Coast to Coast Gone from CFAX…


With the recent Bell Media cuts, Victoria’s 1070 CFAX has also dropped programs like the ever popular ‘Coast to Coast’. CFAX is now running TV replays from 10 to midnight, then a replay of a cfrb show called the showgram from midnight to 5am. Local programming is disappearing.

Fans of C to C will have to tune into KIRO-FM in Seattle to hear the show…

Our friend Brian Walks tells us AM 1150 Kelowna has done the same thing.


  1. People can still tune into 1410 for that. But question is, for how much longer? At this rate, the station might change to u.s. syndicated sports talk programming again, only this time with only u.s. sports broadcasts.

  2. I don’t get it. Why can’t any of these talk stations audition broadcasting students (for free) by giving them an overnight show and actually and most probably ONE of these students will be a hidden gem and can be offered a full time show and generate big audiences and big advertising bucks and maybe syndicate the thing and make more money. What a silly concept. Never mind.

  3. Coast to coast is pretty much gone from all Bell stations, there is a new show hosted by Jim Richards that is an overnight show airing on several stations.
    The Late Showgram can be heard in Toronto on Newstalk 1010 as well as CJAD 800 Montreal, 580 CFRA Ottawa, Newstalk 610 CKTB St. Catharines, AM 800 CKLW Windsor, 1290 CJBK London, BNN Bloomberg 1410 Vancouver, CFAX 1070 Victoria, and AM 1150 Kelowna

  4. There is still an audience for Coast To Coast who will miss it. Myself when QR77 dropped Coast a couple years back, I went on Amazon and picked up a Bluetooth adaptor for $29 and plugged it into my Bose radio I used in my bedroom at night to fill in my sleepless gaps with the weird & wonderful topics George Nooray brings to the airwaves. Before I go to bed I sit at my computer and pull up iHeartRadio and log into one of the USA stations and then turn on my Bluetooth adaptor and I receive crystal clear FM quality Coast To Coast from California. I could use an East Coast station to time shift if I choose.

    So Chorus Radio’s decision to change things up actually opened up a new horizon for me – Internet Radio. I completely stopped listening to local radio because it was so limiting and full of propaganda rhetoric and fake news. Its only getting worse as Chorus for example continues to go beige with unfunny- un-entertaining- uninformative morning shows who constantly are making assumptions regarding what I am doing or should be doing or believe in regards to the current world narratives. I use a USB stick with over 14000 songs in my truck when I drive and internet radio at home on my computer. I get my news from several online sources and I decide what news or outlet is credible or perhaps only part time credible.

    Local PD’s – Your selling your souls to keep your job and either your dead inside or your conflicted. Your jobs are going away and the sooner you recognize this fact and grow a set and get out this dying local radio gig, the happier you will be. You will be miles ahead of the growing list of un-employed local radio talent who endure the horror and stress of that dreaded call into the PD’s office after you step out of the studio after your shift.

    Although I love o brothers suggestion of giving broadcast students an overnight shift for experience, thats the old model. Today talent will find it’s way to the top with YouTube Channels or online pirate radio stations or shows. Perhaps an “America’s Got Talent” type of radio show to find the diamond in the mud talent is the future of radio.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I am very nostalgic for the old radio model and saddened by the recent experience with my elderly Mom who was blind and unable to use the complicated technology I was able to discove . Local radio was her friend and which she relied on for companionship when alone. For her this changing model was horrible and she felt unable to escape. She saw this decline in local radio as a hardship. People become attached to their radio shows as was my Mom. This past couple of years her favourite shows were being cancelled or her trusted personalities left radio because they took the advice I previously offered or were forced to became part of the “Great Reset” as she put it. She just recently passed away and I know loosing her shows on the radio was a great sadness for her. Even though I have selfishly moved on, when I hear of a station loosing something like Coast To Coast, please remember, there are many people out there deeply affected by these corporate decision and losses.

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