Midwin Charles: 47-Year-Old MSNBC Legal Analyst DEAD After Experimental mRNA COVID Shot






by The COVID Blog

Health Impact News

April 89, 2021

Brooklyn defense attorney and television commentator Midwin Charles is dead after what appears to be several days of suffering after receiving at least one experimental COVID shot.

Ms. Charles posted the trendy “I’m vaccinated” announcement on Twitter on March 1.

The tweet is still live as of publishing. It is also archived.

Her next tweet jokes about her “death causing peanut allergy” and that her insurance did not cover the EpiPen costs.

She then retweeted a North Carolina professor talking about “black vax hesitancy.” An analysis of her tweet activity thereafter indicates that her health started deteriorating three weeks later.

Ms. Charles, 47, was always very active on Twitter. She averaged about 25 tweets per day since May 2009. Ms. Charles was even more active last month. She averaged 39 tweets/retweets per day from March 10 to March 20,

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May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'Odessa Orlewicz 4h Alicia Johnson 16h Follow There are 87 Hospitals in B’C There are 79 people in ICU across the province- that's less than 1 bed per Hospital WAKE THE HELL UP AND SMELL WHAT BONNIE BULLSHIT IS COOKING!!!'



  1. The article didn’t mention what she died from did it?
    At this point you’re just assuming it was related to the vaccine.

  2. This from a friend in the US:

    Re: the aftermath of vaccine shots

    I spoke to a guy yesterday who told me a few guys at his work had taken the vaccine.

    For weeks now they have been experiencing extreme fatigue and headaches to the point that they are almost unable to function. They told him they regretted taking the shot.

    You won’t hear this story from the MSM, Fauci, or any politician

  3. This is all so sad! 🙁

    All for a virus that shows a survival rate of 99.7% OR BETTER if you are under age 70. Between 70-80 it begins to decline but even for most over age 80 the survival rate is about 93%. Again lets be honest, into your 80’s many things can strike you down, not just SARS-cov-2, wuhan flu.

    Also on any given day globally about 99.5% of this contracting Covid 19 suffer from minimal to mild symptoms, only about 0.5% require SOME hospital care.

    Also the CDC has long made is known that the US Covid 19 death numbers are skewed as over 96% o US deaths had on average 3.8 co-morbities, they did not due from Covid 19, but with Covid 19.

    This year long fear mongering and to note EXPERIMENTAL mRNA INJECTIONS pushing is damned immoral and should /will hopefully be in time a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!

    In all my years I have never seen such shameful stuff and immense fear mongering propaganda by governments, bureaucrats, other activists, big pharma and especially those who were charged/trusted with trying to get true news and facts to the public in that of the damned mainstream media.


  4. Meanwhile Jody FAR LEFT WOKE Vance is now pushing the NON-vaccine vaccine….on your kids.


    And remember when Jody SELF HATING CHECK MY WHITE PRIVILEGE Vance was telling us how awesome the terrorist group Black Lives Matter was along with pushing the FAKE virus?


    How does that continue to work out?

    BLM Co-Founder Buys Million-Dollar Home in Elite “White Neighbourhood”



    Seriously stop spreading fake news yourself. It doesn’t say she definitely died of covid-19 vaccine. The millions and millions of people that have received the vaccine have had no issues, AND I’M ONE OF THEM! Also starting Monday the UK will be at herd immunity from the AstraZeneca vaccine, so what do YOU have to say about that? People that hide behind there computer screens are becoming worse daily. So sad society has turned this toxic towards each other.

  6. Marcus: I completely agree with you. This Fake News individual is a real piece of work. Maybe he should go talk to the medical staff in the hospitals who are dealing with the outfall from this pandemic. I’ve never seen this sort of thing happening due to the flu, not even close.

  7. Marcus,
    Why did you willingly take an experimental vaccine?
    Interested in your decision process.
    I am aware of people with significant side effects.
    Maybe you got the placebo.

  8. Nao,
    Do you mean the empty hospitals where the staff are making Tik Tok dance videos?
    Did you get or are you going to get the vax?
    Do you watch too much TV aka Fake News?

  9. Marcus,

    Britain reaching herd immunity should mean 100% complete re-opening of the nation state. But that ain’t happening . BTW herd immunity includes those getting a virus and recovering from it. Traditional vaccines added to herd immunity, but the jab you took is not a vaccine. It’s an mRNA injection and none of the pharma companies claim it prevents one from getting a virus nor spreading a virus.

    That said Britain reaching herd immunity by Monday should mean by Tuesday EVERYTHING GOING BACK TO WHERE IT WAS SAY BEFORE JANUARY 2020. But the criminal thugs in power in Britain are not doing this right?

  10. Zebb,

    The thing is THESE ARE NOT VACCINES! Can’t be an anti-vaxxer if the jab is NOT A VACCINE!

    POTUS Trump is his own man, much of it was him having to get along with all this Covid19 stuff. But for even pushing it all he still got SHAT on by the fake news media and the idiot left.

    I was and am a Trump supporter (he was the best President since at least Reagan if not longer before Reagan, especially compared to the mentally failing, life long disgusting thug as POTUS today) but that does not mean I have agree with everything he did or does. Back in the 80’s I was a POTUS Reagan supporter (before I sadly and stupidly fell into my own libtard -ville life in the later 80’s that carried on for 20+ years of my life) but I did not agree with all things he did and that was OK.

  11. Nao,

    No hospitals were / are over run with Covid 19. Most Flu seasons saw as many or more hospital in patients than Covid 19 has. It’s all spin and lies.

