MEDIA HEALTH ALERT! PSR continues to report on the Plandemic that MSM mis-reports…’ROCKSTAR’ Rocco Galati goes for the Jugular!


Extremely important video that involves British Columbia with
Constitutional Lawyer – Rocco Galati. – (Rocco Galati clip from the Stockholm Peace Summit)

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  1. People like Jody Vance are as Lenin called them useful stooges, she is lost beyond hope. Her virtue signalling bull shite (OBTW I never thought she was very bright anyways even on her TSN days) is a result of her having no critical thinking skills. Mainstream media which I am beginning to call as CONTROLLED MEDIA, controlled as in pushing essentially a single minded social/political, agenda are all LOST CAUSES! Credible news journalism/media in most of at least the western world IS DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! They are only mindless propaganda machines now, AUTOMATONS!

  2. AND While Jody JOSEPH GOEBBELS Vance continues to push NON-vaccine vaccines claiming you have “immunity” (there is NO immunity with these Gene Editing Drugs) and there is no blood clot problem…….

    While FAR LEFT WOKE Jody Vance continues to poison people……the CDC has just PULLED another NON-vaccine vaccine…..for blood clot problems.

    But please people……you can trust Jody JOSEPH GOEBBELS Vance. Communist countries work right?

  3. Who among us has followed our doctor’s advice 100% of the time? I would suspect that all of us cheat and continue to do the things that we enjoy; after all – you only live once.

    Politicians, however, can be counted on to do the wrong things, wrongly, all the time:

    Here is the latest missive from Alberta’s medical “expert” as reported by Postmedia (via the same identical article in the Edmonton Sun and Journal):

    “(Dr.) Hinshaw said she and her team are closely monitoring the province’s situation and if the trend doesn’t change, MORE RESTRICTIONS MAY BE NECESSARY.

    “The recipe for getting safely to summer is simple,” she said. “We need to reduce cases sharply by limiting in-person interactions as much as possible every day. We need to stop the spread for just a few more months so that the vaccines can do their work. We are getting closer to this every day.”

    Here’s a bit of common sense, dear: Your very dangerous advice has devastated the economy, caused untold suffering for the population of Alberta, ruined children’s education, negatively affected mental health, contributed to the rise in homelessness, closed beloved businesses, made criminals out of Christian pastors, caused an armed siege at a church with 200 armed police erecting a fence that prevents the congregation from entering a property that they paid for.

    This “doctor” is giving bad advice and should be fired from her six figure government position. Any politician that takes her or any “medical expert’s” advice to further lock down the populace over a year later is being blackmailed or is plainly an idiot.

  4. Folks. Just tell people to watch Blue Jays baseball. Fans in the seats having a good time. Don’t tell them what we once had, show them. Make them envious and jealous.

    Your friends and family are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Tell them that since Bonnie Henry is going to close down all the beaches and parks this summer, you are going to book a flight to Miami and enjoy the beaches and outdoor cafes there. Maybe take in some golf and catch some Jai Alai. And send photos, lots of photos.

    Once they see people they know out having a good time and not dropping like flies, they will slowly come around.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen what has been happening and what is laid before us and a lot of us have seen this movie before and know that the outcome is a detriment to us all. We have laid out the case, exposed the frauds and charlatans, and detailed the propaganda and elected and non-elected players in the game. We have engaged in dialectic and rhetoric and have planted seeds and caused some to think and others to retrench their positions.

    It is time to just live life now. I am not saying to stop delivering your opinions and engaging in civil protest and action, I am saying just do what you need to do to stay sane. Want to visit your granny in Fort Nelson. Just go and don’t make a big deal of it. Want to take a holiday this summer, then book one. And go. Start acting like the old normal. People want the old normal. Don’t wear a mask walking down the street if you do not believe it actually does something. Give people a reason to be envious.

    And folks. Give poor Jody a break. Between her and Heather and Simi and the rest, they are simply smart enough to know which side their bread gets buttered but not smart enough to realize that no, they will not get eaten last. The rest of us are smart enough to make plans to not get eaten at all and have prepared our favourite folding chairs and popcorn for the rest of this show. Like Aaron says, “Enjoy the Decline”

  5. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.



