CNN viewership drops 44 percent in first week after Trump presidency

Chris Cuomo

by Libby Emmons

The Post Millennial

February 3, 2021

CNN and MSNBC, both of which profited greatly from their coverage of former President Donald Trump during his four-year term in office, has seen their ratings tank following the end of his presidency. In the key demographic of viewers aged 25-54, CNN ratings dropped by 44 percent for all three primetime viewing hours.

The first week of the Biden administration saw the AT&T-owned CNN drop in ratings as audiences that had previously been all agog for political news departed the channel from Jan. 25-29, Variety reports.

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  1. It could not have happened and be happening to a more deserving group of shills and businesses.

    Never forget, that POWER ALWAYS LIES WITH THE PEOPLE! It’s just that for much of the time the people are not often so organized, but once they become increasingly so and motivated the changes that the elites and establishment fears will in due time come to pass.

  2. An answer to prayer has finally come. Now to see them all charged with Treason and be executed for their part in the election fraud, also broadcasting a false narrative in 90% of their stories. They are all going DOWN! The Military are already making arrests, and for all you Trumpers out there, he will be back in office on March the 4th as the 19th US President. Do your homework and research what I’m talking about. It has to do with the United States of America becoming a corporation called America Inc. We also have Canada Inc put in place by corrupt politicians years ago.

    It’s not just MSM, but Big Tech
    article from True North says it well

    “Big Tech is censoring conservatives – it’s more clear than ever.

    Twitter banned former US President Donald Trump from their platform.

    Parler, a rising social media site for right-leaning individuals, was purged from the internet after Amazon ceased hosting their website.

    Both Facebook and Twitter suppressed the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop by blocking and deboosting the article.

    And now, the Liberal government is introducing vague “online hate” regulations in Canada – and of course, any opinion they don’t like is “hate speech.”

    When it comes to combating Big Tech censorship, some advocate for government intervention to take away power from social media giants, while others maintain that Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and the like are private companies that can ban whoever they wish.

    To hash out these issues, True North and Civitas Canada present PURGED: A panel discussion on Big Tech censorship.”

  3. Maybe that’s a good thing, boys?

    People don’t have to tune into the news to see what crazy sideshow Trump is pushing?

    Maybe politics shouldn’t be so nutty and insane that people can’t turn away from the train wreck?

  4. Now it makes sense as to why CNN turned into the Democrats’ own version of Fox News over the past few years. Clearly Trump-bashing resonated with their audience.

  5. Tony…as they say, ‘you can’t believe everything they say’. I sure as hell am no fan of Biden, but he’s the only Prez in the WHouse for the next few yrs….


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