    As of Apr 9 only 332 British Columbians are in Hospital with Covid 19 and only 102 are in Critical care. NO B.C. HOSPITALS HAVE BEEN OVERRUN WITH COVID 19 PATIENTS IN THE LAST YEAR! Same goes with most other global jurisdictions.

    Typically on any given day 99.5% of those contracting Covid 19 are suffering only minimal to mild issues. Only about 0.5% of those with it globally need some hospital care.

    In B.C over the last 3 days we had has near 3,500 cases ( WHO THE FCUK CARES AS MOST ARE LIKELY FALSE PCR TEST POSITIVES), but only 4 deaths WITH COVID19 NOT FROM COVID 19.

  12. So just a thought. If most of the population gets this shot then a country would be heading to herd immunity. If one decides to NOT get the jab what are you who took the shot worried about? You took the shot and shouldn’t be worried about the one who didn’t. Isn’t the shot supposed to make you immune to covid? Isn’t that what this mRNA is supposed to do. Sound logical?

  13. I think its a real stretch to say this woman died because she got vaccinated. You can believe anything you want to. You didnt perform an autopsy on this lady. She may have had pre-existing conditions or committed suicide, you have no idea.


    I know thousands who have had the vaccine and no issues. You are a very toxic person towards society and people that don’t agree with you. I have seen many of your posts here and you are a very angry individual. Like I said if you don’t want the vaccine that’s up to you and is not a problem, but stop being so nasty and toxic towards others.

    Everyone has a right to there opinion and choice, but when it comes to being so toxic to each other, that’s when you need to seek some help and understand maybe, just maybe you are the one with the problem. I assure you, that your nasty and toxic comments would not change my choice to get vaccinated or not, but does show me the kind of “person” you are in general.

    RE: Les


  15. Marcus,

    The toxicity is coming from those who push these non vaccine vaccines, those who even to want it to be DEMANDED as mandatory injections. They are like the face mask Nazis, pushing their hysteria onto what at least in the western world was to be a free population.

    I see nobody who is wary of these UNAPPROVED experimental mRNA injections forcing anything onto others. We say it’s your free choice, we say get informed first and that ample evidence is mounting at how these unproven mRNA injections are hurting and likely killing people. Warning citizens is NOT BEING TOXIC! Those who push through coercion, threats and even demands of mandatory injections ARE THE TOXIC ONES!

    VAERS is reporting in just the first 3 months of 2021 6000% increase of deaths after vaccination jabs as compared to all of 2020. In fact more post vaccination deaths for the first 3 months of 2021 have happened in the VAERS collection system than the previous 11 years combined totals, COINCIDENCE??? You be the judge.

    Britain is reporting a 366% increase in miscarriages after vaccinations for the first 3 months of 2021 than compared to the previous year.

    So NO none of us are being toxic, we are only trying to with firmness inform others to get all the info they can before they may choose to take the jab.

    The clinical trials (to which NONE were done on lab animals first ) are all scheduled to go until Jan/Feb 2023??? HUMANS ARE THE LAB ANIMALS HERE AND THAT SHOULD SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ANY OF YOU!!!

    All this for a virus with 99.7% or better survival rate for anyone under age 70 and a survival rate of about 93% for anyone over age 80. A virus which in Canada has been diagnosed (not likely cause of death ) in only 34 Canadians under the age of 30.

  16. Marcus,

    I asked you:
    “Why did you willingly take an experimental vaccine?
    Interested in your decision process.”

    I was interested in your decision making process. Fair question.

    Instead you attack the messenger. No surprise.
    So, what’s it like to be a lab rat?

  17. Marcus
    Be patient with F.News & Les in particular…their space craft crashed on Mt. Seymour recently, and they’ve been dazed ever since.
    The craft is now repaired, and their return to Planet Moron is imminent…

  18. Bagoverheadguy,

    I see how you’re attempting to take this important conversation in a different direction.

    Have you received the experimental vaxx ?
    If you did, what was your decision making process?

    Are you wearing a face diaper under your bag over head?
    If you are, do you notice the lack of oxygen?

    A lack of oxygen would explain your comment to Marcus!

  19. The fact that the moderator of this website allows people to like Fake News and Les to continually heap abuse on anyone who disagrees with them really says something about this rotten corner of cyberspace.

  20. Author: Another Nodding Head

    Talk about Shoot The Messenger! What a childish comment.
    Fake News and Les and this forum are trying to teach you the truth, but as that famous line of Jack Nicolson in the movie ‘A Few Good Men’ You Can’t handle the truth, therefore If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, meaning this website

  21. Michael Easton:
    The far right crazies that seem to infest this forum wouldn’t know truth if it backed over them with a truck. The alternate universe BS on this forum is exactly as Another Nodding Head described.

  22. Another Nodding Head,

    Looks like you’re against free speech.
    Anyone who disagrees with your point of view should be censored.
    Do you work in the MSM?

    You seem triggered!
    Did you get the experimental vaxx?
    If you did what was your decision making process?

  23. Gary,

    I see you’re trying to politicize this thread.
    Nice try in changing the narrative.
    Do you work in the MSM?

    This thread is not about politics, it’s about experimental vaccines and concerns about possible side effects, including death.

    But your feelings are hurt. Too bad.

  24. Fake News:

    It seems you have a ridiculous amount of free time based on the sheer volume of idiocy you post on this website.

    If this website was truly a bastion of free speech, half of the comments I make on here wouldn’t be censored by Mike Easton in a feeble attempt to protect you delicate far right snowflakes.

    And for the record, I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, but will get it when my number is called (as long as it’s not Astra Zeneca).

    Unlike you, I have respect for my family, friends, neighbours and coworkers, and believe in doing my part in getting this crazy world back to a state of relative normalcy.

