How Canadian Media Use Racism To Ensure Election Victory For Justin Trudeau


by Brad

January 17, 2021

In contemporary Canada,  there are very few “sure things” that citizens can count upon. Within Canadian politics, the idea of a sure thing has  remained counter-intuitive to the process of electing a prime minister to office.

It is therefore with regret that Cultural Action Party of Canada put forth the following hypothesis: with each passing federal election beginning in the year 2015, the results have progressively become more predictable than Canadians would have previously imagined.

The path to this state-of-affairs is multifaceted. Media enjoy sublimating the idea that under our current Liberal government, democracy in Canada  has eroded over the five year period Justin Trudeau has remained prime minister. For one thing, immigration intake has surely affected the propensity for the Liberals to remain an incumbent government in the long term.

Indeed, more than ever, Canada has taken on the feel of being a form of pseudo-dictatorship. No matter the scandal, no matter how many scandals—regardless of anything—media constantly inform Canadians that Justin Trudeau is “leading in the polls.”

CAP can certainly understand why this is the case. A secondary measure helps drive the agenda home—  the never-ending bashing of the Liberals only true contender—the Conservative Party of Canada.

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  1. Most all the issue with race has been created. Talk to your average “person of color” and they will tell you racism isn’t an issue in their lives. Talk to politicians and the media and you would think we are back in the 1700’s. Nobody actually looks at the data or addresses of the real issues. Do instances of racism exist? Of course. And that comes from ALL races not just white males.

  2. NONE of this garbage has anything to do with race, diversity, equality or any of that other crap. This is the BOLSHEVIKS trying to take over the world. Bankers, Big Tech, Deep State Govt. People have been calling me a nazi and conspiracy theorist for years. How is that working for you folks?

  3. I think one of the funniest moments in non-comedy radio was listening to Lynda Steel last Friday talking about her “agonizing over her privilege in getting the covid vaccine”. It was a good few minutes of white-privilege angst and self-loathing, yet being able to, at the end, come to peace with getting the vax.

    Lynda, I am a truer Marxist than you. I am in the position to be an early-on to get the vax. I have decline so that my POC and racialized colleagues and subordinates can get it first. I am sacrificing my health and my very life for them. Unlike you Lnyda, I put my money where my mouth is.

  4. George in Richmond
    I think one of the funniest moments in non-comedy radio was listening to Lynda Steel

    Lynda is one of the worst on radio. Like you said she is a 100% Bolshevik controlled Marxist just like her husband Norm. Norm used to be the RCMP area manager. While he was in that position 200 BILLION dollars worth of chinese, sikh and persian money laundering happened mostly in Real Estate with ZERO arrests.

    Now these Gestapo maniacs are going around arresting people for not wearing a mask. Law enforcement today are nothing more than modern day Gestapo and it is sickening.


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