Vancouver PPM’s Nov 30, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021


PSR thanks our friend and radio ratings expert Ted Wendland of Radio West for compiling the latest Vancouver Numeris Numbers

NW rules the top of the charts followed by CBU and Virgin Radio


  1. Huge surprise with 103.5. Usually the XMAS period is where they post huge gains at the expense of other stations.

    I guess the fallout from the transition to Move 103.5 was more than enough to outweigh that. The gains made by Virgin Radio and Z95.3 at their expense shows that, if you start sounding more like other stations, discerning listeners will simply listen to the other stations.

  2. Yup… “listener numbers”. Which of course means they are dropping like a stone because no one listens to the FAKE NEWS pushed by FAR LEFT WOKE broad-casters like Simi, Lynda Aluminum and Trump hating, Covid Cult vax pushing Jody Vance. Plus the “continual firings” all across N. America of FAKE NEWS employees.

  3. To nicolas: lg 104.3 actually ironically sounds increasingly like 103.5. And it still has the smooth jazz show every night. Seems to be to devon and simona like never mind the bottom line its all about whats on topic and if they would switch to hip hop or another country music station or some other new format as hope that the stations ratings would improve, they would do it any time now in a heartbeat. Like, has stingray connected the dots yet as a result of this? All that “in order for things to get better you have to get better” crap uttered by jim rome, dr phil, oprah, and simonas friend from the u.s. adam hawk among others pre coronavirus and that trudeau tam and henry is here to save us crap has naturally led you and your 104.3 team to this very spot for at least the last few years now since cisl went under sadly. An “own goal” and “the great reset” if there ever was one.

  4. Walt,

    To be honest, I’d prefer that JACK FM plays continuous music all day long over the listening to Drex and that second rate morning team.

  5. It’s official…

    No one willingly listens to QM/FM unless it’s forced upon them by the Office Karen…

  6. MonteVideo

    Gosh, Richard, or Dick if I may, lighten up.

    What are you 90? No one has used that acronym in 50 years. Post something useful or debateable.

  7. I’m glad someone else has called out Jody Vance, who beautifully personifies how far “journalism” and critical thinking has fallen. Talk about Pandemic Panic Porn Peddler. This woman continuously licks Bonnie Henry up and down, almost as much as Bill Gates who she called on Social media “A great human” in between her “Masks Save Lives” drivel. CKNW is supposed to be a station of smart people offering balanced views. Imagine how Raif Mair would have felt about these lockdowns?

  8. John Dough
    I’m glad someone else has called out Jody Vance


    She is an awful awful woman. She pushes FEAR PORN to the next level sporting her black “WOKE” glasses like all the wokeys do (surgery for eyes is CHEAPER than the glasses they wear). COVID COVID is all she spouts all day on twitter along with “get your GENE EDITING DRUG immediately”. Meanwhile…..a group of brave Canadian doctors are calling out this FAKE NAZI take over of Canada using the FAKE virus and FRAUD PCR test as cover.

    Jody Vance should be arrested for crimes against humanity when this is all over along with all her “cop friends” that she brags about. Police today are nothing more than modern Gestapo. No one is forcing them to do their jobs as NAZI’s. They are free to quit and hold their heads high anytime they want.

  9. Jack FM: Lena isn’t actually bad. Drex is a downgrade, but at least Jack is advertising “lower your expectations.” One wonders why they have three people in the morning when there’s almost no one else all day, except for the prerecorded Larry and Kenny broadcasts.

    104.3 and 103.5: they don’t sound remotely alike any more. They did for a while to some degree, when QMFM got smart and brought back some softer songs they hadn’t played for years to remove a reason people had to listen to the breeze. That disappeared with the Move takeover.