  25. Another Nodding Head,

    What part of experimental do you not understand?

    Covid 19 virus has not been isolated anywhere in the world.
    Prove it exists.
    I’ll wait……..

  26. Some folks seem to be complaining that this site is frequented by right wing “something or others” peddling right wing “something or other”.

    If you were paying to get onto this site and expecting some kind of agreed-upon service for your payment, I could understand some of the aspersions and vitriol being cast. This site is free to come and go.

    With that in mind, what kind of moron would you have to be to still hang around if you feel like you are being disliked and/or people are simply not having their minds changed to your satisfaction after you have given them the benefit of all your wisdom and erudition.

    If you want to find yourself amongst agreeable left-tards and communists head over to Huffington Post, they will greet you with open arms, after you renounce your privilege and pay reparations, of course.

    I will posit this though. Folks like Another Nodding Head, Gary and Bagoverheadguy frequent these posts because they know, deep down inside, that we are very much correct in our assessments of where the world is and where it is headed. I would venture to guess that none of the above have gotten the mRNA gene therapy injections yet, or, if they did, as the needle was going into their arm, and as the plunger was injecting a cocktail of foreign mRNA, they were not breathing a sigh of relief, they were rather thinking “Jeez, don’t let those nutters at PSR be right” “Don’t let them be right” Hate to break it to you folks, but if you have gotten the experimental gene therapy, I hope you enjoyed your whistling as you’re walking past the graveyard.

    Take delight, however, that many of us are not going to get injected with this emergency-approved but not full clinical-trial approved therapy. If, in the future, you ever need a blood transfusion or blood products, or an organ donation, us non-gene therapied folks are going to be the only ones able to donate blood or able to be viable organ donors.

    To the aforementioned detractors, I wish you good health and prosperity. It’s Weimar 2.0. You might as well enjoy the ride. The rest of us, however, are preparing for what comes next.

  27. Another Nodding Head,

    I have not abused anybody here. Please I ask you to find and hi-lite any abuse I have put towards others here?

    Just because you may not like or agree with what I am saying does not mean it’s an abuse towards you or anybody. If you believe what I am saying here is incorrect, then by all means please counter my points made.

    Thank you.

  28. Gary, can you please tell me how you know who are the far right crazies?

    As to not knowing the truth if it backed over them with a truck, can you please instead of silly insults educate ‘these people’ with the truth then? You obviously feel you know the truth, so by all mean share it with us.

    As to myself my opinions are based on things I have seen, learned and can supply credible info in supporting these opinions. If you have proof or truth of what I post hear as incorrect then again by all means please share it with me and all of us here.

    Thanks for your time.

  29. Just the latest of countless reasons why I won’t get jabbed with any of those witches’ brews being pushed as “vaccines”.

  30. Wow! Folks lets chill. Spirited conversations are ok less the insults. Yes it would be interesting to see what an autopsy report says. DMX’s family is claiming that he recently got the jab and are sound like they are headed to sue the sites claiming he overdosed. Regardless this is gene therapy not a vaccine. Moderna has never made a vaccine. Another Nodding Head said when their number is called they will take the jab but not the astra zeneca. ANH why won’t you take the astra? As for left or right snowflakes thats ok to have an opinion. What isn’t ok is when we are suppressed in our view. You want the jab fill your boots. We should have choices and not be forced to take the jab. I am just surprised that FACT 99%+ will have a survival rate to this. Fact, take care of the elderly and those with underlying conditions. FACT ivermectin has proven to be a success. There are plenty of doctors, scientists, epidemiologists etc whose voices are being suppressed. Heck even a an VP and chief scientist Michael Yeardon of Pfizer added this, ” “You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from the disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,” . But you aren’t hearing these voices. And I believe its because there is no money in stuff like ivermectin which is peanuts and off label but there is billions to be made with these jabs. And conveniently now they are talking a yearly shot. As long as this shot isn’t mandatory again I say fill your boots. The flu shot isn’t and people die every year in droves. (But funny we haven’t heard about flu deaths this year) I reiterate my previous comment. If we are going to get to herd immunity then you have nothing to worry about those that didn’t take the jab because that shot makes you good to go. Or it doesn’t. But people lets enjoy difference of opinion sans the personal attacks. Have some chamomile tea and enjoy your day.

  31. I would have to agree that the Fake News advocates and the right wing crazies have taken over commenting on this ladys death. I think they change their name to make it look like they are the majority on this site. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. Some of you are complete nut cases twisting stats to support your crazy theories. How many Canadians have officially died after taking the vaccine?

  32. Even though I disagree strongly with Fake News, Les, etc. when it comes to Covid 19 and vaccines, I do respect their right to free speech. When you don’t agree with another point of view you should come back with your counter point. Your response doesn’t have to be cordial. It should represent your true feelings on the subject and if that means displaying anger then so be it.

  33. @Christine Williams
    My thanks for being a beta-tester for this “first of it’s kind for humans” gene therapy. I (and we) sincerely do hope that there are no after or lingering effects of having synthetic foreign genetic material injected directly into your body. but go ahead. Trust the scientists. They are never wrong. Well almost never. I am at an increased risk of cancer because I got the polio vaccine that contained the Simian Virus 40. So I have a cancer-causing virus in my body that could not have made the bridge from monkey to humans by any other way. But, hey. At the time, the scientists knew it all. They were very reassuring. The Bonnie Henry’s of the day told my parents they have nothing to worry about. After all, they are the “Experts”
    Still, Christine. Best of health and prosperity to you. We all need you to pay taxes and not to become a medical burden on society.
    Do keep in touch.