    New lockdowns (arbitrarily applied at that), more social restrictions and such have proven vs states and nations that do not go apeshit on these restrictions to NOT BLOODY WELL WORK! But narcissistic conceited, unelected health officials, idiot politicians and morons in controlled news push the same bullshite over and over expecting different results.


  6. So, if the plan described in the jamft Tweet has any truth to it, it can be expected that on, or within a week of Thursday, April 15th, Bonnie Henry is going to announce travel restrictions within the province.
    If she does, then it pretty well confirms she is following Schwab’s great reset script rather than actually doing her job as a provincial health officer. Most reasonable people would agree that these kind of actions would be tatamount to acting on behalf of a foreign agent.
    After all, she has had a year and what has happened? Lockdown, after lockdown after lockdown. The previous lockdown didn’t work so let’s lockdown some more. Just as Les has said, Utter Insanity.
    Meanwhile, Florida seems to be right back to where it was pre-pandemic with people getting around, going to pubs, hitting the beach, golfing, eating out, catching a ball game, even having good old Wraslin’ back with fans in the stands.
    Ladies and Gentlemen. Do you really want to waste another year and ruin another summer holiday and have more businesses go bust and watch you kids blow another year of education and watch your taxes go higher and higher and higher while your standard of living gets lower and lower? If you don’t want this kind of engineered dystopia, then it is about time that you contact your MLA and the Chamber of Commerce, and the Auto Dealers Association and other agencies that have their lobby specialists living and working in Victoria and tell them that are going to remember who did and who did not fight for us and liberate us from this UN-WHO-driven Globalist nonsence because if Schwab and his Davos Crowd get their way, there will be no need for the Chamber of Commerce or Auto Dealers or anything resembling free markets and mom and pop business.

  7. I saw video that noted all the lockdowns and other measures we have been doing are not working to actually control the SARS-cov-2 virus. Dr. Fraudci himself has noted that the virus mutates (no shit Sherlock, it’s what all viruses do) and as it does some mutated variants may be changed enough to have one’s own antibodies if they have caught Covid 19 already may not be able to attack quickly enough to suppress the more mutated variants before getting sick again.


    All the things we have done to SLOW THE SPREAD, only slowed up our human societies natural ability to build heard immunity and thus more time given for the SARS-cov-2 virus to mutate and some forms into major altered variants. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE DONE!

    Had we just protected the elderly and the people with health issues over the last year and let society live on normally the virus would have spread through the healthier and younger society quicker, reaching natural heard immunity and fewer mutated variants would have resulted. The virus would like all viruses just fade into the background Ether of life and we would then see risks for the elderly and those with health issues drop off too.


    BTW since we have allowed the SARS-cov-2 more time spread and mutate with some variants changing enough that those with past infections of Covid 19 may not be so able to help fight them off as easily, THEN THINK FOLKS! THOSE EFFING MRNA JABS WILL FAIL TOO!

    And with viral variants looking to be running around the globe for a while to come now, newer mRNA injections will need to be made (if you believe/support this crock enough already). Now stop and think, this could mean one day dozens or hundreds of new mRNA injections per year and human nature, mistrust and anger would not see people lining up weekly or daily for their next experimental mRNA jabs….. NO BLOODY WAY!

    We need to STOP ALL THI BULLSHITE NOW! Offer protections for the elderly who may want them, look after those with other health issues that could make getting SARS-cov-2 worse for them, educate general public health including more on nutrients and supplements. THEN LET THE REST OF WORLD SOCIETY GO BACK TO OUR FREE LIVES AND SOCIAL WAYS!!!!

  8. Some more thoughts…

    The Pharmaceutical companies that produce these mRNA injections are protected from being sued for injuries and deaths due to their mRNA products. Ask yourselves this, if these mRNA injections are so safe, why do the drug companies need anti-lawsuit protections? They are not protected on other therapeutic drugs and devices sold. In fact most have been sued and LOST many times for bringing dangerous meds and devices to market. I believe that Phizer may be the most sued drug company in history. J&J has lost a $10B suit over its frigging baby powder!

