CNN loses ONE MILLION viewers a night on average since Trump left office and is down nearly 50% in 24-54 age group

  • The cable news channel had averaged 2.5 million prime-time viewers from November 4 through Inauguration Day
  • CNN averaged only 1.6 million total prime-time viewers from January 21  through March 15, according to a Fox News analysis of Nielsen data
  • From December 28 to January 20, CNN averaged 3.1 million prime-time viewers
  • Fox News suffered its own ratings hit after its viewership dropped 13 percent in January

By Adam Schrader

Daily Mail

March 18, 2021

CNN is losing around a million viewers on average each night since President Donald Trump left office – and is down nearly 50% in the key 24-54 age group, a report said on Thursday.

The cable news channel had averaged 2.5 million prime-time viewers each night from November 4 through Inauguration Day on January 20, according to a Fox News analysis of Nielsen data.  

But data shows the network averaged only 1.6 million total prime-time viewers from January 21, the day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, through March 15, according to the report.

CNN’s overall prime-time viewership, from 8pm to 11pm Eastern Time, has dropped 36% since Biden took office in January, according to Fox News. 

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  1. It would be interesting to see an ‘objective’ source analysis of the Nielsen data; not just for CNN and FOX, but for all the news channels in the U.S.
    I would not be surprised if all the news channels took some kind of a hit in viewer loss once Biden became president. After all there is no on going day-to-day drama and the political crisis seems to be at a simmer instead of high boil.

  2. I think I have found what might be considered a webpage with an “objective” view of the cable news channel ratings “Adweek Network: TVNewser” is the banner at the top of the page. The link is ( ).

    The higher the rating, the more that can be charged to an advertiser – It is more complicated than this of course – but that is the basic economic point of finding who is watching a particular program/station/network.

    News anchors’/commentators’ contracts also hang on where they stand in the ratings .

    And viewers (listeners in the case of radio) often make a statement about whom they trust to give them the news or opinion on the days events.

  3. Every network is going to drop in ratings without the daily chaos and intrigue. Trump was obsessed with always being in the news everyday and made sure to feed the media’s need for fresh stories.

  4. I believe Black Lives Matter has won the right to re-name the USA to the United States of New Africa. Black people were brought to the US against their will, but their ancestors now rule. Congratulations Time for a change

  5. In my perfect world CNN would lose 1 Million viewers every night until they are only left with the
    immediate families of Jake, Anderson, Don Le Mon, Cuomo, and one or two others .

    I believe CNN was/does actually paying certain Airports to put their broadcasts up in the gates .

    Tur or Not True I am not sure .

  6. If CNN or any news outlet – FOX, MSNBC, CNBC are paying an airport or bus depot etc its no big deal. It would be like someone putting up a billboard advertising their product. For example: There are large animate signs in Times Square i that advertise every thing from Coke a Cola to Sony.
    What CNN or other news outlets – if any – are doing with monitors showing their programs is ‘advertising’ themselves; FOX news could do the same thing. It is a marketing tool and doesn’t mean that that airport or what ever location endorses what is being said on the news channel. By accepting payment for the placement of “CNN monitors” , that airport is making some bucks that pay their bills. taxes and so on.
    The food network, History channel, or National Geographic could do the same thing and there would be no fuss… But because a news channel that some don’t like is doing this there are folks who are seemingly setting their hair on fire. Like I said its not a big deal – If you don’t like their programming you don’t have to watch.

  7. Peter

    Obviously the decision by CNN to pay for their channel to be shown on monitors is not working out so well .

    I am allowed not to like it and should be free to voice my opinion just as anyone else is, you are not the opinion police .

    If you somehow believe you are the “Opinion Police” for this site I would vote to “Defund You” .

  8. CNN has been pulled from Airports. The ratings reflect the fact that people are sick to death of COVID-19 news and most of the stiffs that host their shows. One commercial after another for some garbage prescription drug or the three advertisers they have left. BORING!!!

  9. The only opinions I police are my own. I have enough trouble doing that without advising others on what to say (or do for that matter). I strive not to throw barbs and arrows at anyone and hopefully I am respectful of others’ ideas.

