Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec – Health News you need to know…

Grey and blue SNN200642 masks made by a Quebec-based manufacturer are being recalled by the provincial government. (Radio-Canada)

Grey and blue SNN200642 masks should no longer be used, warn Quebec and Ottawa

CBC News

March 30, 2021

One model of mask distributed to Quebec schools and daycares may be dangerous for the lungs as they could contain a potentially toxic material, according to a directive sent out by the provincial government on Friday.

Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing Health Canada warned of the potential for “early pulmonary toxicity” from the SNN200642 masks which are made in China and sold and distributed by Métallifer, a Quebec-based manufacturer.

“If you have this type of mask in stock, we ask that you stop distributing them and keep them in a safe place now,” the provincial government says in the directive that was sent by three ministries: education, families and higher education.

Some daycare educators had been suspicious of these grey and blue masks for a while because they felt like they were swallowing cat hair while wearing them, Radio-Canada has learned.

Health Canada conducted a preliminary risk assessment which revealed a potential for early lung damage associated with inhalation of microscopic graphene particles. Graphene is a strong, very thin material that is used in fabrication, but it can be harmful to lungs when inhaled and can cause long-term health problems.

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  1. Interesting article, mentioned made in Quebec twice, made in China once, so which is it, another gift from China? Aren’t their plagues enough…

  2. You actually should NOT ignore people like Jody Vance who are going around telling people to poison themselves. Believe me….she HAS the real information on this poison and chooses to ignore it. When this is all over…….FAR LEFT WOKE people like Jody Vance and the rest of the FAKE NEWS need to held accountable for knowingly promoting this poison. The same goes with the marshmallows in the VPD, RCMP, Edmonton Police, Calgary (GESTAPO) Police and the OPP. They all need to be held accountable. It’s not like there will not be 1,000’s of video recorded names and badge numbers to call upon in the 21st Century Nuremberg trials.

  3. habib fazil
    Aren’t their plagues enough…

    there is no plague….this is the worlds biggest hoax. One year in I’m still waiting to pay out my $1000 bounty to anyone that can prove the FAKE virus is real by showing me a clinical study of diseased patients where the FAKE virus was isolated. Still waiting…….

    This is all about Gene Editing Drugs and the Khazars trying to take over the world. ALL GOVT is in on it. That is why you WILL SEE a Global Revolution soon enough. Just waiting to see what kicks it off. Pedo Joe’s Mark of the Beast (fake) Vaccine Passport? Gun confiscation? Something will kick it off. I wouldn’t want to call myself a Govt Worker or a FAKE NEWS employee when it does as they will all be labeled…

  4. In 2008 Dr. Fraudchi and another co-partner studied the 1918-1919 Spanish Influenza Pandemic. They found that they estimated over 85% of all the deaths were NOT due to Spanish Flu, but were due to BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA. The source most likely to have caused this was the extensive and prolonged wearing of face masks. The synopsis of the report is at the NIH website.

    Mandating face diapers for a virus is another crime against humanity, for the science is in that face masks DO NOT STOP THE SPREAD OF ANY VIRUS! In fact it looks that face masks may increase the risk of spread along with bacterial infections from wearing these bacteria blankets.

  5. Nike’s Made In China.
    Virus Made In China.
    Pandemic Made In China.
    Toxic Mask Made In China.

    A trend is developing………

  6. People: “I’m getting the Vaccine, because I, unlike you, have done the proper research”,,Me: “What Research? It’s an Experimental, Emergency use only Vaccine, YOU ARE THE RESEARCH!”


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