    On top of that and to show wilful complicity by government, Many doctors in Australia have wained from injecting these mRNA shots into people’s arms.. Ironically they worry NOT for patient health or such, but from being sued for their part in potential injuries and deaths. So what does the Australian government then do? It writes legislation protecting doctors now too and not just Big Pharma!!!

    So in Australia, the people cannot sue the drug companies for any side effects and deaths of these EXPERIMENTAL NOT APPROVED FOR GENERAL USE MRNA INJECTIONS! But the people can’t even sue their doctors for jabbing them either.

    Now I’m going to use an analogy here. If legislation came about protecting automobile manufactures from the public suing them over the safety and possible life threatening dangers of their automobiles made to be sold to the public and also to protect the car dealerships and and sales staff from being sued for peddling potentially dangerous automobiles, let me ask you all this? WOULD YOU BUY ANY OF THESE MANUFACTURERS’ AUTOMOBILES KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE ZERO LITIGATION RECOURSE IN THE EVENT THE PRODUCTS INJURE OR KILL YOU OR LOVED ONES!?!

    THINK ABOUT IT! Before you take the experimental mRNA jabs! You gonna trust your health and life to PM ‘I Love Commie China’ Trudeau? You Provincial Premier? Dr. (CCP) TAM?, Dr. Bonnie ‘Castro’ Henry? Dr. Evil Fraudci? President Corrupt Biden.? Boris ‘I’m Lovin the power’ Johnson? and on and on and on?

  9. Les, you spell it out quite well, however, logical arguments seem to be failing to make inroads with people who have been propagandized to the point where they have become afraid of healthy people.

    Me: “I feel, great, in fact, never felt better”
    Karen: “Put on a mask”

    Les, we are Rev. Jim Jones levels of indoctrination and servitude to the narrative/cult of the Infallible Doctor. What seems to connect with folks though are not, the experimental and emergency use aspects of the gene therapy, but rather the adverse effects of the injection. I say that because CBC and others are pushing real hard the notion that “more chance of getting struck by lightning” than getting a blood clot. That seems to indicate that all the adverse event reports are having an effect on Canadians and thus the narrative machine needs to “debunk” the adverse effects claims and have more Infallible Doctors spreading the usual tripe to the audience.
    Just try showing your reluctant contemporaries photos of the guy who literally lost his skin from his trunk and legs. Or videos of people with palsy which started a week after getting injected. Or some stories of women who had miscarriages right after getting the gene therapy. Imagine, what if this mRNA gene therapy gets into a developing fetus? Bogosh on CBC has had to do some backtracking and doubletalking to prevent himself from looking like a complete moron as injuries related to the gene therapy injection become so plentiful that the MSM is unable to keep a lid on it and Bogosh tried to twist and turn on how it is good-to-go/not-good-to-go/good-to-go. He has gone from “Aw shucks, good friendly doctor with your best interests” to plain old Doofus.
    However, you do come up with some good info for those folks that are willing to actually use their brains and this helps them.

  10. George In Richmond,

    I could not agree with you more.

    Here is a quick snapshot of a recent discussion with a normal Joe citizen I know, but one who is so indoctrinated to be a part of the Covid flock and the vaccines sheep here is sample of few words he spoke.

    The discussion about getting the jab came up.. I normally no longer wish to talk much about this stuff with others I know. but I fell into the rabbit hole, he has gotten his first jab. He tried to guilt me for not getting mine. To which I noted why should he worry if he is PROTECTED with his jab. To which he noted the jab does not prevent him from getting sick nor spreading the Covid 19 virus. I asked if he can still spread the virus, then how am I more a threat to others than him for not taking the jab? He went back immediately saying the jab helps prevent the spread. PERPLEXED I LOOKED!! As not 10 seconds earlier he noted the jab does not prevent him from spreading Covid 19 nor getting sick with it, but it may help alleviate his symptoms if he gets sick. Then not ten seconds later he tells me the jab helps prevent the spread. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! Talk about cognitive dissonance!

