Danielle Smith announces departure from Corus radio


By Danielle Smith 770 CHQR

January 11, 2021

I took a walk in the snow and I decided it’s time to go. I’ll be leaving the radio stations and Corus next month. This is my decision. I know many of you will be disappointed so I’ll try my best to explain why.

The nearly six years I’ve spent in radio have been some of the most gratifying in my career. Together we’ve explored nearly every topic imaginable from hard news, to emerging technologies that will transform how we use energy, to unusual occupations and interests — who knew there was such a thing as an apple detective? — to providing a platform and voice for those who are otherwise powerless.

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I’ve always taken my guidance on topics from you and you’ve never let me down.

But something’s changed for me.

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  1. Translation: “I wanted to talk about topics that matter, but Corus wouldn’t let me because they are afraid of losing their government subsidy”.

    Thankfully, we have independent media that expose the daily outrage of our rights being eroded steadily, and the corruption of the Trudeau government especially when it comes to China.

    Maybe she will find another outlet? We’ll wait and see. She did NOT step down “to spend more time with her family”, so I will bet she will be back.

  2. Talk show hosts don’t matter anymore. They’re not investigative journalists per se. Give me a great ‘print’ investigative story anytime for depth and context. I could care less what Larry on line 1 from Langley thinks. That’s why the great hosts do not have sidekicks or callers—they’re crutches.

  3. Open line talk radio is the latest addition to Old Time Radio. if I was a surveyor in the 90’s I would enjoy the stimulating company.

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish. When she was in politics, she sabotaged her own party, sandbagged her own candidates, and perpetrated electoral fraud on the voters. Corus hired her after the voters wisely gave her the boot. When they air their announcement saying, “We believe in the highest standards of broadcasting,” my rebuttal is “Danielle Smith.”

  5. I forgot to mention that Danielle Smith has a lot of nerve complaining that certain topics can’t be talked about; when she was Wildrose leader, she muzzled social conservatives, none of whom mourned her departure from politics, and none of whom are mourning her departure from the airwaves.

  6. So Danielle is going. It is about time. “So long its been good to know you.” She tried to do Edmonton & Calgary. Edmonton lost out . Corus has had time for an Edmonton Host. Danielle has been the Edmonton Guest Host for months. It didn’t work. As the song says — “So long its been good to Know You.”

  7. Danielle is too good for the Snowflakes and Low Information crowd of CHED and QR77 who loved to diss her.

    Broadcast media also does not let one to reveal certain items given the censorship of the CRTC and an “on the take” government funded MSM.

    Danielle will be back. I believe she has learned an important lesson of what being a broadcast host in Canada is really like. And unless you feed everybody dull drivel pablum you will be in trouble.

    .CHED and QR77 are going to have a difficult time replacing her.

  8. Yawn…’I took a walk in the snow’. Love these hosts who think so highly of themselves. You’re in the infotainment business…not curing cancer. Get over yourselves.


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