Half of Canadians believe journalists mislead the public: poll


By True North Wire

April 14, 2021

Recently, there have been various instances of journalists promoting their own opinions rather than reporting factual information. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, legacy media outlets have targeted anyone who opposes strict lockdowns in the past year.

Canadian journalists have also gone out of their way to fawn over the Biden administration in the United States.

In January, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) found that a CTV National News program violated the code of ethics for Canadian broadcasters by lying about former President Donald Trump.

Edelman notes that the media, along with the government and other institutions, enjoyed a brief period of increasing trust during the beginning of the pandemic which has since evaporated.

“In Spring 2020, business, government and NGOs all saw a spike in trust, moving them into the trusted category among the Canadian general population. Since then, the trust bubble has burst, with all institutions giving back most (if not all) of the gains they saw and returning to the neutral zone.”

The survey also suggests “academic experts” and corporations have lost the public’s trust in the past year, with credibility at all-time lows for most people in positions of authority.

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  1. I call it ‘Controlled Media’. There is NO credible news/investigative journalism anywhere in the western world and not just Canada today.

    Only mindless NPC’s, drones or sheep believe anything from our established media today and that includes corrupted notable social media.

    To be working in any news media positions today is now seen as just useful stooges to a most corrupted and arrogant elite leftist class. 🙁


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