    This vaccine shite is now ALL ABOUT VIRTUE SIGNALLING! People in that mindset are doing it to virtue signal. THEY DISREGARD THE GROWING NUMBERS OF GLOBAL ADVERSE REACTIONS INCLUDING DEATHS. THEY WOULD TAKE THE JAB EVEN IF IT WAS PROVED TO SAY ONLY HAVE A 2% EFFICACY! yet still have significant side effects including possible deaths from it. THEY ARE BRAINWASHED SHEEP! Just looking good for their circle of social media exposure they have.

    Growing evidence of long standing anti viral/ anti parasitic meds are showing to be able to KNOCK OUT COVID 19

    Dr. Fraudci on Aug 22 2005 when studying SARS-cov-1 found that Chloroquine (a familial to Hydroxychloroquine was almost 100% effective in curing patients of SARS-cov-1. But you do not see that on controlled media sites.

    At the height of the pandemic last spring Bolivia was seeing about 100 deaths per day, quite high for nation of 12 million. One Doctor tried Chloride-Dyoxide. He tested it on the Police and army who had contracted Covid 19. The results were STUNNING, A VIRTUAL 100% CURE RATE! So impressed was the government they enacted a law allowing Bolivian Doctors to use Chloride -Dyoxide as a treatment. Almost immediately the death rate fell from around 100 per day to near zero! BUT NO DAMNED CONTROLLED MEDIA TELLS US THIS, NO WHO OR CDC, OR HEALTH CANADA ETC. They all just parrot the same BULLSHIT of the last year. LOCKDOWNS, FACE DIAPERS, SOCIAL DISTANCING AND EXPERIMENTAL mRNA JABS!

    Then there is Ivermectin, another low cost and safe drug that has proven very effective at beating Covid 19…. But almost crickets from the media on it.

  11. Les. You are illustrating the problem that exists. You and others, are able to the actual scientific evidence of what works and what does not. Be it for china virus, be it for natural changes in climate, be it for best way to get rid of pesky mosquitoes. You (and others) have self-educated yourself(ves) well enough to know that models are garbage-in-garbage-out and can provide whatever you want. Educated enough to know that ICUs are not full. Educated enough to know that busy nurses do not have time for Tik Toks and to know that why, under Bonnie Henry’s orders, we are not allowed to eat at a local diner but BC Ferries and airports are allowed to have food concessions. What is being described, however, is logical thinking, including the pretzelization and mobious-stripping of logic that your friend has to do to figure to logically convince himself that 2 + 2 = 5. I have done this until blue in the face with my contemporaries.
    Here is what I do now:

    HE: “Hey, George in Richmond, I just got vaccinated, when are you going to do the same”

    ME: “Oh, I am going to wait for at least a year to see what permanent effects this experimental gene therapy has on you folks”

    HE: “Say what?”

    ME: “Well, seeing how this kind of gene therapy resulted in the deaths of almost all the animals in the animal studies after actually being exposed to the virus afterwards, I would be stupid to get this shot until I see what happens to people”

    HE: “But it’s approved”

    ME: “Under Emergency Powers, which means that should you have an adverse reaction and are unable to work or die, nobody is going to pay out a disability insurance or life insurance and there is nobody to sue because the government indemnified all the pharmaceutical companies.” “So, if you want to risk leaving your wife and children in a bad way, that is your business”

    Les, it does not always go along that script but you get the idea. I have flipped the script on them. Instead of them getting all over me for “why are you risking me and my family and my granny by not getting the vax” I am getting on them for why are they risking the livelihood of their spouse and kids by taking a risk on the vax. It also pictures one as not being anti-vax but simply as being prudent.

    Heres one that really irked one of my neighbours

    HE: “Hey, I see your teenager got themselves a pretty decent first car.”

    ME: “I am glad you like it because you paid for it; it all on CERB money”

  12. George In Richmond,


    The conversation I had almost immediately after being asked if I’m gonna get the jab, when I said, “I don’t plan too.” Right then I wish I could have sucked those words back into my mouth. I thought right after what I should have said was “I am going to wait for a while, maybe like 6 months to a year before I decide one way or another.” Had I said that the dystopian discussion I had with this friend would not likely have happened or as controversial as it did in my case. 🙂

    This also applies with anthropogenic climate change. The similarities of discussion between Covid 19 and anthropogenic climate change is shocking.

