Phil Spector, Famed ‘Wall of Sound’ Producer Convicted of Murder, Dead at 81

Phil Spector

Revolutionary producer behind some of pop music’s most enduring songs dies from natural causes while serving prison sentence

by Keith Harris

Rolling Stone

January 17, 2021

Phil Spector, the monumentally influential music producer whose “Wall of Sound” style revolutionized the way rock music was recorded in the early 1960s, died Saturday at the age of 81. Spector’s life was tumultuous and ultimately tragic; as groundbreaking as his studio accomplishments were, those achievements were all but overshadowed by his 2009 conviction for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

Spector’s death was confirmed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. “California Health Care Facility inmate Phillip Spector was pronounced deceased of natural causes at 6:35 p.m. on Saturday, January 16, 2021, at an outside hospital,” officials said in a statement. “His official cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner in the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.”

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  1. Unfortunately Spector had absolutely no one to blame for his unfortunate demise than himself .

    He was the architect of his own disaster, too bad others had to suffer and die due to his abuse of drugs and his mental state because of the psychosis created by the abuse of those drugs .


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