FB CEO in leaked video warns his staff not to take vaccine


by Byron Christopher

February 20, 2021

Kudos for Project Veritas for exposing Zuckerberg. Publicly, the CEO of Facebook denies the Corona vaccine will adjust one’s DNA — then privately warns his staff that just the opposite may happen. Opponents of the vaccine have said the vaccine is far more than a vaccine.
This major flip-flop has been ignored by the mainstream media. Hmmm … I wonder why?
We sure live in interesting times.

PS — the link has a clip of Zuckerberg warning his staff …



  1. Some thoughts…

    These Covid 19 vaccines are not actual vaccines. The manufactures themselves do not call these actual vaccines. Go look up the info yourself. They do not claim them to prevent you from contracting Covid 19 nor do they claim you will not potentially spread the virus to others. If we had a true journalistic news media this would be made clear for all to see. The drug manufacturers only claim that the so called mRNA vaccines should alleviate symptoms.

    Now none of these mRNA vaccines have been fully tested under true trail conditions with test human populations. The governments have NOT approved their use under normal regulatory conditions. Only EMERGENCY use has been allowed and the fact is the drug makers are using this roll out as an EXPERIMENT and that it runs until June 2022.

    The VAERS program is reporting many adverse reactions to these vaccines including many serious reactions and deaths after the injections of them. Studies have found the VAERS program only gets about a 1% reporting hit. In other words upwards of 99% of all human adverse reactions to vaccines including the various Covid 19 ones are NOT being reported.

    Now lets look at facts as we know it now 1 year into the Whuflu, Covid 19.

    1: Currently at any given time about 26,000,000 people globally have contracted Covid 19. 99.6% of those have little to mild issues. 0.4% of those with it need some form of hospital care. That is about 110,000 people globally at any given time during this so-called (not) pandemic. Covid 19 is not decimating the health and well being of the global population. Fearmongering is the issue.

    2: Accord to US CDV, 96% of all US Covid19 deaths were NOT from Covid 19, but due to other co-morbities. In fact the CDC says Covid 19 had little effect on these deaths. I am sure other nations have similar numbers.

    3: If you are of typical health and under age 60 you have an expected 99.97% or higher chance of surviving Covid 19. Even if you are aged over 70 you can expect a survival rate of 94% or higher. Globally the average age of death with Covid 18 is 82 y.o. This is at or higher than typical life expectancy. We must be real folks as we reach the advanced age years RISK of many things effecting our health and possible death rises. Covid 19 is not the leading killer of anyone over age 70. The media, government and bureaucracy fear mongering is the problem here folks.

    4: The insanity of economic and social lockdowns being immoral and criminal I say have and are badly affecting life and increased deaths due to such much worse than Whuflu, Covid 19 has.

    5: The non-vaccine, vaccines are causing health issues and apparently deaths due to such.

    Life is about risk. Fate can give us positive chance and negative chance. Fate can cause us to contract Covid 19, it may or may not be symptomatic. It may or may not be serious. It may or may not lead to death. Odds are in our favour to not get seriously ill, needing hospital care, nor leading to our deaths, especially if you are under age 70. That said it is fate that may cause us harm due to Covid 19 and not our choices per se.

    First, I’m not telling anyone to take or not take any of these non-vaccine vaccines. But read on!

    Choosing to take these untested non-vaccine, vaccines is NOT fate, but of choice. VAERS is showing a line of after vaccines health issues including apparent deaths. THIS IS REPORTED FACT! Choosing to take the JAB! is akin to Russian Roulette. Putting a bullet in a revolver and spinning the wheel, putting the gun to your head and pulling the trigger. You have a 1 in 6 chance of blowing your brains out. A 5 in 6 chance of it not happening. Let me ask you here, would you play the game? I am sure most would not, even though you have a near 84% chance of NOT blowing your brains out by playing it just once.

    These NOT APPROVED non-vaccine vaccines are similar. We have yet to see the full results of health issues from mild to serious to even death rates due to this roll out of untested Covid 19 non-vaccine vaccines. It remains to be seen how dangerous OR not these mRNA vaccines are.