  34. The Medical/ Pharma community and all its experts are never wrong, there is no reason to be suspicious or fear of an experimental NOT APPROVED mRNA injection. The few months of human tests (no animal tests on these injections have taken place) is obviously ample time to make clear their efficacy and safety.

    So again, the medical/pharma industry is never wrong….. WHAT! HUH! Tha… Tha… what? THALIDOMIDE! What was that? Oh it was a pharmaceutical given to pregnant women…. It caused massive birth defects, baby deaths and complications until IT WAS BANNED!

    Total trust in the Pharma industry is a very risky thing to do. That said, I never said people should not take these experimental mRNA injections. I have said people should endeavour to get as much info as they can and weigh it out for their choice to take them or not. NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO TAKE THESE EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS, NOR CONVERSELY DENIED TOO IF IT IS THEIR FREE CHOICE! As to minor age children only the parents or guardians should be involve with the choices here.

  35. Yo F.News..yes I’ve just had the vax, & yes, continue to wear a face diaper!
    As James Brown would say…”I’m feelin’ good, and that knew that I would…”

    As my ICU doctor (St.Paul’s Vcr.) daughter-in-law said last week, “…I wish more folks could see the reality of this pandemic at our hospital, and now realize that since a large % of our elderly are vaccinated, we don’t see as many in ICU..it is now the 30-55ish who we treat…”

  36. Michael Easton
    Admit it, the far right loonies are driving this site…I’m a right-wing guy who finds much of what is posted to be comical…real world experiences are strongly suggesting the pandemic is real..

  37. Fake News,

    I’m sorry that it’s not good enough for you that the makers of this vaccine didn’t have the luxury of a couple of years to put their vaccines through the full gauntlet of clinical trials prior to release to the population being ravaged by COVID-19.

    Scientists created these vaccines in record time due to advances in virus sequencing using super computers and other previous breakthroughs discovered while making other vaccines for other viruses.

    But I guess when you don’t believe in the progress made by technology and science, nothing will ever be good enough for you.

    I wait in eager anticipation of my chance to get the COVID vaccine, so I can go to concerts and sporting events and drink beer using my newly grown tail.

  38. Bag Dude,

    C-19 virus has not been isolated anywhere in the world.
    Is your daughter in-law aware of any proof that the virus has been isolated?
    Did she take the vax?

    So, right wing guy, what makes someone a far right loonie?
    Is it someone who disagrees with you?
    I notice you mentioned “strongly suggesting”, but not proving.

  39. Another Nodding Head,
    The vaxx might make your tail fall off! 🙂

    Again, what part of experimental do you not understand?
    Experimental = RISK

    That Gates guy is a proponent of depopulation.
    He also the guy pushing the vaxx.

    C-19 virus has not been isolated, so how could a vaxx be made for it?

    The vaxx doesn’t like Costco (Gates big shareholder).
    The vaxx does like your neighbourhood restaurant, but only from the door to the table, ’cause it doesn’t like food.
    Gates has no financial interest in your neighbourhood small businesses.

    People are being fed a cocktail of Fear and Bullshit….. drink up!

  40. Fake News,

    Thanks to your buddy Brazilian Trump, regular old COVID-19 is no longer the biggest issue for Dr. Bonnie Henry to tackle.

    It’s the mutant variants we get to worry about now, which are more infectious than your so-called “Wuhan Flu”.

    But I’m sure your mockery and sarcasm will keep you safe.

  41. Another Nodding Head,

    If C-19 has not been isolated anywhere in the world, how can it have mutant variants?

    Do you work in mainstream news or do you just consume too much of it?

  42. RE: Another Nodding Head

    I couldn’t agree with you more. To others, it’s not about silencing anyone. It’s about just being respectful to each other! Fake news you have been nothing but toxic towards people on this entire platform! I don’t just mean this post, I mean you have been this toxic mole to people on not matter what is posted. Are you that much of an angry person? I’ve been coming here for years to get industry news and updates, which has worked very well and I have enjoyed, but I’m not sure what’s going on here now. Did someone new takeover this platform because wow what has happened! It doesn’t matter what political party you support or who you are, but the toxicity that’s going on to other humans is disgusting. Fake News I honestly and truly hope you get the help you need, because everyone deserves a second chance. Now to see if the (PSR STAFF) will actually post this.

  43. “Marcus,”

    Ignoring the question I politely asked you, and once again attacking the messenger instead of focusing on the message.

    Here’s what I asked you yesterday:

    “I asked you:
    “Why did you willingly take an experimental vaccine?
    Interested in your decision process.”

    I was interested in your decision making process. Fair question.

    Instead you attack the messenger. No surprise.
    So, what’s it like to be a lab rat?”

    Looking forward to finally getting your response to the question.

  44. RE: Fake News

    I got the vaccine because I WANTED TO! Does that answer your question since I was unable to state the obvious to you? If you feel that people that take the vaccine are lab rats, then that’s completely up to you. I personally glad I received it and would do it again, which is MY CHOICE, and my choice doesn’t need to be abused by a toxic individual like yourself. I don’t need to reply anymore to you with this post, I just hope you get the help you so desperately need, so you can stop being so toxic to people. Take care.

  45. Marcus,
    Thanks for your answer.
    You wanted to and it was your choice. I’m good with that.
    What I was trying to get at:
    Were you at all influenced by the government, media, or peer pressure?
    I think a lot of people are being influenced to get the vax.

    BTW: Attacking the messenger instead of debating the topic is toxic.

  46. Another Nodding Head
    Fake News,

    Thanks to your buddy Brazilian Trump, regular old COVID-19 is no longer the biggest issue for Dr. Bonnie Henry to tackle.


