Coast to Coast No Longer on Bloomberg 1410am


PSR was recently informed Coast to Coast no longer being aired on Bloomberg’s Vancouver radio station CFTE 1410am

No explanation as to why Bloomberg and C to C are no longer an item. CtoC has been replaced by Jim Richards’ Late Showgram from CFRB.

Coast to Coast with George Noory can still be heard in the Pacific Northwest on

KIRO 97.3 FM Seattle, WA Every Day 10PM – 3AM


KONP-AM (1450 AM) Port Angeles, WA Every Day 10PM – 3AM


KVI-AM (570 AM) Seattle, WA Sa 6PM – 10PM

If you’re out of range from these station, KIRO carries Coast to Coast on their live stream HERE


  1. Old news. The Jim Richards show launched on 1410 the same day as everywhere else. I even think it was posted in a comment on one the posts on here previously

  2. There’s only so much conspiracy crap people will listen to. More important, Coast to Coast was a hard sell to local advertisers. It was used as filler at best. No surprise Bell finally dumped it.

  3. Shouldwoudacouda
    There’s only so much conspiracy crap people will listen to

    You mean like the garbage spewed out by Bloomberg and the rest of the FAKE NEWS? Go back to your WOKE meeting.

  4. Too bad so sad. Perhaps the suits at NW might consider shifting gears dumping the shift and brining back a decent interesting program IE C2C The shift has been a sad sad sad replacement for Coast to Coast.

  5. Maybe he’s still refusing to get his jab. His ilk are pretty quickly called out and stifled. If you doubt this, try calling in anywhere else, just asking questions regarding safety of vaccines. Try bringing THIS topic to “the kitchen table”. LMAO!!!

  6. Speaking of the FAKE NEWS dropping C2C…..

    Jody BROWN SHIRT Vance keeps pushing the FAKE virus and pushing POISON Non-vaccine vaccines along with her friend the FAKE pollster Mario Canseco

    Maybe Jody POISON PUSHER Vance and Mario the FAKE pollster can tell us why this 1.2 million dollar bounty has never been paid….

    By the way……try doing a GOOGLE search on Covid Bounty and see how long it takes you to find this page. Jody BROWN SHIRT Vance will have you believe it’s a “conspiracy theory” that Big Tech is rigging search results.

  7. I love Coast to Coast! It’s a great respite & escapism from the propagandized pablum the parrots (the weak, non challenging, not all that bright talk show hosts on CKNW for example) on the other radio stations offer. They keep repeating the same old same old over and over and none of them challenge anything the guests they are interviewing are saying. And they have guests do interviews on their cell phones. They sound muffled as if they were talking underwater from the bottom of a barrel. At least Coast to Coast insists that their guests do their interviews from a landline.
    I did get really annoyed at Bell Media having the reincarnation of Josef Goebbels babbling every 1/2 hour that the opinions of George Noory and guests were their own and not of Bell Media and to follow local health authorities on Covid etc…. How ridiculously condescending. I’ll make up my own mind Bell Media Goebbels. Oh, and which local health authorities should we be following Bell Media Goebbels? Fuhrer Bonnie Hitler? She has been commandeering this Covid 19 situation for over a year and has made no progress. She as well as all the know nothing politicians should be fired. Now if you are going to criticize something you better have a solution, which I have, empirically evidenced. Me. I am in my 60’s. I do not socially distance unless someone walking by me is trying to avoid me. I do not wear a mask. I never use sanitizer. I do not want the poisonous alcohol absorbing into my body. I have only had 1 vaccination since 1967. But what I do do are 4 things that build an industrial strength immune system. I don’t care if someone with Covid 19, the Brazil variant, the UK variant, South African variant, or the variant from the mythical man on the moon coughs right in my face. I am not going to have this dinky virus lead me around by the nose.
    I think I got Covid 19 4 months ago. I had a cough, sore throat and was in bed for about 10 days and fatigued for about another 10 days and then I was fine. Hopefully I have developed some natural immunity. No shutting down of the country was required. Meanwhile the politicians and so called health professionals are still all getting paid courtesy of the tax payers who they are preventing from making a living.
    Anyway back to Coast to Coast
    I am listening to Coast on KIRO out of Seattle, but it is staticky.
    Please please please FM or AM stations in Vancouver pick up Coast to Coast! I am an avid radio listener and Coast is my favorite program to listen to.

