Rush Buried in Private Ceremony

Rush Limbaugh

March 1, 2021

Rush Limbaugh, who died at the age of 70 of lung cancer, was buried in a private cemetery in St. Louis. Limbaugh’s widow, Kathryn, and his family said a private ceremony with close family and friends was held last Wednesday.

Celebrations of Limbaugh’s life are planned in the future, both virtually and in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, The Southeast Missourian reported.

The conservative talker was also honored in a lengthy tribute video at the CPAC conference in Orlando over the weekend. Former President Donald Trump also spoke and mentioned Rush during his speech. The two men were friends.



  1. Again RIP Rush….

    This reminds me of the passing of Colonel Paul Tibbets, USAAF/USAF and Commander of the Enola Gay B-29 which dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima August 6 1945.

    He was astute enough as years passed by that by 2007 the year of his passing at age 92 to make sure to all that his burial was to be unmarked, for the idiot liberal/left twits and their self righteous revisionist, anti American history were even by 2007 ripe with disgust and he did not want any marker/headstone to be desecrated and/or used as political and social fodder by the clueless, pompous, hate filled, ignorant liberal/P.C. class.

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