    While all you brainwashed sheep are making fun of “Trump Supporters” and THINK that these “variants” are as real as the “first” FAKE virus…….after 10 months I am STILL WAITING to pay out my $1000 bounty:

    Anyone that can provide a clinical study of “DISEASED” patients with Sars-Cov 2 otherwise known as the (fake) COVID virus where the (fake) virus has been fully isolated from a large group of “DISEASED” patients. Anyone who can provide this clinical study proving that the (fake) COVID virus has been fully isolated in a laboratory setting and NOT MADE UP using some Google Fake Algorithmic (guessing) Gene Sequencer……will have $1000 Interact to you immediately.

    Ten months later I have never paid it out. Come on man……. trunalimunumaprzure……Corn Pop ran with some Bad Boys…….SURELY one of you FAR LEFT WOKE Biden Klymida Harris Trump hating SHEEP must know where on the INTERWEBS there MUST be a clinical study PROVING the (fake) virus is real.

    Let’s see the proof boys and girls. A REAL clinical study of diseased patients where the (fake) virus has been FULLY ISOLATED. $1000 easy cash right?

    Let’s see it…..I’ll wait.

  47. Another Nodding Head,

    Variants are not different viruses. It’s still SARS-cov-2, WuHan Flu. The Brazilian variant whatever that is (it’s odd since the PCR test CANNOT differentiate between viruses. ie: it cannot be able to tell the difference from SARS-cov-1 (circa 2003) and SARS -cov- 2) is just a slight mutation to the so-called original virus. That said history of viruses shows if/when a virus mutates to be more infectious it generally weakens in virility. Viruses do not generally become more infectious and more deadly, it goes against nature. Viruses are not looking to kill the host body.

    The fear mongering of variants by government and media talking heads is doing what you are showing us here, SCARING PEOPLE TO HALF TO DEATH!

    The Covid 19 virus in any of its variants and TRUST ME VARIANTS ARE HERE TO STAY! It is endemic now. But thankfully its death rate is now typical of seasonal flus and not say of EBOLA!!!

    One more time, on any given day globally about 99.5% of those who have contracted Covid 19 IN ANY OF ITS VARIANTS suffer minimal to mild issues. Only about 0.5% of those with it require some forms of hospital care. Most who are sick with it to need hospital care have multiple underlying health issues. It is typically the underlying health issues that is the problem.

    As to the nonsense of hospitals run ragged and ICU’S overflowing IT’S ALL BULLSHIT. Hospitals set up dedicated COVID 19 ICU wards. They through administration forecasting set aside a certain number of beds to deal with what they figure may be the largest number of ICU patients estimated. Say for example 100 ICU beds. They may estimate 75-85 beds needed but have a few over such just incase. ICU wards be they Covid 19 or others ALWAYS RUN AT OR NEAR CAPACITY!!!

    No damn hospitals even with our socialist type care run all beds and especially ICU beds well under capacity. IT’S A WASTE OF MONEY TO DO SO! This is why often hospitals have whole wings or floors shut down from time to time. To have open wings or floors sitting empty but being lit up, cared for and maintained is just pissing financial resources away.

    Commie China, Dr. Tam noted today that the 3rd. wave has reached its peak, ICU beds have about 25% more patients this week compared to last week. BUT THEN IT’S LOGICAL TO SEE THEY MANAGED THIS UPTICK! If we are past the peak 3rd. wave, ICU numbers are going to begin to level off and go down. SO NO NONE OF OUR ICU’S SET ASIDE FOR COVID 19 HAVE GONE INTO OVERFLOW!!!

    But lets play this BULLSHIT game anyways… Lets assume hospital “A” has set aside 100 ICU beds for Covid 19 patients and lets assume by some way it now begins to see more than 100 patients needing ICU beds, do you know what administration then does? What? toss em out on the street! No, they begin triage, they begin to open more beds for Covid 19 ICU, bring on more nurses and doctors from other departments that are running well under capacity, they move patients that may have gotten better from ICI maybe a bit sooner to regular wards and/or the may move patients to other area hospitals which may be running under capacity. THAT IS THE STUFF THEY DO! AND I DARE ANY ADMINSTRATORS OF HOSPITALS TO TELL ME WITH FACTS THAT I AM WRONG!!!

    Healthcare be it socialistic like ours or a quazi free market like in the USA always run close to maximum available bed capacity. If your hospital sees say an average of 500 inpatients daily and say 100 ICU patients daily YOU DO NOT KEEP OPEN 650-700-750-800 etc. beds nor do you keep 150-175-200 etc. ICU beds open… YOU ARE JUST WASTING MONEY BY DOING SO. You maybe keep 550 beds and 125 ICU beds open, hence they are always at or near capacity! Our failure of proper news media in not explaining this is another problem.

    Finally as to the jabs and opening up society. GOOD LUCK THINKING THAT! The only things not opening up society is corrupted government, sordid bureaucracy and idiot media pushed mandates. The non vaccine vaccines have little to do with it for they do not stop infection nor spread. Our incompetent and yes many are evil politicians and bureaucrats pushing lockdowns are not using any science to do so but are PROVERBIALLY JERKING OFF TO THE POWER AND CONTROL THEY HAVE!

    This year long overblown pandemic stops when enough citizens globally either directly
    by force or indirectly by apathy towards our FAILURES OF POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS AND MEDIA, TO THEN DEMAND IT TO STOP!