    For example: We enjoy hockey but not football but we don’t rant and rave at those who like that sport, we just don’t watch it. The same with music – we have our likes but someone else’s choice is not wrong it is a choice.

    Expressing a viewpoint is what these message boards are all about – and we might learn something from someone else’s ideas. Throwing barbs at each other doesn’t advance a conversation – It might even turn people off the idea of commenting on an item they read.

  10. “Expressing a viewpoint is what these message boards are all about – and we might learn something from someone else’s ideas. Throwing barbs at each other doesn’t advance a conversation – It might even turn people off the idea of commenting on an item they read.”

    I second that.

  11. BMCQ, you wouldn’t last one minute in my station. Louis, Lance and Peter are correct. I wish PSR would restrict juvenile personal attacks and stick to opinions of the issue.

  12. Radio Management

    I am only guessing but I think your Radio Station just might be in your Mothers Basement so I will not be applying for a job any time soon .

    I hope you do not consider that a juvenile personal attack .

    I am quite sure you might be critical of any given media outlet, why would you not be allowed to voice your opinion on how they conduct business ?

    A good example might be the fact that several media outlets including CNN did not report the tact that POTUS Biden fell up the stairs while boardng Air Force One last week, what do you think they would have done if it was the “Bad Orange Man” that tripped going up the stairs ?

    Be honest now, provide us your honest opinion .

    I do not expect a reply/answer because I do not think you will be forthright and honest in recognizing that POTUS Biden is getting a “Free Ride” from the press .

    I happen to find CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, and many more very dishonest and I should be allowed to voice my opinion even if it is critical .

    I must also ask you this, DO YOU criticize others on this site that happen to be hyper critical of FOX ? Do you ?

    The Washington Post was just forced to apologize for untruthful and misleading story, am I not allowed to be critical of them ?

    There are many many contributors to this site that are very very critical of FOX, certain Conservative Politicians and different Conservative Governments calling them any number of names and I have never seen you chastising them, why ?

    Do you want everyone to be silenced simply because they do not agree with various media ?
    Have we come to a time where victimhood, racism, sexism, and the rest used by the “Woke” Crowd is used to cancel anyone that might disagree and voice an opinion ?

    WE are now entering a time where where even Liberals and being cancelled because they have an opinion and might speak out against “Wokism” which is tearing western society apart .

    Is that what you want ?

    People have opinions, some are polite, some are not so polite, I suggest you let the management of this site police the PSR, you should just continue on looking after your own Radio Station .

    BTW –

    How is the signal from down there ?

    My apologies if I upset you .

  13. I’m sure the FAKE virus has nothing to do with it.
    I”m sure the FAKE cases cases cases cases using the FRAUD PCR test has nothing to do with it.
    I”m sure the FAR LEFT WOKE – like Jody Vance and her beloved BLM/ANTIFA and their rioting, looting and lawlessness – has nothing to do with it.
    I’m sure letting illegal aliens run across the border by the thousands has nothing to do with it…

    bu bu but….orange man bad…..

  14. For what it’s worth.
    From the CNN web site dated March 19,2021
    “White House says Biden is ‘100% fine’ after he tripped boarding Air Force One” (see link)

    And from NBC this dated March 19 2021
    “Biden Trips Going Up Stairs To Air Force One , “Doing Fine” (see link)

  15. Peter

    I do not understand what you are inferring with your reference to the “Fake Virus”, please clarify .

    My Unionized B.C. manufacturing company located in YVR has over 50 employees and their families based in Australia, the U.S., and the UK .

    One employee had Covid – 19 early on, the rest have all been vaccinated at least once some have had both jabs .

    Guess what Richard I travel to about 17 countries on a regular basis in normal times and I have spent more time in Asia than Jackie Chan . Several years ago I contracted a Covid Virus, I was by myself and was very ill for about 3 days fortunately my respiratory system was not affected and had a more or less full recovery other than my sense of smell and taste, but this day I really cannot tell the difference between the taste of tea or coffee . I know and understand what a Covid Virus is, again, please clarify your remarks, .

