Morgan Wallen’s music to be pulled from B.C. radio stations following use of racial slur

Morgan Wallen

The move by local stations follows a similar ban by music outlets in the U.S.

by Aleesha Harris

The Province

February 5, 2021

Country singer Morgan Wallen’s music has been pulled from B.C. radio stations after a recording that surfaced this week of the American musician using a racial slur.

In a statement, Wendy Duff, national content director Country at Rogers Sports & Media, said the company has decided to pull Wallen’s songs from all of its country radio stations. The decision, Duff says, has been made “indefinitely.” In the Lower Mainland, that includes the station Country 107.1.

The move by local stations follows a similar ban by music outlets in the U.S., including iHeartRadio, Cumulus Media and CMT. Wallen has also reportedly been “suspended indefinitely” by his record label, Big Loud Records.

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  1. Pattern of bad behaviour. That being said, I hope that instead of “cancel culture”, he is given a path to reconciliation and recovery.

  2. EVERY hip hop/rap/today’s garbage RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD should pull EVERYTHING ever done by that disgusting excuse for a human being Nicki Minaj.

  3. The WOKE Far Left Hunger Games society continues. How about some of you bozo critics go listen to Cardi B then tell us this dude needs to be cancelled.

  4. No doubt he did himself in but I must agree with others here, what about the pro drug, anti law, anti cop, anti women garbage, abuse of women and the rest promoted in the rap and hip hop culture and music ?

    Where are the Feminists, Women’s Rights Groups, where are the politicians ? Why are they not speaking out and indeed “Cancelling” the offenders .

  5. Robert Williams
    Good, no room for closet ‘racists’ on our airwaves.

    BLOW it out your ear. If any of you WOKEYs would do any research you would know that BROWN people are 100 times more racist. There are 1 million people in concentration camps in China for example. There are hundreds of examples of racism around the world. And MOST of them are brown people….not white.

  6. @Robert Williams

    So, let me get this straight. A country singer I have never heard of being removed from airwaves because of statement he made that rap singers say all the time is good, whereas a prime minister who wore blackface on two ocassions that we know of, gets a pass.
    Man, that is some kind of Critical Race Theory Kool-Aid that you are drinking.


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