  48. If I may I would like to get back to fair and balanced reporting which has been non existent for some years now. Right is wrong, wrong is right, good is evil and you get the drill. There are doctors, scientists, epidemiologists out there whose research is not being heard. Hydroxychloroquine is one of those solutions but main stream media suppressed those professionals promoting the drug. You see hydroxychloroquine is off label and very cheap to produce. Ivermectin a drug prescribed by many of medical professionals that too proves to work. Ivermectin is off label and cheap to produce. You stick to main stream media you likely won’t hear about these two drugs. Depending on who you use as a search engine you won’t find these stories in your search. The professionals talking about alternate solutions to covid are not all right wing loonies. Look FACT is this is a gene therapy only approved for experimental use. There are no studies of significant or longevity establishing the effects if an on human beings. I for one am concerned about how this is going to impact the immune system and neurological system because there isn’t enough evidence. And now they are talking about getting a covid shot every year. So let me tie this in a bow. My grandma used to always say ‘FOLLOW THE MONEY’. Proven meds with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin or a gene therapy that if true getting it every year costing billions if not trillions????? Who is going to benefit???? You want to take the jab fill your boots. Just don’t force those that don’t to take it or make it a requirement to go to concerts, travel etc. Remember if you took the jab and I didn’t you should be immune and I pose no threat. Please let that sink in.

  49. Marcus, if you have not noticed, most of PSR is about industry news with a lot of commentary surrounding the ins and outs and going-on in the industry being talked about. Exactly the kind of information and discourse you are looking for. If you want more, then go somewhere else or pay for it. A relatively small, but arguably lively portion does have heated emotional debates usually surrounding the issue of lies, censorship and propaganda in the media.
    If you think that lies, censorship and propaganda is not something to be concerned about, then you, my friend, are visiting the wrong site.
    For me, the most important element of a democratic society is a fully informed population. With regards to the virus that originated from the Wuhan region of China, there is a demonstrable amount of information that is not being provided to the Canadian public that is being provided to the public in India, South America, Africa and the like that is relevant to the treatment and management of this virus. There are physicians and specialists here in North America presenting peer-reviewed research into treatments and management protocols that are important to present to the Canadian public to allow them to be fully informed.
    My issue is not what any of you or do not do in your personal lives and most certainly when it comes to getting injected with an mRNA biologic that, under emergency measures, is allowed to bypass the usual safety hurdles in order to be given to the public as a remedy for the current virus. In fact, I will never disclose whether or not I have received such a biologic and will never ask anyone, as that is privileged medical information, which is to me, personal and sacrosanct.
    I suppose why there is a lot of emotion and ALL CAP in this topic is because many of us have seen this playbook before and we know what is coming down the pike, and we don’t want to live through this (again, for some of us). It is, in all likelihood, a kind of “Wake the Eff Up people” and is frustrating for those who have seen this before. And indeed, after a while is does seem very much like casting pearls before swine as the expression goes.
    For myself, I make comments when I can but am quite ambivalent when people call me a right winger or conspiracy nut or whatever. I write because I do feel that one has an obligation to at least make an attempt to provide other viewpoints because, quite honestly, it will allow me to sleep at night knowing that I made my efforts when I hear the distant sounds of trains and boxcars.
    And those boxcars, both figurative and literal, they are coming folks. It’s Weimar 2.0 and those of us in BC, Vancouver is Berlin 1928.

  50. I am not interested in personal attacks and won’t participate in them.

    That said I think to vax or not to vax is a personal decision. My decision is to decline at this time. I don’t believe adequate testing has been done and there certainly are no LONG term studies despite what the CDC has stated about safety and studies. There is no question that the Vaccine has been rushed to market.

    With just a cursory look I have personally been prescribed no less than (7) drugs that are now subjects of class action lawsuits. Probably more. There many “wonder” drugs that have been developed only to be later pulled from the market after finding detrimental long term effects. The list is long with many well known drugs.

    I also have a number of friends that are Pharmacists (one a State Pharmacy Investigator). All have commented in similar ways about drugs being introduced to market only to find adverse issues and then having to be recalled. One told me most drugs I am prescribed have a high probability of being pulled from the market within 10 years.

    It was also publicized by the CDC about how they have likely overstated both positives and deaths by a large number. At one point they claimed only 6% of deaths were true Covid deaths. The financial incentives to classify as “Covid” have also been widely publicized.

    These are the reasons that influenced my decision. I believe it is a personal choice.

  51. April 12, 2021 – 1:51 am
    Another Nodding Head,

    Variants are not different viruses. It’s still SARS-cov-2, WuHan Flu. The Brazilian variant whatever that is (it’s odd since the PCR test CANNOT differentiate between viruses


    I keep saying it over and over again. There is NO VIRUS. Prove me wrong with a clinical study of diseased patients where they have isolated the FAKE virus and $1000 is yours via my PayPal account.

  52. Richard,

    Whether SARS-cov-2 is a legitimate ‘new’ coronavirus or not, is not my argument Richard. It is said to be somewhere about 85% common with SARS-cov-1 of circa 2003. Coronaviruses are not uncommon. The common cold virus is a coronavirus. So maybe SARS-cov-2 is not a new coronavirus or maybe it is one. My arguments are based on the year long overblown fear mongering, deceptions and vile evil by governments, bureaucracy, sick in the head talking heads and especially the fake news media. I have argued that none of the flattening the curve bullshite and all the crap since last March should ever have been allowed to happen.

    Man cannot stop the spread of any virus. Everything that was done over the last year was done in a combination of government/bureaucracy stupidity, ignorance and a yes a level of controlling arrogance. The virus would have run through the globe more swiftly and like all viruses fade down in importance due to herd immunity being reached much sooner as a result.
    There would have been no destroyed lives, health wise and socially, no ruined businesses and damaged economies.

