Bell Media cuts radio jobs, including on-air broadcast roles, in streamlining push


by The Canadian Press

Toronto City News

February 1, 2021

TORONTO — Bell Media says it has cut staff, including on-air broadcast roles, as part of a streamlining process. 

Bell spokesman Marc Choma says there have been a limited number of staff reductions, but did not specify how many jobs had been cut.

Bell says the roles were cut due to programming decisions by Bell’s radio brands as part of the company’s streamlined operating structure.

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  1. Bell is just an awful company. Not days after their annual “Let’s Talk” campaign (which is the greatest advertising campaign disguised as a charitable endeavour) they lay off 200 in Toronto alone, after having already axed several mid level and higher executives. “Make sure the shareholder is happy first!”

    The idea that they are also wiping out entire newsrooms should be very scary to everyone. The veteran newspeople have long since been axed, leaving inexperienced and cheaper staff. But to wipe out an entire reporting staff in Montreal…should the CRTC not demand minimal news requirements in licenses? They don’t really care do they?

    So who is calling governments into question over their over-the-top, never-ending lockdowns? Who is questioning case numbers, testing, new variants (the flu) all of it? A bunch of kids who just want to keep their jobs? (Well, no-one now at their Montreal station)

    Meanwhile Bell Media gets to benefit from all these people at home who are dependant on their devices, the 5G network, high speed internet, better phones, more tablets specialty streaming programming and on and on it goes. All while gouging consumers horrendously compared with other wireless providers around the world.

    The CRTC (and fed govt) allowed this “conglomeration of the media” to happen. Look where it’s gotten us. This year like never before, our country’s lack of journalistic integrity has been badly exposed.

  2. Bell managment is too stupid to connect the dots. Keep pushing the Plandemic narrative, keep supporting idiotic government policies that are plainly suicidal from society and economics point of view and expect that there will be a thriving economy with people buying stuff and people peddling stuff that needs to be advertised.

    Any idiot can figure that one out.

  3. George they are not stupid. They knew exactly what they were doing. Not sure if you saw this clip but watch how they justify the money.
    The blame is squarely on the Trudeau govt who should have had caveats for the wage subsidies. Love how the guy asking questions points out the retained earnings BCE has and witness the brazen answer. Pathetic.


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