-Son storyline that resonated with what can be and what is hoped to be. Johnny Crawford brought the “son” role to life.
    My thanks for sharing your talent with us, and my prayers for you and your family.

  2. Always take any opportunity to watch Rifleman, a great show and cast .75 is not quite long enough but he was obviously not doing well .



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