    Yes, by all means educate the population including the elderly and those with health issues, but to have life go on.

    No governments in so called FREE and western based societies should EVER be allowed to take away rights, liberties and general freedoms. These do not stop at illnesses of what ever type.

    Those are my arguments Richard, whether your points are right or not. This is the stuff of what angers me when see the bullshite, lies and arrogant EVIL being pushed on us all.

  53. April 12, 2021 – 7:08 pm


    Whether SARS-cov-2 is a legitimate ‘new’ coronavirus or not, is not my argument Richard. It is said to be somewhere about 85% common with SARS-cov-1 of circa 2003. Coronaviruses are not uncommon.


    Nice speech. But still no proof which means no $1000 for you. Anyone else want to make an easy grand? Show us the proof the fake virus is real.

  54. Richard,

    I’m not trying to make that point of proof one way or another. My arguments are on the topic of one: a year of overblown and IMO illegal and proven to not be effective lockdowns, anti social distancing and uselessness of face masks etc. and all the other liberty and rights stealing theatre we are being thrust into by ignorant, arrogant and even evil governments, and two: the efficacy debate, threats of health issues through injections and politics behind the mRNA injections.

    Those are to me the most pressing concerns.

  55. John Dough

    Thank you for sharing the link to Christian Elliot’s article on why he won’t take the jab . That is an incredible article and again not what you will see on MSM. This is REAL reporting. PSR community well worth the read.

  56. Teddy,

    I agree on Christian Elliot’s thoughtful and detailed article. Sadly NONE of the Controlled Media sources will ever provide or discuss his article’s points.

    The following are the ONLY things Controlled Media including Social Media will discuss on Covid 19.

    1: It’s a deathly pandemic, people are dying all over the place.

    2: Society MUST comply with edicts and orders by their oh so informed and caring governments including:

    a: Anti Social Distancing
    b: Enforced (but arbitrary ) business and social lockdowns
    c: Mandated face mask wearing

    these thing CANNOT be argued or debated against.

    3: The pushing, coercion, or threatening of non vaccine vaccines, mRNA injections, regardless of the fact NONE are approved by any health body for safe use, but are given exception under Emergency Use Authorization. Any debate that might hold critical this narrative on vaccinations for Covid 19 IS VERBOTTEN!

    4: Never hold critical any approved government health officials regardless their qualifications and past records.

    5: Never criticize any mainstream media over any of these points that we have witnessed over the last year and continue to see. Any person who do so will be CANCELED.

    Yep, all this crap surely builds public trust (NOT!)

  57. A blue Jay’s game is right.

    That being said, I’ve taken to ignoring a lot of the comments on here. I don’t support or oppose many of the thoughts. What I do find interesting is the way a comment is used or expressed. For some reason yelling seems to be a big focal point for Les. I see his name at the top of a comment and I scroll past. I know it’s going to include a plethora of screaming and shouting. The yelling is just over the top. Which reminds me of a quote:

    “The bigger the call, the softer the voice. Therefore, we’d be wise to ignore anything that is shouting ”

    You can almost see the spittle flying or keys being blown off his keyboard from being punched so hard. We’ve got it Les, you need to share your words with the other side of the world. Maybe you feel they will have a bigger impact on people? Maybe it’s just your bit. So take some advice from another for once and relax. Mr Richmond is correct…go watch a ballgame and chill. Or better yet? Maybe just worry about yourself for a while.

  58. RE: Pat Murray

    I couldn’t agree with you more! When I now see Les or Fake News I just scroll right on by! It’s disgusting the way the talk to other people. Cheers!

  59. @Pat and Radio Woman
    Contrary to what the critics are saying, you have both described the very beauty of PSR when it comes to “hot topics”
    Just scrolling on by. Les gets to express his thoughts on a subject and you get to decide whether or not you want to read or not.
    Les wins because his freedom of expression is intact.
    You both win because you have used the very brain you were born with to make a decision based on the preservation of your own well being and relative desire to glean or not glean more information.
    And PSR and its readers win because the value of the site is realized.

  60. George in Richmond,

    How’s this:
    Rona vaccine – an injection by needle into your bloodstream of unknown substances, to protect you from a virus that doesn’t exist.

  61. Pat,

    When capitalize some words it’s not to really shout, but to only inflect a point to hammer home. All too many people and especially on the liberal left, are driven mainly by emotions. Logic is hard to impress upon them. BTW, just so you know, I was for many years a Koolaid drinking liberal-lefty and finally saw how my emotions often clouded any real logic.

    So I’m sorry Pat if my capitalizing at time bothers you or others, it’s not to shout per se, but my way in hopes to help make aware those who seem to refuse to see logic, reality and facts.

    Ayn Rand said, “One can choose to ignore reality, but one cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

  62. Radio Woman,

    Can you please show me where I am so disgusting in talking about other people?

    I am not going to gloss over some peoples’ faults, actions, and ideals if I see them as being bad for me and my society. I’m going to choose to call them out even if they do not like or if it makes them look bad.

  63. All good Les, I have no beef with your content. I just feel that expressing yourself in a fashion that makes me listen and learn is much more appropriate and appreciated than when it’s said in a cordial mode. That’s all. More people might be more willing and understanding if you don’t talk down to others but rather talk too them. Carry on!

  64. Ok, I’ll bite.

    I don’t feel like getting into a long winded back and forth regarding these issues of the vaccines and people calling things fake news. These are my opinions and I’ll leave it at that.

    The vaccines.

    I feel as individuals, most of us are smart enough to make decisions for ourselves and our families. If taking a vaccine helps me? If science tells me to take this to help us all, then take it. If you feel it is not right for you? Then don’t. It is not my place to say what other’s should and shouldn’t do. I myself have taken it. But that was my decision. I hold no ill will towards anyone who doesn’t want to. To each their own. So that’s how I feel.

