Owners of Vancouver’s 98.3 CIRH-FM, formerly Roundhouse Radio, get a short term licence renewal


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The CRTC has granted the owners of Vancouver’s 98.3 CIRH-FM, formerly Roundhouse Radio, a short term licence renewal through August of this year. Pushor Family Holdings of Kelowna remains in control of the station, which has been off the air since May 2018, after a deal with South Fraser Broadcasting – the owners of Surrey’s 107.7 Pulse FM (CISF-FM) – to purchase the station fell through. The short-term licence renewal is intended to give the Pushor family time to secure a new buyer.

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  1. Radio Duck, I tend to agree with you with regards to the former Round House Radio, that FM address is not strong enough to reach a wide audience, yet I can see with the 1040 AM frequency, the wide range audience booming into Vancouver Island, that is the station and frequency one who wants to see conservative radio and values return to the Vancouver radio audience. Bell Media needs to have their license revoked.

  2. TV Radio pretty much all media is a ” Woman’s World” now. They are in control and will decide the future, that’s who I would be hiring Thanks again Mr. Easton

  3. I agree with Conservative Radio. The 1040 AM frequency would provide better coverage and is more suited to a talk format. Bell would be wise to lease the frequency to Roundhouse. I have a feeling that Bell’s current “funny radio” format on 1040 AM will eventually fail spectacularly.

  4. Steve Allen: Yes, 1040’s new format will fail, and not spectacularly. The same format was dead last in the Calgary ratings, and here with all the negative publicity even fewer people will even try it out.

    I’d love to see Bell lease the frequency, or for the CRTC to yank the license when they realize how little promotion is being given to Canadian comedians. Realistically, I don’t see either of the two happening any time soon, but you never know.

  5. Maybe they can re-hire FAR LEFT WOKE Jody Vance and her black glasses which seem to be required garb if you are part of the FAR LEFT WOKE. Then Jody can spew about her hero Bolshevik Bonnie all day……..and for good measure Jody can get a side kick like Jesse Miller who sports a poopy beard along with his black glasses (required garb for the FAR LEFT WOKE and yes….look it up….most men have POOP in their beards).

  6. Unfortunately, the current crop of regular hosts including Vance, are simply very poor storytellers. I tuned into NW this afternoon briefly and heard a real estate guy…both he and the host sounded like they’d rather be somewhere else. And that’s exactly where I went… somewhere else.

  7. They would be silly not to hire back Gene Valaitis for mornings. During his short tenyur at the former Roundhouse Radio, he hosted a topical, funny and incredibly well-researched morning show. If they had hired him out of the gate I like to think the station could have held on just a bit longer.

  8. I agree with Radio Duck, who would want it as is? I can’t for the life of me understand how Shafer ever got a license for Roundhouse. Too many cents involved without making any Sense or cents!

  9. Keep in mind, everything went wrong with this station. The format was just 2 or 3 years ahead of its time. It was perfect for the 2020 awakening. The signal didn’t clearly reach all of the urbanized lower mainland and the owners didn’t give it enough time. Sometimes things come together and you win, or things fall apart and you lose.

    The ownership either ran out of cash or not clearly understood what they got into. The license conditions make it impossible to sell.

    They tried to become too many things to too many people and I think someone thought they’d take a swipe at the Top Dog but didn’t realize at the time the top dog was the CBC and the crowd that they were trying to attract had long abandoned radio to find their voice on various internet forums. Shafer was a brilliant manager in his day, that day has long passed and sadly neither he or his backers realized.

    What this signal would be perfect for is the CKNW nested repeater. Sadly the CRTC and the common ownership policy won’t allow for it.


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