    Some here were complaining bout making unjustified personal comments ?
    Please explain the “Barbs” comments by Richard up the page, are you now not throwing “Barbs” ?
    Please explain just how the comments about a “Fake Virus” and a Jody Vance advances the conversation . If anyone else made the statements you would accuse them of Hypocrisy, would you not ? Will you be calling Richard out “Radio Management ” ?

    As to the story of poor POTUS Biden falling up the stairs of Air Force One ?

    Let’s be honest here people if that same fall would have been by te “Bad Orange Man” it would have been 24/7 Wall to Wall Coverage forever . As Joe Biden himself might say, “Come On Man, let’s be honest here”. “No Joke” !!

    You also forgot to add that the White House also tried to blame a sudden breeze on the fall, then all of a sudden it was “Tricky Stairs”, come on people let’s be a little more honest on this .

    Yes Peter there certainly is what any honest person might call “Minimal Coverage” about Joe on the stairs but again, let’s be honest here if that was Trump or Ted Cruz the coverage would have been much more aggressive and it would have been non stop .

    I await your replies with great anticipation, especially the one about the “Barbs” Radio Management .

    You must admit Peter, the pickings on the Biden “Up the Stairs” thing were vey few and far between . I noticed you even had to use a FOX report, would anyone be surprised at that ?

    BTW – I have it on good authority that cNN had a small bit on their seb site but the “Fall From Grace” was not given any prime time coverage at all .

    Are you surprised ?

    Enjoy the Day, but remember, we should try to keep it real .

    How the Hell would you attack me over a “Fake Virus” ?

  16. The Covid-19 virus is very real (I posted this elsewhere) I have two family members who survived it’s attack. “fake virus” was not my comment .
    As for “barbs” saying that someone should be “defunded” might be considered close to intimidation and does not advance a conversation.
    As for DJT you are most likely correct if he stumbled up a staircase it most likely would have been wall-to-wall coverage; but during his term in office everything was wall-to-wall shock and awe – for example; when he was huffing and puffing after he came home from hospital it was all over the place.
    The news sites were quoted to show that the story was in the left and right leaning media, that is why FOX was part of the post – nothing sinister – Just trying to be balanced in showing coverage of the item.
    Have a good day and stay safe.

  17. Peter

    Thanks .

    I must admit that I find it rather silly that my statement of “Defund You” is a barb, it is a simple sarcastic comment .

    Surely people can be allowed to be sarcastic without people lighting their hair on fire .

    We need to stop with the Victimhood narrative, we are turning everyone in Canadian/Western Society into snow flakes and as we are sitting around navel gazing and worried about anxiety and other pressures of every day life others are taking everything we have .

    We must somehow learn to understand and appreciate that there is competition out there and that competition is more fierce now than it ever was, if we are not prepared to compete we will lt it all slip away .

  18. Peter
    The Covid-19 virus is very real (I posted this elsewhere) I have two family members who survived it’s attack. “fake virus” was not my comment .

    WRONG – you had two family members who tested positive for the FAKE virus using the FRAUD PCR test. What is wrong with you people? There is so much evidence this is BS. You don’t find it strange that the FAKE virus has the “same symptoms” as 50 other diseases that have miraculously “disappeared” after March 2020? What is wrong with you people? BAAAAAAAAAA like sheep.

    There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of links that PROVE your “My family survived the FAKE virus” makes you look stoooooooopid as heck.

  19. In the day if you wanted a variety of view points you’d use International shortwave radio broadcasts listening to stations from countries around the world.
    I would listen to the english language services from NHK (Japan), Radio Australia international, Radio New Zealand international, BBC World Service, Deutche Welle (Germany), Radio Nederland (Dutch). These stations were highly regarded for NEWS coverage.
    Even Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Moscow and Radio China International would sometimes provide insights into their societies.
    What was of more interest beyond the NEWS were the commentaries. Often they provided a point of view that would broaden ones outlook on a given story. Those days are now sadly long gone.
    Some how the internet doesn’t have the same excitement of catching a distant station on a staticky frequency late at night when the house is quiet.