  8. Have to agree, the overnight show up on NW is a disaster. Childish at best. They spend more time talking to, and applauding each other about their boring lives, then prepping and presenting some solid issues. That’s just plain lazy. Let these wannabe hosts learn the craft BEFORE they hit a major market. This show sounds like bad college radio.

  9. Brigitte – Up until last week I was listening to C2C using iHeart Radio on my computer. Now that iHeart is gone I have found hundreds of other local stations in the USA carrying it. I picked up a Bluetooth receiver for $26 on Amazon and have it plugged into my Bose in my bedroom. When I go to bed I open the new Google searched bookmarked C2C station on my computer. Go to my bedroom – turn on the Bluetooth receiver and Bose and I have C2C in crystal clear FM quality. I can set my sleep timer on my Bose to turn off after I have fallen to sleep or just reach over pick up my remote and mute the shows I’m not interested in. 90% of the time I fall asleep. Some weird dreams at times though.

    My point is you are not tied to your terrestrial radio station anymore after the consultants get control of their programming destroying years of programming loyalty at your local station.

    After CHQR/Chorus in Calgary dropped C2C and replaced it with a clown show- thats when I invested the $26 and I can proudly say I have never listened to the local overnight show. The daytime promo’s confirmed I was on the right track and I continue to listen to George when and how I want.

  10. Thank you for the tip Chris, but I am not up late. I would listen to some of the show live, and then go to bed and tape C2C on a 1/4 speed cassette deck & then listen to the show whenever I wanted. If there is an undated way to record a bunch of C2C shows quietly at night and then be able to listen to them whenever I wanted I am all ears. I will definitely invest in the technology. Sorry to hear that you have the same problem in Calgary that we do here in Vancouver. Replacing a radio show that has millions of listeners with local clowns and childish parrots.

  11. C2C is available on many radio stations if you have an Alexa or Google Speaker. While you are at it check Red Eye Radio at the same time, I think they are more consistently better. I believe KVI carries them after 10.

  12. The Coast website has a vault of past shows but it is a monthly payment of around $6.00USD per month for anytime listening. That way you can search the shows going back I believe the promo says 5 years.

    Using the web streaming you can time shift like your cable or sat tv. Pick up a station on the East Coast or Mid West or West Coast depending on your schedule. For me it’s way more convenient than being tied to one stations schedule.

    The problem is with centralized corporate radio is they are using their mass messaging to make you feel you are a bad person because you are not “Woke” or if your a Conservative. I have almost completely stopped listening to local radio because there is no more “News”, it’s all opinions. “Honey turn on the “Opinions” while we eat dinner”. Don’t be sorry just be mindful.

  13. If i was to put a bet on it, i bet they dropped coast-to-coast becuase it has somewhat of a conservative slant and doesn’t follow left wing narrative.
    They already put a disclaimer before the main segment saying that people should follow their health authorities guidelines and that the station didn’t support alternative covid news, so not surprised that the liberal commies at the dominant left-wing station got rid of C2C.
    100% agree with other comment that they the Shift on CKNW was a POOR replacement for C2C

  14. Since high school, I have been listening to Coast to Coast AM since 1998 when it was a show with Art Bell. I am very disappointed that it is no longer available over the air in Vancouver. At least there is the Internet where the program is available on many alternate sources. George made it clear that he is not telling people to get the vaccine nor not to get the vaccine and people should make up their own mind. It was a very bad decision to replace Coast to Coast AM with a news commentary or editorial show. We have enough of these shows during the day and Coast to Coast AM is a wonderful alternative program that offers a different perspective in a wide range of topics ranging from the news to science and history. I feel that people who listen to late night talk radio would prefer Coast to Coast AM over another one of those programs that can be heard during the day. Sponsors oradvitising can include many premium products such as the C Crane radio, cutting edge technology, science equipment like portable telescopes as well as natural foods including health food and personal care products. I actually enjoyed hearing the advertisements for the C. Crane company.


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