CTV broke ethics code in biased report on former president Trump

President Donald J. Trump

By True North Wire

February 1, 2021

A recent ruling by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) found that a CTV National News program from last year violated the code of ethics for Canadian broadcasters. 

At issue was a Sept. 9, 2020 panel on which CTV reporter Joy Malbon stated former US president Donald Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax.” 

A viewer complained that CTV misrepresented the former president as that he had never claimed that the virus itself was a hoax but rather that the Democrats’ politicization of the pandemic was.

“Ms. Malbon has lied to the audience about what was said and what the ‘hoax’ was referring to as said by President Trump. This needs to be corrected if CTV National News has any integrity. It is obvious by the stories, tone and words used by the anchor of CTV National News and the reporters on this show that they have complete disdain for President Trump,” wrote the complainant. 

In response to the complaint, the CBSC found that the news outlet had indeed breached both the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ and Radio Television Digital News Association of Canada’s Codes of Ethics.

“A statement by Donald Trump was misrepresented in a report about his approach to the pandemic. The report breached the clauses relating to accuracy and correction of errors,” the CBSC decision said. 

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  1. Caught lying to the people.
    For punishment, every night at the top of the newscast they should be forced to sign on with “We have TDS. We are Fake News”.

    Why do people keep watching this propaganda?

  2. At least the CEOs of the “independent” corporate media got their bonuses this year, thanks to my tax dollars. If I did not have half my income seized from me to support these lying parasites, we would have fewer channels reporting this fake news.


    Every mainstream media outlet in the western world have violated journalistic ethics and likely the law, not just during President Trump’s term, but before it. It’s just that President Trump has shined a big light on the failed and corrupted mainstream media. They are nothing but propagandists to various elites (whom most are only parasites) and to whomever pays their freight.

    Sadly most everyone in mainstream news media today are CHEAP WHORES, LIARS, SCUMBAGS AND IMORAL HYPOCRITES! May their towers real or proverbial burn down around them.

  4. The CBSC is a joke. It’s an organization formed and funded by Canadian broadcasters. It has no power, and simply issues these ‘official sounding’ press releases of consternation. Talk about ‘fake’…

  5. I think Les really points to the situation here, and for those “established, mainstrean folks” involved in putting their faces on the television, voices on the airwaves and missives in the newspapers I have only one thing to say: “I assume that every single word is a LIE. You are lying to me. You are not working for me, for democracy, for society, you are working for Davos Globalists and that makes you my enemy”.

  6. Terry Bell,
    What does it matter?
    The broadcaster admitted wrong doing.
    Do you want to attack the messenger, to deflect from the ruling?
    Are you part of the MSM?

  7. Can’t believe it was only one! I have seen it on a daily basis so I had to stop watching it. The unfortunate part is they get there info from CNN and always have a CNN reporter telling them what is going on.

    Think I may have to start complaining every time I hear them lie or stretch the truth!

  8. Terry Bell

    I’d like to know who laid the complaint. Was the writer a U.S. citizen or a Canadian?

    you amaze me Mr. Bell, as long time broadcaster and newsman to toss a question like that out there. You sir are a distractor. As a Canadian, and one of many thousands across the country who are Trumpers, I find your remark most offensive.

    As for Barbara, talk about shoot the messenger. Another distractor, a Trump hater at that… just another Snowflake into Trolling

  9. Terry Bell,
    People on here are calling you a Trump hater.
    Are you going to defend yourself?
    Or you could just ask if the writers are Canadian or American.


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