  20. Richard; Believe what you wish and make your choices as you see fit that is your right.
    I’ll believe what I know – these two family members were on vents fighting for their lives – nothing “fake” about that.
    We personally choose to trust the science thus We’ve had our two Pfizer shots.
    Right or wrong who knows this pandemic is new to all of us, but that was our choice.

  21. Peter
    Richard; Believe what you wish. We personally choose to trust the science thus We’ve had our two Pfizer shots. HAHAHHAHA –

    BAAAAAAAAAAAAA like a good little sheep.

    Peter I’m not a “God gobbler”. I don’t “believe” what I wish. I read the facts and science knowing the FAKE news, Khazar controlled big tech and co-opted Khazar controlled Govt is trying to take over the world in a giant communist grab. That is not “believe”. That is very observable fact. What you choose to do… obey. They will come for you first.

    If you wish to stay in your pew and pray……you still have that right.

  22. I was at a lecture in the mid 1970s – The person speaking was focusing his lecture on being balanced not going to extremes.
    To illustrate his point he used the horns of a bull – these long horns went left and right and curled around toward the center again.
    As the lecture went on political vies were added to the example – left leaning and right leaning political views. At the center were more or less balanced, each view point was different but those holding those view points could see even though they might not agree with the other side.
    The lecturer added communism and fascism as the two farthest points of the bulls horns – at the very extreme both were much the same – no regard for any one who holds a different point of view especially if that point goes against theirs. Both consider those who hold a view point other than the prevailing one is the enemy. The prevailing view point is the only one that stands.

    That stuck with me through the years and I’ve tried to be balanced – not only in my activities but politically. Some of my views are left of center and some are right. but on whole balanced. my votes reflect that point of view.
    I strive to do the best I can do with out having to keep up with those who have everything materially. As I live my life I am always looking for something to keep myself busy so I don’t fall into a depressed mood.
    In another thread I posted “Desiderata” a poem that also forms part of how I strive to live (link to poem ).
    As I said striving stay balanced has worked for me – I am happy and content in my current situation… I hope others are able to say the same thing about where they are at in life.

  23. Richard; Ridicule aside – I have no argument with the statement you quoted – “You Can Still Spread, Develop COVID-19 After Getting a Vaccine” I’ll assume that was from the web page you noted above.

    That is why one should still mask-up, physical distance, stay in small groups, wash hands and sanitize surfaces.

    Like the polio vaccine in the 1950s (which eradicated that disease) or the flu shots over the years (that keep the flue down to a dull roar); the Covid-19 vaccine allows one’s body to build up anti-bodies against the virus. Should one catch Covid-19 the illness should be less intense than without the vaccine.

    As yet provincial health indicate that about 8% of BC has been vaccinated – I understand from what I read and hear that about 75 to 80% of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to have “herd immunity” – there is still a long way to go.

    We chose to be part of the vaccinated percentage. simple as that. It was our choice.

  24. Like the polio vaccine in the 1950s (which eradicated that disease) or the flu shots over the years (that keep the flue down to a dull roar

    HAHAHHAHA – when the sheep are cornered the FIRST thing they bring up is POLIO. Sorry little Sheep Peter….but Polio was eradicated by hygiene. Running water, brushing teeth, soap. Being CLEAN. I also guess you are one of the only sheep on the planet that doesn’t know that Flu Poison Vax is USELESS and does not prevent the flu.

    I wonder how many people know that yer “hero” Bolshevik Khazar controlled Bonnie Henry POISONED thousands of children in Pakistan….

    WHOOPS !!

    When you FAR LEFT WOKE morons and the traitors in Govt are finally defeated over time – and that time is coming soon – it will be revealed that these so called FAKE “virus’s” are nothing more than bio-toxins from nature.

  25. Richard; There will come a day – when I don’t know – when we will all find out who is right and who is wrong on any number of points that have been argued over the years…
    When that day comes should we find out you are correct in all your arguments I will be sure to admit that you are right. Will you be willing to do the same minus the ridicule?
    As far as this thread is concerned I’m gone.


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