Don Taylor talks about all-sports radio wars and how ‘I still feel like I have things to say’

Don Taylor

Sports Page alum does maintain ‘I’m not interested in taking somebody’s job from them. I don’t like that … not at the stage I am at.

by Steve Ewen

The Province

February 12, 2021

Don Taylor wants to continue his broadcast career but not at the expense of someone else.

“You see these tidbits on Twitter where people say that they can just bring us all in and we’ll take over. I’m not interested in being a part of that,” Taylor said in reference to Tuesday’s abrupt shutdown of TSN 1040 that left Sportsnet 650 as the lone all-sports radio station standing in Vancouver.

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  1. Have donny and the moj run one of those guys out of town on sportsnet 650, and he can be on there!!!! At least there will be one reason to listen.

  2. Honestly one of my biggest pet peeves about Vancouver Sports Radio is how it is populated by so many “transplants” that know nothing about our City’s history and care nothing about its teams. They come here as corporate transfers from the east ,who are here for the weather and the lifestyle. Sportsnet 650 is rotten with these transplants . Point is I wish Mr. Taylor would change his mind and if the opportunity comes to put a Vancouver ( Norburn) voice on the air , he takes it .

  3. Don, are you serious that you thought you were ‘kicking butt.’ The ratings sure didn’t show it, and any host with their pulse on Sales would know the station was having problems for years. Everyone played out the hand as best they could until the ‘suits’ said enough is enough. Enough hemmoragging red.

  4. I like the guy but I dont think he understands what just happened. If you do the math 1040 was probably paying north of a quarter of a million $$ just in payroll for each show. Just not viable when you look at the minute ratings.

    Rogers doesnt have the senior staff that 1040 had so their costs are more than likely substantially less than them so there is not much appetite in bringing people on to increase their costs. Especially now that they are the only game in town.

  5. Don is a knowledgable, likeable, and qualified broadcaster and but unfortunately not in the BIPOC register so no MSM will hire him again. Sekeres might have more of a chance as he was the most fervent on 1040 at beating the SJW drum so maybe someone will throw him a bone…


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