    The so called fake news.

    I worked in media for 20 years. I feel people confuse two things. Opinions and news. Opinions are there to get people engaged, to drive viewership, to get people riled up and for the most part? It works. This happens all over the world. Real news? Like the 6pm version is just that. It’s news. If six people die in a car accident? Then it must be reported as such. That is news. Have I ever seen or heard of anyone altering a story? No I have not.

    I’m also one who watches and reads plenty of different kinds of news from different countries. Living abroad gives a person a different perspective on what other countries think of Canada and the US. In Canada we have laws. In the states? They have regulations and you can break a regulation anytime and pay the fine.

    Most countries have a national broadcast. Of course we have CBC and I feel sometimes the wording of a story can alter the outcome. That happens in all privately run stations. That’s the point…they are private. Like any business they can express it how they feel. CBC is a tax funded situation. They are supposed to be unbiased. Sometimes I question that.

    With that said, if you feel a story is untrue? You have every right to contact the CRTC and they will do an investigation into the matter. If they are proven to be false? They must retract the story. Unfortunately, people do not follow up and use Facebook as a way of expressing themselves and it doesn’t help anyone. If more people contacted the CRTC and made them accountable? You would see less of the so called fake news.

    I speak for myself.

    Have a great night.

  65. Pat Murray you nailed it! Thank you! But Mr. Fake will still find a problem with your answer. You don’t need to even respond to Fake because you nailed it!

  66. Pat Murray,
    I hope the vaccine you took keeps you in good health.

    House fires and dog stories seem to be fairly accurate.
    The politicization of news is where the problem lies, and lies.
    When the government gives news organizations $600,000,000, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, I don’t see how effective a government bureaucracy would be in stopping the wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
    MSM deserves to be called Fake News.

  67. I must say , this site is probably about the best when it comes to letting us push the boundaries of debate free speech and just plain good old freedom. I love it. We all have our red line limits and beliefs and sites like this are an absolute necessity when so many political influences, and media influences are eroding democratic foundations from within and outside.

    Getting on now, I and some loved ones got our jabs because it was a calculated decision based on what we see going on. A kind of maybe more on the damned if we don’t side. The risks I feel are much less if we didn’t. But that is just our opinion and freedom. Nothing against anyone else’s beliefs on the subject though.
    On that note, I do truly respect everyone’s take on all the issues of vaccinations, and will not push any of my beliefs on anyone. It was our free human decision.

    Onto government and the leaders in this grand old Canada that is being shaped by weak leaders and ones who I feel have not got the interests of Canadians at the fore front. I believe treachery is at play in slow almost unnoticeable steps.
    I am not a very trustful person of government and the elite political club and use my own inner sense of what I feel is the right decision on things of life. I don’t always get it right. Politicians and party’s have swayed so much away from the real job they are payed to do, and that is to serve the people and they must be held accountable by who. US of course. Of course politics, broken promises, and politicking in general has always been there, but the problem is, it’s getting steadily worse, and it’s crumbling the foundation of what we hold dear. A complacent and compliant media is party to this. An informed and strong willed citizenry can push back. It’s not just their right ,it is their duty in democracies such as ours to keep freedom healthy no matter what one believes. This is why we see such a hard ass push back from society in various forms. The citizenry did not cause this. It was the bad, stupid self serving politicians. I would even go so far as saying some I feel by their actions and comments would sell out their fellow citizens to enemies of the state.
    How many people actually know that our very own Prime Minister Trudeau has at one time stated that he Admired the Basic Dictatorship of China. Him and his people bending over for that regime and monster machine. Anyone can just Google it and it’s all there. He completely sold out the nations safety with regards to vaccines by trying aquire vaccines through a China based bio tech outfit that is completely and obviously tied to the regime and it’s military and the whole damn nine yards. I’m just giving example’s of where this backstabbing bastard’s mind is at.
    People can judge him on what kind of sellout he is. Him and his people have put Canada behind so badly on vaccines that we are now in dire straights. I wonders how my wonderful Allies and friends in beautiful America feel about this dipstick up here. I wouldn’t trust this bastard with the nation’s security at all or the continental security for that matter. He’s a politicians of many guises i think. And they aren’t good. Or many of our politicians of the new PCed Woke age of politics and scared complicit media.

  68. solost,

    I have come to re-examin Canadian Prime Ministers as I have been red pilled and I have come to see that Canada has most often exemplified in mediocrity in our Prime Ministers, Premiers, Cabinet Members and most politicians in general. If we never became (riding on the USA’s coattails ) a developed first world nation we would have been a poster boy nation for a banana republic. In all honesty we have become a banana republic and we are a joke nation globally. It’s just that other nations of importance do not want to make us cry by being honest with us on it. They still like to think Canadians are kind and polite people. Though that ship has sailed many years ago.

    What we are today is a self righteous, self loathing, anti American nation of people with a growing inferiority complex. We are not as well liked globally as we like to think that we are. The rest of the world short of our vast national resources does not give much a crap about Canada and Canadians. Ironically the one nations’ people who still like Canadians are Americans. They like us enough to not really worry about us as we have ‘yet???’ to pose a threat to them.

    Our growing insecurities and self-righteousness has us being more and more anti America yet even as we drink their entertainment and culture…. It’s really quite amazing the nation we have become. We want the world to love us, yet we are global also rans and the one nation that has a true stake in a relationship with us, the USA is the one we and notably often our succession of PM’s in general love to piss on!… PATHETIC REALLY!


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