    It would be a golden opportunity for the Breeze if they were a better station, but their playlist has barely changed in the last 1.5 years. And I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with Simone or any local PD as there’s been the same lack of change in Edmonton . But on international women’s day, they played at least 6 great songs that they never play otherwise, ranging from 1981 to 2000. If they threw in unexpected songs like that on a regular basis — older or newer– they’d have another regular listener back . The main issue with LG was the repetition, and that’s the main issue with the Breeze as well. I enjoyed hearing “Sweet Caroline” again the first few times, but having it played once a day for the last 2 years is a little much. Not that the repetition issue is unique to 104.3 mind you.

    CKNW: as much as one may not like the programming decisions and staff fluctuations, it would still be my choice of radio station between 9am and 3pm if I wasn’t with office staff that want a music station. It’s unfortunate that the only thing unpredictable about radio stations these days is not knowing which on-air staff will be around from one month to the next. Get a music station with enough unpredictability to turn on and leave on for more than a month, and I’m sold.

  10. Nicolas: because the smooth jazz show is on here and not in edmonton and halifax, that may have something with devon and simone. Like the dreaded “on topic, in market” mantra. So the breeze here should dump the smooth jazz and that crtc licence.

  11. And maybe there should be a 50s 60s 70s soft oldie show on the breeze weekends, and if not then 730 or 1410 should change to exactly that like cisl was. If not, then its officially “the great reset”.

  12. Irving: I have no opinion on karen. I never listen to jr country. Maybe im a get off my lawn kinda guy, but im just not a big fan of todays country, even from 90s and some of the 80s. Anything with 50s-early 80s as a mainstay will keep me hooked once again. Wake up, breeze team in vancouver, there are people who want the smooth jazz replaced by the regular music and maybe even a soft oldie special weekend nights on our breeze fm……..

  13. Country music has long been the hub of right-wing political correctness. If an on-air announcer is going the other way and supporting a movement against police brutality, I say: good for them.

    Myself, I liked country music in the 90’s and 2000’s when there were songs of substance from the likes of Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack and Canada’s Terri Clark that were also huge hits. Nowadays there’s too much party music for my liking and the male-female balance of the hits is out of whack. But, of course, that has little to do with JR Country as they’re simply playing what’s popular at the moment.

    As for smooth jazz, I’m not a big fan of it either, but there’s been people on independent websites saying that they like that segment of 104.3. In any case, everyone wants different things, whether it’s older music or newer music. I’m all for any radio station trying different music segments with music not featured on other stations, but clearly when LG switched to the Breeze it was to target the F25-54 market. Like it or not, I don’t think any of the Breeze stations are going to be sold on introducing an oldies segment.

  14. I understand what nicolas is saying, but there is still room for a 50s-early 80s station or program somewhere. Sure the shift in the first place may be to target the 25-54 year olds for one reason, but still there needed to be an oldie show on there, hence the oldie of the day being back fridays these days. However, it seemed like they went a little “off topic” with the change in the first place, but with simone as pd they went back “on topic” again like lg 104.3 was before for the most part, ironically after the cisl shutdown. Lg before was actually an inferior clone of jack fm very much. Like how on earth would that have worked I wonder? Like then most of the music is the same and headbanger/gen x teenybopper like. It was hard to differentiate between songs. When 104.3 shifted right then, they were easier to differentiate, but only after six months they were back being “in market, on topic”. So 104.3 should add a soft oldie show or add more of those again like before rather sticking to the script or changing again maybe.

  15. And another thing if 104.3 doesnt change their playlist and put more completely different songs in, I would probably have to say that this is a holding move to keep the frequency active while waiting for a government funded bailout whether or not the coronavirus still goes on, as a result of the digital takeover of music formats, what with spotify and all that. The station will likely soon just be broadcasting promos for stingray podcasts and government psas most likely I will have to say if whats going on with it right now still applies for the next several months.

  16. Well soon 98.3 will be back on air as it sounds like Durham radio group is buying the station for a smooth jazz format like there station. Doing this may finally allow stingray to do away with that condition of license and soon they won’t have to have jazz at night. I’m surprised there isn’t a post based on that news as it is on here


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