Gary Kasmar Reflects on North Battleford’s CJNB

May be an image of 13 people and text that says 'Broadcasting Station CJNB NORTH BATTLEFORD It's New! It's Different! ኢዘይ LINT-NICHOL VREDPATERIION OPENS 1240 Radio Entertainment ON.YOUR DIAL JOHKOZOIZ nvite Station established Saskatchewan NEILTRAEY News! Drama! Presented sincere Saskatchewan with Music! Sports! new and different style. An honest serve citizens North- radio service First Saskatchewan. Studios and Equipment First Saskatchewan. Public Service Features First Market Saskatchewan Postwar Coverage Largest First Postwar Station Service World-Wide Saskatchewan, CONGRATULATIONS... MARCONI WOEEM FACILITIES CJNB North Battleford FROM BUSINESS DON-GIERON SASKATOON pplyo Saskatchewan's Newest and Only Postwar Radio Station WIEESPITES'

Gary Kasmar

A bit of radio history today…CJNB North Battleford, Sask. signed on 74 years ago. I worked there in 1973/74


  1. Growing up, spending summers at Jackfish Lake, CJNB was the soundtrack. Stu and Doug Harrison, Eldon Elliot, Harry Dekker……..Dekker family had a cabin just a few doors down the road..

    My first ever job offer came from CJNB in April of ’79. An evening shift that involved powering down the transmitter, after playing the National Anthem for “sign off” at 1:00am. $564/month.
    Turned it down for BIG money ($700/month) in Manitoba.

    To all who regularly cry out about the death of radio–CJNB (and many MANY like it) remain living proof that radio will always find a way to prosper. Sure–it’s different, not the same as it was the day it signed on–but it’s still on !!

  2. Good afternoon Gary,

    My email to you is simply a FYI.
    I was sent your link from Mike Aimoe at CJNB. I connected with him via a similar ‘leave a reply’ when I googled CJNB a few weeks ago.

    I have a copy of the original CJNB staff poster when the station opening was announced. I was curious if they had a copy in their archives. If not, I was going to send them one. Mike confirmed they do.

    My dad, Bill Hill Sr., was one of the first staff members enshrined on the poster announcing the beginning of CJNB. Although a bit worse for wear, it hangs on our family wall.

    I wish to echo the comments above by Larry Fine.

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