    It got me thinking and back to an experiment I witnessed many years ago on a tv show. Let me tell it here?

    It was tv show where a man had subjects take their keys tie a length of thread to them. He had them choose to pick up a dime or a quarter. He had them hold either coin in their hand as a fist resting on a table. With their other hand he had them using the thread hold their keys above their fisted hand with either coin inside. He said the experiment will show that the coins will affect the keys hanging on the thread above their fist. He said those with the dime in fist will see it make the hanging keys begin to swing clockwise. He said those with the quarter in fist will see it make the hanging keys swing counter clockwise.

    Low and behold that is exactly what happened with every person in this experiment on tv. I chose to participate at home too and was blown away with it and how a dime and a quarter in a hand could cause keys hanging from a length of thread to move either clockwise or anti clockwise just as the man said they would.

    After the tv show , I decided to try to again. At first a dime in my fist resting on a coffee table and a thread holding keys just hung there, they did not swing any which way. Hmmmmmm….. Out of curiosity I told myself the dime in fist will cause the keys to swing clockwise and they did so…. AHHHH! But for a control I told myself the dime in fist will swing the keys counterclockwise and they then did so. The lightbulb in my head went off! It was pure power of suggestion. On the tv show the man imparted a suggestion into the people in the experiment and the results followed the suggestion. At home I confirmed such by merely suggesting this to myself and the keys did exactly what I said. It was myself carrying out through subconscious micro dynamics affecting the thread causing the keys to swing any which way I suggested. Clockwise, counter clockwise, left to right, up and down and even to STOP! Every suggestion I told myself saw the keys on the thread do exactly what I suggested, and so subconsciously.

    BTW it could be anything you hang with a thread (nuts, bolts, screws etc. etc. ) and anything you hold in your hands, coins, playing cards, other small objects.

    My point here is how easy the power of suggestion can effect our thoughts and more so subconscious thoughts:

    Hearing the following things can cause through power of suggestion one to do things or think things including erroneous things:

    Covid 19 is going to make you sick or kill you.
    Not taking the jab makes you a bad person.
    Climate change is bad and we must do whatever it takes to stop it.
    You only live once just go buy that __________ fill in the blank here __________ and not worry about it.
    This product I tell ya is better than that product.
    Go have another burger you deserve it.
    Naaaaa those drugs won’t harm you don’t believe those that say they will.

    Donald Trump is a racist
    Donald Trump does not pay taxes
    Donald Trump is Hitler
    Hunter Biden is only a victim.
    George Floyd was killed by a racist cop.

    The Democrat Party cares about blacks.
    The Democrat Party cares about fair elections.

    Justin Trudeau is the best leader we have available today.

    Justin Trudeau cares about LGBT

    Do you all see my points? Without critical thinking we can all be susceptible to power of suggestion and its coercion. Since my personal red pilling after living 20-25 years as blue pilled liberal I have better seen how sadly blue pilled people socially and politically disconnect critical thinking skills over emotions and how their emotions can be driven more easy by power of suggestion to have them think ad or do things an not always for the better.

    BTW if any of you do not believe my experiment above just go try it then. Odds are you will be surprised.

    OBTW now you all know why commercials work to help suggest us to buy things, even shite we don’t need nor may really not want and even buy stuff we cant truly afford!

    C R I T I C A L T H I N K I N G S K I L L S folks learn to use them.

