Bell Media cuts more than 200 jobs at stations including Newstalk 1010 and CJAD 800


By Jacob Lorinc

February 3, 2021

Bell Media has cut staff and reduced on-air broadcasting roles as part of a “streamlined operating structure” that will impact several of its staple news outlets across Canada.

On Tuesday, Bell spokesperson Marc Choma confirmed the company has made “programming changes” that affect some on-air positions at stations including Toronto’s Newstalk 1010 and Montreal’s CJAD 800.

“There are further changes in roles, including some departures, reflecting Bell Media’s streamlined operating structure,” Choma told the Star in an email.

Bell Media has not indicated how many positions have been cut. However, according to, a Canadian telecom trade publication, 210 employees will be laid off in Toronto alone.

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  1. If these businesses were honest with themselves, they would see that ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA is dying on the vine so to speak. Years of liberalized (increasing wokeness) indoctrination of their collective staff and journalists has brought them to a point of general mass public ridicule and distrust. They are just too full of themselves to see it.

    The level of self-righteousness by many in the news media and even in the celebrity class is putrefying. The more wise and questioning public see’s through the establishment media. Only the willfully blind accept without question anything this media peddles to the public .

    Oh don’t misunderstand me, many people are still willfully ignorant and blind to the manipulation and lies the establishment media puts forth. I see it around me with people in my life and acquaintance. Oh and don’t think I was never a part of it. I drank a lot of the establishment media Koolaid too. Since my personal red pilling a number of years ago I now shake my head at the crap I use to accept and believe. So I am no scholar here.

    But the establishment media is at a point of now reaching beyond repair…. ONLY REPLACEMENT! And that replacement is happening all around it. But I do not expect establishment media to go down without a fight, it knows no other choice.

    It is much akin to the last days of Hitler’s Germany. Allies are bombing Berlin day and night, the Soviet Army is now in the streets of Berlin and Hitler embarks on calling up children and old men to still fight for his German vision… It was futile, but he and his Nazi cronies knew nothing much else, nor at that point cared at the costs. This is where establishment media in all its toxicity is moving towards in the western world today. It’s just too bad that many are going to suffer and get hurt by it all. 🙁

  2. I also heard that Dan O’Toole and Brent Wallace and Natasha Staniszewski were let go
    As for the Jay and Dan show….. To me it looked like it has ran its course. Bell and any other business have to change with the times.. I know that Dan has spouted off on social media.

    Which will not do him any good in getting hired on by a corporation Rogers Sportsnet.
    Maybe he thought that he was un touchable.. No one is untouchable in any business.

    Natasha has take the high road and will land on her feet somewhere, too good a person not to get something in the communications.

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