    You must make YOUR own informed decision to take the JAB or not. Nobody from governments, to employers, to consumer businesses, to whomever should have power to force you to take the JAB! The 1947 Nuremberg Trials ruled such, the 1947 UN Human Rights Declaration has ruled such. Most nations with proper Constitutions have ruled such.. FOR ANY GOVERNMENT, BUREAUCRACY, EMPLOYER OR CONSUMER BUSINESS TO TRY TO FORCE THESE VACCINES ONTO THE PUBLIC IS NOT ONLY IMMORAL BUT IS CRIMINAL!

    If circa 2021 out of some contrived health mandate governments forced pregnant women to not have an abortion, would society tolerate that?

    Conversely if out of some contrived health mandate governments forced pregnant women to have an abortion, would society tolerate that?

    If circa 2021 out of some contrived health mandate, government forced sterilization of those they deemed mentally ill, would society tolerate that?

    If out of some contrived health mandate, government forced medical procedures on those who they arbitrarily deemed mentally ill, would society tolerate that?

    MY ANSWER TO ALL OF THE ABOVE IS HELL NO! SOCIETY WOULD NOT TOLERATE THAT!! So why do some feel forced Covid 19 vaccinations to be acceptable? Where does forced medical procedures then stop folks? THINK!!!!!!! FOR GOD SAKE THINK!!!!!

    Info… The current Pope is a heretic and Satan worshiper, for he and the Vatican has stated that any persons employed in the Vatican MUST take the Covid 19 vaccines or shall be fired. What true Catholic or by extension Christian would see this as being true to God?


  2. RE: Les

    You need to stop fear mongering and let people decide on there own. I’ve had both of my covid 19 shots and no issues. Let me guess you think the Spanish flu was fake also? You are entitled to your opinion absolutely, but there enough conspiracy theories from 5G caused covid to we are being microchipped. Stop the crap and let people decide on there own!

  3. David
    RE: Les

    Hey David……why don’t you show us PROOF the FAKE virus is real? I have had a bounty of $1000 out for 8 months that I have never paid out. Any BTW……the Spanish Flu….was not a flu either. Everyone back then was FILTHY DIRTY. They had no running water. And guess what? They all wore BACTERIAL PETRI dishes called masks. Gee……can’t imagine why people testing positive today for using the FAKE PCR test at 40 cycles. Can’t have anything to do with all the BACTERIA they are growing in their face diapers. It’s people like you that will need to hide their heads in shame once this FRAUD is over.

    You are probably an elitist Govt Worker or UNION person with your herd mentality.

    Adam Skelley is going to blow this FRAUD wide open in court with his lawsuit. No one will ever believe the FAKE NEWS ever again after this. Donating to his legal fund was the best money I will have ever spent fighting these NAZI’s in Govt.


  4. Hey Richard:
    I had Covid. It is definitely real. I’m still suffering lung issues. I had to quarantine for 45 days before I had a negative test. That was 45 days away from my kids and my wife. I can assure you it is real.

  5. As a resident of an assisted living facility I have just received my second dose of the pfizer vaccine. There have been no side effects to date.

    And lest any one think that there was no choice as to whether to be vaccinated or not – there was a choice – I and my wife chose to be vaccinated – we could have said no.

    I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to do what they can to support their neighbor. If that means being vaccinated to help stop the spread of Covid-19 so be it.

    As it happens there have been two members of my family who have tested positive for Covid-19 – yah it’s real no doubt about it – thankfully they will be OK.

    When you make a choice about the vaccine, please be respectful of others’ choices.
    And if you do choose to be vaccinated, you may be helping protect someone you care about- Your mother, father or grandparents for example; Or maybe the person you pass on the street.

    This pandemic is our version of the second world war and the enemy is a virus.

  6. David,

    I never said one way or another what people should do over the non vaccine, vaccines. I only noted facts and defended those facts. I only noted people should be informed before making any decision.

    I never brought up anything about Spanish Influenza, nor 5G nor whatever, YOU added those to your reply.

