Humble And Fred: Fiercely Independent


Humble and Fred are fiercely independent. They are the original “Life After Radio” personalities, having carved out a significant piece of the media pie for themselves. Back in 2011 they started a podcast and committed to it. (That’s important component to their success BTW) They have had stints where they worked in radio for periods of time; including Kingston, Sirius XM for a superb 5 year run, and Funny 820AM in Hamilton up until last month. Through it all, Humble and Fred continue to produce a daily show live (streaming) and on demand. (podcast)

In this episode, we will hear how Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson have built the ultimate “Life After Radio” show for themselves. And while they say they have quit radio once and for all, they do appreciate what it has to offer…. when it works for them. You will also hear how they manage the empire, keep the cash flowing and have fun every day.

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  1. The commitment, as you say, puts them head and shoulders above any other broadcaster who’s gone into podcasting. They create new content at least 4 days a week! Imagine that. They are groundbreakers.


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