CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronted at CPAC — ‘Cuomo Killed 10,000 People and You Want to Talk About Ted Cruz!’

CNN’s Jim Acosta

CNN ‘covers up’ the Real News, news that really counts. Wake up People!

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  1. Andrew Cuomo didn’t try and sneak out of New York while they were in the midst of a massive cold snap, and then tried to blame it on his kids when he got caught.

    Old people die from complications due to COVID…it’s sad but inevitable part of this pandemic.

  2. The truth is both Andrew Cuomo and Ron DeSantis have covered up nursing home deaths from Covid. I think the same scrutiny needs to be on DeSantis but it won’t because Conservatives don’t believe in the pandemic. He won’t pay a political price like Cuomo will.

  3. ANH &Chris

    How you give Chris Cuomo a pass is amazing. And to take a shot at Cruz is Ludacris. How long did it take Biden to even get to Texas to observe the damage? Right he was to busy playing video games with his grandson! Cuomo had an empty ship, make shift hospital with beds and ventilators coming out of the ying yang and all he could do was write a book, joke with his brother about sticking a diaper wrapped around a stick up his nose to test for covid and allegedly sexually harass his female staff. So before you try to compare this POS and his handling of over 15000 senior deaths to Ron Desantis take your head out of CNN & MSNBC’s a$$es and wake up. Hate to break the news to you but people of all ages die everyday. Question how EVERYONE is dying of covid! The left wing media will do everything possible to give Desantis bad press because this guy isn’t running a state like the saps in blue states of California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. And Chris ICYMI, the fake news sings from the same talking points all day every day and don’t you think by now they would have found something on Desantis of a so called coverup you speak of? And poor Jim Acosta, no more Trump to get his mug on TV so he goes where he knows he can stir the pot and try to stay relevant. When was the last time you heard anyone say, “boy that was some real investigative journalism Acosta.”

  4. The truth is you are ALL brainwashed fools as there is NO covid. It has never been proven to exist. Any thinking person knows now the PCR test is a fraud so when you people say “I had covid” that is like saying “Trudeau balanced the budget” and you are DUM enough to believe him.

    The Bolshevik Bonnie trial starts tomorrow. Let’s see the Govt PROVE the fake science that covid is real.

  5. Reading Richard and Teddy’s posts makes me LOL! Thanks fellas, you should do a comedy pilot titled: “We’ve Proven The World is Flat”.
    Empty airports, empty stadiums, empty office towers, empty universities, closed borders, travel restrictions, full ICU’s, full obituary pages, PPE shortages, mass worldwide vaccine rollouts, mass business closures/failures…..
    Hey fellas, something is happening out there…when you awake from your comas, you might actually acknowledge a pandemic has swept the world…

  6. bagoverheadguy
    Reading Richard and Teddy’s posts makes me LOL!

    Please provide we the comedy troop PROOF covid is real professor? Oh wait you can’t. Keep laughing….it’s people like you who call people like me terrorists when history shows that we “terrorists” are recognized as hero’s years later.

  7. Bag over the head
    Glad we amuse you.
    When you have time between your laughing please provide exactly what made you laugh.
    You are entitled to your opinion but not your baseless facts.
    List the har hars and lets go to the facts.

  8. Bagoverheadguy.

    Ironically your handle here is if using a plastic bag is the only 100% way to protect you or anyone from the Wuflu Covid 19. Placing a plastic bag tightly around one’s head will see after a few minutes 100% no chance of that person contracting Covid 19. 🙂

  9. I’m not a fan of CNN and Jim Acosta. However, the Federalist reporter butted in and interrupted Acosta when he was conducting another interview. Be professional.

  10. Headphone Hair

    You must be joking? That POS Acosta and his girly sidekick Kaitlin Collins (who has disappeared now the Trump has been illegally removed) did nothing but INTERRUPT and ask 27 questions at every news briefing like they thought they owned the place. They are TERRIBLE people.

    Give your head a shake before you start pushing the Clinton News Network and it’s Khazar Bolshevik minion army……


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