Showing Compassion Doesn’t Cost Anything …


by Byron Christopher

February 22nd, 2021

At a TSN radio station this month, an employee described getting an urgent email from management, telling them to listen to a 9:15 AM conference call. They figured they could monitor while the program was on the air. 

But while trying to go live, the producers realized they’d lost control of the broadcast and failed to change the song or commercials.“At that point, we realized what was going on,” said the official. When they turned on the radio, after receiving the official notification of their shutdown, they heard a song from Green Day: “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” Lots of class, eh? …


  1. that’s radio, nothing new. Usually it was the locksmith changing the locks over the weekend and if your key didn’t work Monday morning .. well that’s your problem.

    Thanks to Mr. Easton for this fantastic PSR

  2. Probably could have happened with CISL in 2013 if simone wasnt on maternity leave and sterling faux wasnt in at the time, what with astral being taken over by bell. Thats what I figure anyway.

  3. Showing your listeners some compassion doesn’t cost anything…. But no, the Sekeres’ of the TSN radio world had no problems with insulting a lot of us who didn’t and don’t swallow the SJW crap hook, line and sinker.

    Well Gentlemen. Those of us who would have called TSN and had your backs learned early that you did not have our backs. The Moj, I would call for, the rest, get lost.
    Learn to code.

  4. Zero-notice layoffs are common in any large company with sensitive information, radio or otherwise. But I’ve been involved in a short-notice layoff in which the employer showed class, as well as a full explanation.

    We don’t know what, if any, explanation Bell gave to its employees. We do know what they said to the public regarding the format shift: that they’re not afraid to make a sensible business decision and that the Funny format has been a proven success in other markets. I’m not sure what their definition of success is, though, given that their same format is dead last in the Calgary ratings and their Hamilton counterpart is not far behind.

    My question is: where is the CRTC in all of this? Does Bell have an explanation as to how this format brings more exposure to Canadian comedians? If not, the CRTC should step in.

    Not that it really matters anyhow; Funny 1040 in Vancouver will sink into oblivion anyhow. At least there’s one good thing: no more complaining about morning radio hosts on music stations, who are in many cases funnier than this station.

  5. I agree with nicolas 100 percent on this one. At least there IS a positive about this change; no more complaining very much about the music selection of 104.3 especially nights, which in many cases should have been way better than 1040 but sadly had turned out possibly even worse than before the 104.3 shift since simone became program director except for mornings possibly. And at least there is a station that I can tune into all day long for good and different content of any kind.


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