Head of Radio Canada Spends Month in Miami, Won’t Face Discipline

© Provided by National Post Michel Bissonnette, CBC/Radio-Canada’s executive vice-president of French Services and the public broadcaster’s second-in-command, went to his condo — located right on Miami beach according to public state records — on December 2 and stayed till December 27.

by Christopher Nardi

National Post

MSN News

January 16, 2021

OTTAWA — The head of Radio-Canada, the French arm of Canada’s public broadcaster, apologized but will not face disciplinary action for spending the month of December in Miami despite public health advice strongly discouraging travel.

“As Canadians were strongly advised to avoid staying abroad, I understand the reaction to my trip. I am sincerely sorry and I apologize to employees and citizens,” Michel Bissonnette said in a French statement sent both to media and to CBC/Radio-Canada employees on Thursday afternoon.

In a follow-up statement, CBC spokesman Leon Mar confirmed that Bissonnette would not be sanctioned for his trip and that CBC president and CEO Catherine Tait “continues to have confidence” in her second-in-command.

Bissonnette was forced to apologize after a National Post report Wednesday revealed he had stayed at his condo — located right on Miami beach, according to public state records — from Dec. 2 to Dec. 27. He spent the first two weeks working from his condo and the last 10 days on vacation, Radio-Canada confirmed.

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  1. I am more appauled that tax payers are paying this guy enough that he can afford a condo in Florida and take a month away to live there, than I am about him breaking civic rules. Yet we can’t afford to properly staff extended care homes!

  2. If this buffoon lacks the simplest judgment call to stay home amid a deadly pandemic, then how can anyone trust his judgment with his hands on the purse strings. Of course he lacks the moral compass to resign—just another self-entitled politician/bureaucrat.

  3. Yeah, Tom, that was my second reaction. He shouldn’t have travelled at all but the fact he’s paid enough to afford accommodation on Miami Beach (or elsewhere) makes me wonder. When many in media these days are trying like hell to earn $15 an hour, then there is this. Hmmm?

  4. Really people ! Are you surprised at this ? There are no reporters left in any media who want to put you up against the wall and ask the tough questions and wait till they get an answer . If they didn’t they would stay on the story till they did ! I am talking Dick Smythe chum , jack Webster bctv then . So remember this you and I fund CBC with your and my tax dollar to the sum of 1 Billion a year yes that’s 1 Billion with a B !!!!! CBC needs to compete in the real world as a private broadcaster oh yes guess who controls all the scrums and stories !!! Trudeau ! Will it change from the snowboarder drama teacher running a multi billion dollar corporation called Canada ! Not till him and the Donald are at mar lago

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