Happy 25th to News 1130!

30 second television commercial from January of 1996 announcing the launch of an All News radio station in Vancouver

John Ackermann of News 1130 shared a link

“It’s all new and it’s all-news!” NEWS 1130 turns 25 this month! Here is a vintage TV commercial announcing the new format.

in a chat with John, I asked him who the announcer is in the video. He didn’t know, nor do I, but the guy looks familiar. I’m sure someone out in PSR land will recognize him.


  1. Congrats, I listen quite often while in car, most of the rest of the time I listen to SXM .

    Personally I would like to see them add a bit of talk during the day and then a national, international news program for drive time .

  2. That’s actually just the anniversary of its current format, while the station itself (CKWX) has been around far longer, originally launching in 1923 in Nanaimo as CFDC before it moved to Vancouver and became CKWX soon after.

  3. Hey Donovan, for sure it’s not Jeff Palmer in the video. I don’t recognize him…could be an actor brought in by their agency at the time.

  4. 25 years all ready? I must be getting old.Still remember when as was a certain format, with Red Robinson and Elmer Tippy. Also it did have a talk format with Judy Lamarsh before that. Happy25th CKWX!


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