Jay Leno apologizes to Asian Americans for decade of ‘wrong’ jokes

Comedian Jay Leno speaks at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills, Calif., Oct. 8, 2016. PHOTO BY DAVID MCNEW /REUTERS

Calgary Herald



LOS ANGELES — Television host Jay Leno has apologized for more than a decade of jokes about Asian Americans, saying he had committed a “legitimate wrong.”

The apology by Leno, the former host of U.S. television’s popular “Tonight Show,” follows a long campaign by the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) and a spike in hate crimes against the community that has received renewed attention since a shooting in Atlanta last week that left eight people dead, six of them Asian-American women.

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  1. Too bad for Jay but his stupid apology for his Asian jokes in the past will not now save him, he will be canceled.. F**KING NEVER APOLOGIZE TO THE IDIOT WOKE LEFT!!!!

    Every group, ethnicity, race, religion, whatever has had humour and even vile jokes made of them… FFS stop with this faux victim culture. This is all Marxist led crap only to drive people to divide and hate.

    Also the a$$hole shooter in Atlanta did not go to kill Asians, he has a sexual act/addiction problem and took it out on massage parlours, be they Asian or whatever. I’m so effing sick of the lamestream and social media lies and distortions of all this crap today.

  2. So jokes about cultural differences – bad.
    White hate – good.
    The division continues.
    MSM is the enemy of the people.

  3. I’ve got some news for ya Sunshine, comedians make light of people and experiences. They often begin by making fun of themselves, this breaks the ice to then make fun of all others. The woke left if it continues to get its way will make being a comedian an extinct occupation.

    This wokeism by the left towards comedy only helps verify that Socialism/Communism only does one thing well, and that is to make everyone equally miserable.

  4. Things are so PC, SJW, and Woke today we may even finally see apologies to the White Irish Drunk Guy people always make fun of .

  5. Stopped watching the late night shows hosted by so called comedians.
    Pushing left wing ideology instead of telling jokes with great punch lines.
    Rumblings on the web that at least a couple of them may be involved in very bad things.

    Support comics that make you laugh without pushing political ideology.

  6. Jay doesn’t consider the apology counter culture???
    Jay was one of the fairly fair comedians, but now I’ve lost respect.
    Just wait now for more apologies. Has he never told jokes about Germans, Scots, Indians, etc, etc.?


    From myself to:

    Anyone I have ever had contact with be it passing or long term, anyone who I have had any relationship with regardless of whom you are, anyone who has lived on this planet that I may have actually known or even not known. I apologize for anything I have said, inferred, remarked upon, done or acted a part of to any of you since the date of my birth up until today and of course for each and everyday day of my life to come however long that may be.

    I especially apologize for something I had no choice in making, and that is being born a white heterosexual male in a modern western developed nation as is Canada. I realize I must apologize for that and to any and all things again that I had no choice in the matter.

    Yours all my victims with my deep sincerity.
    P.S. You can all go for a long walk off a short pier if you think I owe any of you all any apologies. In other words GROW THE F*&K UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR QUITE LIKELY PATHETIC LIVES!

  8. A few things come to mind with all this bizarro woke world. Why is it still called the Whitehouse? Why does antifa.com take you to the Whitehouse website? When do they pull of all Don Rickles videos from You Tube. Why hasn’t Justin Trudeau been cancelled for his blackface?

  9. I suspect his apology may be related to his ongoing work with NBC and the wokeness of the peacock network.

    I have always enjoyed Jay and never found him offensive even when joking about my “ethnicity”. I also never found his comedy to be mean spirited but rather just Comedy. I couldn’t imagine being a comedian in today’s SJW environment. His decision to apologize is disappointing. I suspect Seinfeld will be next in the cross-hairs………

  10. When it comes to wanting to puke on your shoes
    Justin Im sorry Trudeau
    Jagmeet The NDP will sell their sole before standing up to Trudeau Singh
    Erin for not understanding his own party stand on tax gabbing BS climate change Otoole

    My apologies

  11. 13,

    One name only, Maxime Bernier and his PPC Party.

    He and his Party is the only realistic hope we have of beginning a correction and a pushback of making sure Canada, it’s PROUD history and its once solid and moral values re-emerges. A Savior he is not, but he is the only politician who talks real commonsense values and ideals, including a smaller but more effective federal government including more decentralization of powers.


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