  7. V O; The choice that my wife and I made is the one we made and we stand by it. We chose to err on the side of caution, not “fear”.

    Our decision was made after consulting our GP. It was based on our health situation – it was thought through very carefully.

    V O, you and others have made a choice and folks like my wife and I have made our choice. There will come a day when we’ll all find out which choice is correct.

  8. Peter,

    Vaccination is not a duty to stop the spread of any virus to others. Vaccination is a duty to help prevent oneself from getting ill. The result of such is an alternative way as opposed to people just getting the virus, to help build herd immunity though.

    Traditional vaccines offer the recipient a level of deterrence from the virus or illness they are being vaccinated from, NOT necessarily to stop the spread of any virus or such.

    If you are vaccinated though you have no worry of others who have not been vaccinated as such.

    This Covid 19 stuff is all being spun as bass akwards over the last year.

    Most people are not anti vaccines. That said, these Covid 19 jabs are NOT vaccines. You will find no notification of them being so in the contents of the literature any of the drug manufactures written as to the Covid 19 vaccines. The drug manufactures state that these do not prevent you from acquiring Covid 19 nor stop you from possibly spreading it. They only are said to offer a level of reduction in symptoms. Since we no longer have any credible news media informing the public of these facts I can see why many who take the jab think they are being protected and are stopping the spread so to speak. But it’s not true according to the drug manufactures themselves.

    I believe I could go to any Covid 19 vaccination line up and ask if the people feel the vaccines will protect them from contracting Covid 19 and I will surely get 100% YES from the people because they do not now the facts.

    As to the levels of Covid 19 symptoms, THIS ALL WAS NEVER ABOUT TREATMENTS! Tens of thousands of doctors and medical health professionals have noted the various therapeutic choices to fight Covid 19 symptoms. Hydroxycloriquine with azithrimiason and zinc was one of the early positive remedies that was shot down by government bureaucracies and media. But since last Summer doctors trying Ivermectin have found it is a knock out therapeutic on Covid 19. Doctors all over the world trying it on patients are saying in studies they found nobody receiving it died from Covid 19 symptoms, especially if given rather early. But again government bureaucracies and water carrying media shot it down, only now are some bureaucracies giving it a bit of a green light.

    Maerk abandoned their Covid 19 vaccines for lack of credible efficacy, never getting much more than 50% in clinical trials. Are their scientists STUPID? Or maybe the Phizer and Moderna among others clinical trials are overblown in efficacy. Some people looking at their limited trials suggest the reported efficacy results OVER BLOWN!

    Maerk is now working on two promising therapeutics instead.

    PEOPLE WE HAVE CREDIBLE CHOICES THAT SHOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR US! But governments, big pharma and boot licking media are not being so supportive of such. Hmm I wonder how much Bill Hates has something to do with such?

  9. Richard, Les & Voice Over…go do your thing as Covid deniers…we all have free agency to make our own decisions.
    None of us has the answers, but there must be a reason for a worldwide economic /stock market collapse, airline/border shutdowns, empty sports stadiums, retailers & office towers shuttered, massive business failures.
    Are you suggesting the hundreds of thousands of experienced health professionals involved in Covid & development of vaccines are part of some type of conspiracy?
    No, this is a real event witnessed by billions..
    Stay safe and be well☺

  10. Bagoverheadguy

    I do not deny people have been made ill from Wu Flu, Coronavirus also named Covid19.

    As to the rest of your point.

    1: Many in government are ignorant and or stupid. Never overestimate the intelligence of people in government nor its bureaucracy! Politicians overreacted to TOTALY BULL SHIT VIRUS MODELS SPUN LAST SPRING! They or many continue to overreact based on saving face or passing responsibility to unelected officials. Our current defacto Premier in BC is the unelected Bonnie Henry and not the weak stooge or politically castrated Horgan.

    2; YES! Some have an agenda that is corrupt and evil. From virtually day one of the government actions and lockdowns on Covid 19, many people in governments, unelected bodies such as the UN, WHO, IMF and NGO’s of the likes of the Mill and Belinda Gates Foundation have been pushing corrupted changes including THE (NOT) GREAT RESET and SOCIALIZATION of the working economies.

