Numbers up: Demise of TSN 1040 leads to ratings bump for Sportsnet 650

Sportnet Radio’s Scott Rintoul took some swings during the Vancouver Canadians’ media day batting practice in early August. Photo by RICHARD LAM /PNG

Late-morning host Scott Rintoul is the biggest winner in the surprise closing of his crosstown rival by Bell Media.

by Patrick Johnston

The Province

March 12, 2021

A month after Bell Media’s surprise closure of TSN 1040, Sportsnet 650 can claim it has made some early gains in the ratings book.

In the latest numbers published by Numeris this week, every show on 650 is up, a clear result of not facing much competition.

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  1. This ratings bump won’t last. Since the switch at 1040 I have listened to sportsnet 650 more then I had previously but I keep drifting to TSN 1050 or a few of the sports stations south of the border.

  2. Hardly a significant ratings bump. Mind you, since 1040’s switch was recent the real impact will show up during the next ratings period.

    The more interesting question is: which radio station ends up dead last in the spring ratings — 730, 1040 or 1410? I’d bet on Funny 1040, but there’s been bigger surprises….

  3. I agree the bump won’t last. I was a 1040 listener from the day it signed on. I’ve tried listening to 650 but I find it almost unlistenable. I know several other 1040 listeners who are in the same boat as me and have been left without an enjoyable alternative to house radio. Is it just me or does the signal not even sound good. If Sportsnet wants to keep their small ratings bump they would be smart to look at bringing in at least one of 1040’s shows to give us at least something to listen to.

  4. Holy crap, after 1040 shut down, 650 went from 9 listeners to 10…………….that’s gotta impress The Suits…

  5. Bagoverheadguy: apparently thats why cisl switched to sports in the first place- so that 1040 will lose the canucks rights and it will go down and it will switch to what it would have years before, namely comedy…… the suits in toronto are in awe now kinda……


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