CKUL (96.5 The Breeze)/Halifax’s ‘Morning Breeze With Brad & Deb’ To Expand To Vancouver, Edmonton

Deb & Brad

Courtesy of All Access

April 1, 2021

STINGRAY AC CKUL (96.5 THE BREEZE)/HALIFAX’s “THE MORNING BREEZE WITH BRAD & DEB” will expand to two more markets on MONDAY (4/5) with the addition of sister AC CHLG (104.3 THE BREEZE)/VANCOUVER and AC CKRA (96.3 THE BREEZE)/EDMONTON, where the show will air 6-10a local time in each market. The show, which will be customized for each market and will feature a local reporter for news, traffic, and weather, is hosted by BRAD DRYDEN and DEB SMITH.

“We are thrilled to bring THE MORNING BREEZE WITH BRAD & DEB to a broader audience,” said STINGRAY BREEZE-branded station Brand & Content Leader DAN BARTON. “They have a fantastic relationship with their listeners, and they are a perfect escape from the craziness of life today.”


  1. There are no words. Okay, I’ll try.. Ya it’s one of those “…this hour has 50 non-stop minutes of music!” stations, but still…Halifax to Vancouver? Pathetic…and just keeps getting worse.

  2. how about the afternoon drive on 963 the breeze right now they are using the same guy thats on 941 the breeze 3-7 pm shift

  3. Sad as I am to see Kelly go, I’m glad they didn’t at least pull the plug entirely like AM1040 did.

    They’ll continue to have a local traffic reported who handles multiple Vancouver stations, much like they do now. As far as other “local” input, I’d tend to think that the local input would be the same as the local input into their music – zero.

    But great though Kelly was, I doubt that many people listened to 104.3 for the morning show anyhow, except those that wanted to hear mostly music during that time period. For anyone else, the morning show was subpar compared to most other stations – with the except of their sister station Z95.3, which somehow is doing well in spite of an awful morning show.

    I’ll still be waiting to see if there’s any upcoming tweaking of 104.3’s playlist. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  4. Im also sorry for Kelly great voice and interesting stories the new format from Halifax.Radio is really changing I have switched radio stations right after the dismissal of Kelly

  5. I really enjoyed waking up to Kelly and I not be listening to this station any more you just lost a great listener sting ray

  6. Kelly you will be missed. Not sure what management was thinking we love you in Richmond every morning the station has just lost 14 listeners in the shop no more 104.3

  7. Sorry Kelly that 104.3 let you go I loved your show never will listen to this station again my wife is also upset of this

  8. Really disappointed you changed your morning show we all loved Kelly at work at the bank as he made our day fire the manager the breeze sucks

  9. dont think the morning breeze will last here heard it this morning yes more music thats fine but on our station in edmonton they only updated the traffic no weather forecast when we did up on our way out the door people want to know what to where outside in a day

  10. Yes David I listen this morning in Vancouver lots of music no time given yes traffic reports I have changed stations.Kelly was fantastic humour stories .Management Dont care about liseners dollars ? is number one ☝️

  11. kent who does the traffic reports on your breeze ours is a guy he does k97 and xl103 calgary most likely all of canada think I heard him on boom toronto also on my speaker

  12. Dawn Powers David from 730 traffic station sure miss a regular voice and local announcer .Radio is a different world these days ???

  13. I hate the breeze at 104.3 I really loved listening to Kelly he is the only reason I enjoyed the station and I have no plans to listen until management brings him back the manager and program manager should also be fired

  14. Actually, Dawn Powers has been doing traffic for some time now on 104.3 and 95.3 in addition to 730.

    Kelly is really one-of-a-kind and he’ll find work soon enough if he’s still interested in radio. If any radio station with a half-decent format and variety finds a space for him, that would be my go-to station.

  15. Typically most radio stations who’ve been axing long-time radio staff see a ratings hit. Sometimes the ratings rebound over time. The impact for Edmonton will likely be bigger than Vancouver in the short-term.

    Myself, I preferred Kelly over Nat and Drew, but I hope 103.5 in Vancouver learns from this and keeps Nat and Drew regardless of the costs. If they make the mistake of letting them go, that would be a far bigger ratings hit.

  16. max same thing here in edmonton but I listen to station for music that I like the afternoon show isnt live either but I knw that max all shows arent live on breeze the only was the morning show and afternoon show in edmonton thats it the other djs are from toronto and now hallifax and vancouver

  17. Sorry 96.3 The Breeze you made such awful choices for the morning and afternoon shows now. Simone is super annoying. She has like no class. I find her topics so repetitive.

  18. I agree with Jamie in Vancouver Simone is on 104.3 and she is terrible she needs to be fired the breeze is garbage now that Kelly is gone our company loved the station before and now it’s gone to hell. We had a group that enjoyed Kelly will never listen until they fire Simone

  19. jamie I heard her today not yesterday I know the show is taped fine but have to get use to but I not saying shes great but middle right now the other shows like they had already are fine jamie what do you think of the new morning breeze on 963 breeze I think its different but I like theres more music in morning but hope they have weather forecasts and local updates on channel we have traffic fine same guy as calgary but I want to know what weather is today if I am getting up I like the rest of breeze with drew middays, stacy at night and the other weekned djs they never changed thats good

    Hey David and Jamie, It might be a good idea for you two to exchange email with each other. Thanks, Michael

  20. Yes Claire I agree about Simone on 104.3 no clue on selection of playing music worked your way up to be a music Director which is very sad they let Kelly go and they keep her does not make any sense the good ones go in the bad ones stay on

  21. Don’t like the change in the Breeze 104.3 morning show. I looked forward to and enjoyed listening to Kelly Latremouille every morning. He is knowledgeable with music, has great stories and is humourous. Kelly also engaged with listeners on social media.
    I already did not like the music format change much by the Breeze but will no longer listen much anymore as there is no longer a connection locally to Vancouver as the syndicated show originates from Halifax. I hope Newcap gets their act together when they notice the next radio ratings as well as advertisers jumping ship.

  22. Don for your information. Newcap sold 104.3 to stingray music company. I agree with you Kelly was great. Thu music now sucks just like the announcers Simone has no taste and she is boring she should have been fired. Our company has stopped listening


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