    Yes, Bag, they want the destruction of all you noted in your post here. They want what has been the only great society, the western world to be destroyed as we know it, because they jerk off to and love the power they feel they get from such. THEY ARE EVIL PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS TO LUCIFER! The need to be fought back by us freedom and justice loving people of especially the great western world.

    Never forget. LEADERS LEAD, POLITICIANS REACT! We need Leaders today and not politicians.

  11. The shot in the arm is indeed about self protection. Added to this is social distancing, restricting contacts beyond your own household, avoiding large gatherings… In short following the health orders and guidelines that have been set out by government officials. BC is under a state of emergency order after all. Thankfully the restrictions here are not as heavy as those in Ontario or Quebec. … And hopefully the restrictions won’t go as far as those provinces.
    Whether or not one considers this their duty or responsibility, these things all together will help reduce the spread of Covid-19.
    I hope that no matter which side of this issue you are on I hope we’ll all be able to civilly and respectfully discuss the outcome of this situation we are all living through together.

  12. The government should not decide what I put in my body nor any airline or business etc. A government telling me its mandatory to take it but yet a person can decide to end a pregnancy. I am not a denier but facts are facts. Why do I have to take a vaccine for something that for the most part has a recovery rate of 99.97%? The average death age is 82. Take care of the elderly and those compromised. Where ever you can do some research (use duck duck go or better yet go to the library and get a book! Sadly google is suppressing websites on covid as is FB) Wearing masks like Fauci keeps saying is going to cause bacterial pnuemonia which is what many during the spanish flu also died from. Bottom line last I looked it was a free country and I shouldn’t be forced to take a vaccine. And yes I care about my fellow person. Gov can’t have it both ways. Stop the sale of cigarettes, booze and sugar because I am tired I am concerned of all those people getting cancer, liver problems and diabetes.

  13. We have watched the provincial pressers with Dr Henry and Minister Dix almost from the start a year ago, and there has been no mandatory order to get the shot – The choice is being left up to the individual.
    The social distancing, masking, and restrictions on gatherings are mandated in provincial health orders
    But one can choose to follow the orders or not. But not following the orders might lighten the bank account a bit.
    As for the internet and the googles and facebooks of the dataverse I suggest not only take what you read with a grain of salt or even a salt lick (even if too much salt is not good for you). Add to this a VPN a privacy browser and a search engine that does not track your every search.

  14. What helps me keep my version of sanity is avoiding the 24 hour news cycle that seams to be everywhere… Not subscribing to chat platforms with unknown numbers of “Larrys, Curlys, and Moes” telling you what you should do on this or that point.
    It is hard enough keeping ones head screwed on without the world in your head.
    My suggestion: Do what you do…But first think it through, and after careful consideration you still want to act on the matter – go for it.

  15. Governments no longer attract people smart enough, or leaders visionary enough, to pull off a mass conspiracy.

    What governments can do ( and are doing) is being opportunistic in the face of fear, by imposing lockdowns (which become an irreversible trend when everyone is doing it), “You’re scared, here’s how we’ll protect you…by granting ourselves extreme powers, locking you down, offering money and working with big pharma to come up with some kind of medicine.

    Governments have nothing to lose, and in the case of BC, even managed to parlay public fear and the popularity of Dr Henry, into a comfortable election win. (By the way, look at what happened to cases around the time of the election) (Here’s a hint, they spiked dramatically, leading to tightened restrictions.

    Governments and their civil servants can walk away with no fear of consequence for the economic catastrophe that’s looming which they’ve created.

    As for journalism, which is dead, because the conglomerates that own it, decimated newsrooms, while at the same, perpetuated the fear without questioning ANY of the governments measures and responses…all the while benefitting directly from the lockdowns and dependence on their numerous communications services!


  16. A bunch of you Covid Cultists said a bunch of “stuff” about how you believe in this FAKE virus. But for 6 months now…..NONE of you have provided any type of proof it’s real.

    Just saying…


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