Stingray fires morning men at Breeze stations in Edmonton & Vancouver…


Sean Burke and PD Lindsay Jackson are Out in Edmonton, Kelly Latremouille is no longer with the Breeze Vancouver…Word has it, this isn’t the end of the Stingray firings. Needless to say, this is a Developing Story.

Puget Sound Radio has tried to reach out to Steve Jones of Stingray for more details but have yet to hear back from him.

Just heard The Breeze Edmonton billing was down over 2 million from 2018 to 2019.


  1. It doesn’t surprise me, I have heard that a format change is coming to stations in the west to do with Stingray. It is starting to look like there is going to be about 10 stations changing but they will be one name and basically the same programming across them all. Similar to the boom stations in alberta

  2. I didn’t realize that Kelly in Vancouver had been removed as well. Sad.

    One would think that the only reason for a format change would be for cost reasons. The Edmonton Breeze is doing well, and the Vancouver Breeze would have gone up in ratings in the next period without a format change due to the fallout from the 103.5 Move takeover.

    But the supposed one-size-fits-all format across a wide span of markets seems to be the trend among radio stations. I whatever the new format is, I can’t think of one that would do well in the 18-55 year old demographics in more than a couple of markets, due to the saturation of Virgin/Move/Jack/Country/ Classic Rock/Talk Show/Sports formats across the board.

  3. The Radio business and media, in general, is in financial trouble – try and sell advertising in a Pandemic- when stores are closing.

    The current ‘music’ is so bad – that 20 of the top ten songs on Spotify are from the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties.

    Music now is autotuned C**P.

    The Radio Stations will start signing off… loss.

    *Note how many musicians like Neil Young are selling their catalog of songs?

    They know. IT’S OVER.

    I could go on, Michael – but why bother –

  4. Actually, current music would be a lot better is it weren’t for the current structure that makes it almost impossible for an unheralded artist to even get on Top 40 radio. The mass effect of Top 40 radio means that the same popular songs get played right across North America, along with the same CanCon songs in Canada.

    And I will say that about 50 percent of those current songs are actually good, but not good enough to stand up to being played 5-8 times a day on Top 40 radio.

  5. rob if its true tht format is being changed in west since its long weekend I am guessing the breeze in vancouver and edmonton could be gone midnight tonight I dont know if we need another format example if stingray was to bring in the boom format in edmonton and vancouver they can keep a few djs since boom or rewind what ever its called they have same djs on it if I recall

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  7. Out of curiosity, I checked the Boom playlist in Toronto. The duplication of UP Radio’s playlist in Edmonton is about 70 percent and the duplication with Jack Fm’s playlist is about 90 percent. There’s a few softer songs one might hear on the Breeze, but that’s all. Hard to see a reason to listen to such a station out here, especially with a dearth of live announcers.

  8. I listened to 963 the breeze this afternoon the afternoon host is from 941 the breeze and ocean 103.1 notice on the show no weather forecast but they have a traffic guy like they had for week and half thats fine but more music I now its voice tracking wondering what it will be tomorow morning on the station when sean use to be on another vice tracking show but who is hosting i know that the breeze has two voice track djs middays and evening and weekends whats now and another thing they removed the helping grand promos by sean the book club from la and I heard one promo for artist of day usually I hear more and the guy that fill in this after mentioned about the vinyl podcasts from stingray normally dont hear that promo on the breeze usally on k97 or the boom network

  9. I remember early in 2019, when the breeze switched in the first place somebody posted on this site “who made air supply the house band?” Now if the breeze changes to boom or rewind someone might say “who made radioheads ‘creep’ the slow dance?” Pretty weird world we live in. And I have to totally agree with tom terrific on the topic of the 1040 flip on why program directors go with a certain format thats relatively good only for there to be backlash to the point where he gets fired then some radio know it all steps right in and downgrades that format increasingly to the point of no return and to drop said format altogether at the drop of a hat. Is that something the stingray head office in toronto should have a say in?

  10. I listened to 963 the breeze this morning sounds like they will be voice tracking their morning show from halifax heard promo this morning must be the same in vancouver its going to be brad and Deb from 965 the breeze halifax starts monday in edmonton most likely vancouver at 6 am just heard it

  11. Interesting. I can see them billing that sort of. If they are down that much then look out. It’ll be 100 percent automated. Sad Edmonton is the 5th largest media market in Canada but treated like a red deer from all the media head offices down east.

    Sure, it’s bad out there. But these stations should be living up to their crtc promises. If not hand in the license and let someone like a Paul Larsen run it. Radio doesn’t get it anymore, “local” is where it’s at and community.

  12. larry g I listen in edmonton this morning no morning show just traffic reports then their voice track show at 10 am like normal this afternoon most likely another voice track show and tonight normal voice track show and they had promo that the breeze edmonton is picking up the morning breeze from halifax 6 am monday no local djs

  13. Lot’s of changes going on with 96.3 The Breeze. Usually they had a local traffic announcer in the afternoons name Tanya doing the traffic reports and weather on La Jackson show. It seem like they stop it and switch over to the local DJ’s doing it instead. Now there 2 guys doing the traffic reports in the afternoons. They are now just focusing on the traffic instead of the weather. We aren’t sure what show they will stick in the afternoons to replace La Jackson?

  14. jamie its same guy as morning stingray has that guy for over a week he even does the traffic reports on k97 I listened to both and the afternoon host is guy from 94.1 the breeze same afternoon guy as that station hes from nova scotia

  15. Corey only being used as a fill-in host. He covered for the announcers when they take the day off. He’s not a permanent host. He not even listed on 96.3 The Breeze on the announcer page. They are probably working on the replacement for the afternoon’s still.

  16. Jamie they never updated their page they are announcing that theres a morning show starting monday at 6 am been announced for two days its the same show that 965 the breeze has and jamie they never updated since the changes they are probally no local djs anymore I am guessing since morning show is from halifax and afternoon drive were see if its same guy on next week from 941 the breeze and ocean 103 both stingray stations

  17. They always update the announcer page even if they are permanent on their time slot David. Even if there aren’t focusing on local DJ’s they will add bios to the voice tracking announcers instead. Who knows if Corey wil be the permanent host or what? Nothing has been confirmed for the afternoons yet.

  18. I know that jamie but I look at k97 website they on weekends between 8-1 its still says k97 weekends but is the program manager on there just saying I look at the breeze vancouver today theres was updated with the new morning show and ours isnt just saying

  19. The breeze is terrible now Kelly was only one that did great the should have been fired if the station does not ask what the listeners would like the station will go under the oldies format was better

  20. Why is there no oldies station in Vancouver BC I really miss CISL 650 maybe the Breeze should change their format to oldies 50’s 60’s and last but not least the 70’s as we have a vast majority of older people living here and we would love to hears an oldies station again

  21. I agree with Mike get rid of the breeze and turn it back into oldies station as it was ok when lg 1043 ran it the breeze station is crap so are your announcers Kelly was only one I enjoyed the rest we can get rid of

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