  13. Les, I will tell you my own little story. Was doing a technical job in eastern part of Richmond. Talked to the clients who were running a successful business. Somehow got on to talking about global warming and sea level rise was going to get us all here in Richmond. I indicated I was sceptical about that as I have myself been involved in research up in the European Arctic a number of years ago and have seen the seen a lot of data first hand (before the agency started to get big EU money and started to sing a new song). These clients told me I was flat out wrong. Told me that sea level was rising 5mm a year. I asked who told them that. Al Gore. I told them that I have been walking my dog on the dyke for a dozen years or more and would have noticed a 60 mm rise and have noticed no meaningful rise at all. Their response: “Nope, your wrong, 5 mm a year”. Based on their verbal abilities and success, these gents would be in the 110 to maybe 115 IQ range. But they couldnt effing think. It’s a lot like this so-called pandemic. Does it really “feel” like a pandemic. Are you really seeing people dropping like flies. If you turned off the Idiot Box would you encounter anything that resembles a pandemic. Are you seeing people just standing around then collapsing on the street like videos from China. Are there giant disinfectant smog trucks driving around like in China. Are people getting their windows welded shut like in China (hey Turdo, don’t get any ideas). No. Nothing . Zip. Nada. If you go to a wedding and their aint a bride and groom, then it aint a wedding and if people are dropping like flies, then it aint a pandemic. It was certainly a psy-op by China because while our econonmy is tanking, China’s economic growth was 18 percent in this past quarter.

  14. George,

    Your example about those arguing with you about anthropogenic climate change, I get your point. I’ve also come across people who appear very intelligent but lack the ability to think outside their specific fields of endeavour or career.

    The Climate has been and will always change, we are between two glacial ice ages right now. Man is a flyspeck in what we do to affect the climate and its balance. Think of it this way. Nature could in a moment though fate, wipe out pretty well al 7.5Billion of us. We are not causing any climate change, honesty in science tells us this. The cult of anthropogenic climate change is the problem an it’s all Marxist driven.

    BTW, As to CO2 it’s a life gas to all on Earth. It’s not a pollutant. We are actually in a global CO2 drought at 400ppm. Over the history of Earth our CO2 levels hovered around 1000-1500 ppm and as high as 7000ppm. So 400ppm is barely enough for life. In fact because of an increase in CO2 of which man is a tiny percentage of and most of the increase is natural our Earth is greening up and that is good for7.5+ billion people.

    Our climate is a true negative feedback loops and it does not require pissants like us humans in controlling it.

    I know a guy who is in road construction and he and his cohorts see it all the time with the Collage graduate engineers. The things they propose to do in road work/design and such, he and those who actually have to do it often just roll their eyes. He calls these people ‘educated dummies.’

    Being educated and even showing high intelligence does not always mean one is real world, real life smart or has true critical thinking skills. I have a very high IQ, my problem is often a lack of stick-to-it-ness and motivation. I get bored of things too soon, too easily. But I have come to refine my critical thinking skills. That said I still fell into a liberal left mind trap when I got into my 20’s. I was never batshit crazy in it all, but I drank liberal Koolaid. I guess looking back on it, maybe it was because I did not have to think much (as such it was a distraction to my high intelligence), but I only had to feel and to virtue signal to get other likeminded peoples’ agreement and adoration. But since my red pilling began some 6-7 years ago now I really do not give a f*$k about these fe fe feelings, woke, virtue signalling liberal blah blah blah types and their wilful ignorance and stupidity now, except when the crap they push hurts or affects me badly, my family badly, my friends badly and my nation badly.

    I am of high intelligence but one thing for me coming back too, that I walked away from once in my liberal left 20’s, is God and Jesus Christ. Though I’m not Bible Thumper no scholar, I know too many intelligent people mock Faith, I was once one who did. Building a path to rediscovery to Jesus Christ and God is building up or repairing my once crumbling life, moral and social foundation.

    Oh BTW Pat, I did not shout 🙂 j/k 🙂

  15. Les

    Joke understood and I appreciate it. I’ve always felt that how we communicate with each other is crucial. Having conversations that make us think or I can listen to to try and solve problems makes things better are very important. So I thank you for you latest post. I may not agree with what you print. I’m just more apt to try and understand and learn where you are coming from if I’m not yelled at. I don’t think yelling solves anything. It makes me put two fingers in my ears and go “la la la la”. No one likes being yelled at. I understand your frustration with this pandemic. We are all frustrated and want our lives back and I believe we will get there. Have a wonderful day Les.

  16. LOL!
    It’s always the same goofs going off on tangents with these posts no matter what it is. This is now humorous to watch, but also so sad. Grab the popcorn here we go! BAHAHA!

  17. Sports folks on both sides need to stick to sports rather than venture into mainstream political issues. Their blatant lack of knowledge is embarrassing.


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